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Making Furniture

Making Furniture

It's always nice to have things in your room. You can make furniture and other objects in one of two ways:

Making things to sit on

Here we'll make a chair:

@create $furniture called chair

@set chair.seats to 1

drop chair

@describe chair as A typical wooden chair that you'd find in a library. It does have a little pillow on it, so it might be comfy.

You now have a chair in your room that you can sit on:

sit on chair

For more info on all of the things you can do with furniture, type help $furniture in KidMud.

Making Other Items

Other things for your room don't necessarily have to be things to sit on. Let's make a desk:

@create $thing called oak desk,desk

drop desk

@describe desk as A lovely oak writing desk.

You might also want to make a box or container, here's how!

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