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I Love Jell-O by StevenR

I Love Jell-O by StevenR

Runner-Up, KidPub July 2012 Writing Contest


Bratwursts and beef patties,
over the grill,
if good taste was lethal,
those burgers would kill

Strawberries, blueberries,
fresh watermelon,
the delicious deviled eggs,
from your great Aunt Helen

These are all foods,
that are quite commonplace,
but when it comes to my favorite,
I have different choices in taste

I prefer something,
not often seen at parties,
it's usually a dessert,
and sugary like Smarties

While summer is when I eat this food,
it's not just for that season,
You'll find me with it winter and fall,
as long as I find a reason

It's soft and it's firm,
squishy and malleable,
and while to others it's worthless,
to me it is valuable

I know what you're thinking,
there are two options you've got,
the first is Silly Putty,
but eat that I would not

The other is Jell-O,
if you thought it then you're right,
you'd be wise not to take mine,
or you'd be in for quite the fright

So that's basically it,
I just wanted you to know,
that when you reach for that hot dog,
never forget the Jell-O!



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