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Describing yourself

Describing yourself

When someone looks at you in KidMud, they will see a description of you that you get to make up.

To look at someone, just type look and their name. For example:

look wizard

The Wizard is wearing a flowing blue robe peppered with stars. His pointy cap 
seems to be a bit lop-sided. He is awake and looks alert. He is carrying 
a cup of coffee.

To make your own description, use the command describe me as. For example:

describe me as "Toby is a short, short dig with a bright smile and brighter eyes. What he 
lacks in a tail is made up for in his ears."

Now when anyone looks at Toby, they will see his description.

If you are carrying something, it will be added to your description automatically. The Wizard, for example, happens to be carrying a cup of coffee (which is not unusual for him), so it is added to his description when you look at him.

By the way, you can look at anything in KidMud.

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