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Ode To a S'More by Isabel

Ode To a S'More by Isabel

Runner-up, KidPub July 2012 Writing Contest


O S'more,
Your golden-brown armor is a crunchy graham cracker
That crumbles in your mouth
decorated with cinnamon flakes
Your rich, mouthwatering chocolate
Clothes you in a square
Of bittersweet warmth
That melts
In my mouth
And at last,
We reach your gooey, sugary marshmallow
With a toasty tan scar
On its snowy white puff
Like calm flames
on a blanket of white.
On the perfect summer evening
When the sky
is covered with navy blue fabric
and when little pinpricks of light poke through
When a roaring fire blazes,
Luring me to the marshmallows,
the chocolate
And the graham cracker
when the campsite is quiet
When the owl hoots
When the tent is warm and the night is cool
You, S'more,
Are the cherry on top.



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