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Moving Around in KidMud

Moving Around in KidMud


The easiest way to move around in KidMud is to take a look at where you are standing. Each location in KidMud will tell you its various doors, paths, exits and so on. For example, if you are sitting on the Deck:

The wooden deck stretches along the back of the building. It overlooks a 
lovely meadow, and you can see a garden to the left of the stairs. There 
are several deck chairs here, painted blue, green, and yellow. The bench 
of the picnic table looks large enough to hold at least five. There is a 
picnic table here with a glass of lemonade on it. 
You are perched on the yellow deck chair.
You can hear the creatures in the yard busily starting their day.
Obvious exits: The stairs and the slider.

The Obvious exits: line tells you how to move to another place. Just type the name of the exit in order to go through it. For example, you may type either stairs or slider here.

Gentle hills covered with short, soft grass run across the meadow to the edge 
of a forest. To your left you see a small garden. There's a tall pole with 
what appears to be a bird house perched atop it. It is morning.
Obvious exits: The Stairs, the pole, the path to the left, and the forest path.

From here, you might type stairs, pole, left, or forest.


If you know that someone is in KidMud and you'd like to join them, use the join command. For example, if you'd like to talk to the Wizard:

join wizard

KidMud will figure out how to get you there and will move you automatically to Wizard's location.

Going Home

If you have built your own place inside KidMud, and have made it your permanent home using the @sethome command, you can go there at any time by simply typing home.

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