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How to Make a Room In 3 Easy Steps

How to Make a Room In 3 Easy Steps

KidMud citizens like to create thier own rooms, and explore the rooms that other have made. There are a few simple commands to use to make your own room. In this example we will make a room called The Library.

Step 0: Find a place to build

There are areas in KidMud where you may build. They are marked by the description: You may dig freely here. One such area is at the forest's edge, across the meadow from the Deck. Walk around until you find an area where you may dig.

Step 1: Make the room

@dig entrance|exit to Library

NOTE: You can call your entrance and exit anything that you want. The part of the command that says 'entrance|exit' is just an example. If you want your entrance to be 'door' and your exit to be 'path', you would type:
@dig door|path to My Room

Also, the character between the name of the entrance and the name of the exit is | not /. The | character is called a 'pipe' and is often found on top of the \ character on the keyboard.

This creates a new room called The Library. You will see something like this:

The Library (#245) created.

Exit to The Library (#245) via {"entrance"} created with id #258.

Step 2: Move to your new room

Walk to your room using the entrance you just created:


The Library
You see nothing special.

Step 3: Describe your room

Once you are in your room, give it a nice description...this is what everyone will see when they look at your room.

@describe here as You see hundreds, maybe thousands, of books lining the walls! Big books, little books...in all different languages.

More things to do with your room

You might want to build more rooms off of this one. Just go back to Step 1 and make a new room. If you want to make a hall or a path, create a room but call it a hall or a path and describe them that way.

You can also make some furniture to put in your room, here's how to do it. Or, add some details to it.

If you want this to be the room that you start out in when you log on to KidMud, inside the room type @sethome.

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