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The KidPub Writing Contest

The KidPub Writing Contest

The KidPub Writing Contest: Official Rules


One overall winner will be awarded a $50 Amazon Gift Card. Two runners-up will each receive  $25 Amazon Gift Card; one will be chosen from entries by authors 12 years old or older, and one from entries by authors under 12.


January 2016: A..Snail?

For our January challenge, read this scenario and write a short story with it as your starting point.

There's a snail on Pluto. No, really, NASA has pictures of it! At least, it LOOKS like a snail, but scientists around the world are arguing about what it might be. For one thing, it's quite large. For another, it appears to be traveling along a road. Finally, the nations of Earth pull together to send a human to investigate. It's a long journey, but when she arrives she finds...

(BTW here's the article and photo that inspired the prompt!)


These are the official contest rules. Once you've read the rules, use the link at the bottom of the page to submit your entry.


The contest is open only to members of the KidPub Author's Club. If you would like to become a member, click here to join KidPub. All contest entries must be your own, original work. You may submit ONLY ONE entry to the contest. We suggest that you work on your story on your own computer, then copy and paste it into the entry form.


All contest entries must be submitted by midnight EDT on Tuesday, March 2nd, 2016. Entries must be submitted using the official contest form (the link is below). Entries that are emailed to KidPub, or posted on the KidPub site before the winners are announced, will not be considered.

How winners will be picked

The management of KidPub Press, along with select judges, will choose three entries (one winner and two runners-up) that they feel best meet the topic of the contest, and that they feel are clever, well-written, and insightful. The decision of the KidPub contest judges will be final.


Winners will be notified by email, and the winning entries will be announced on KidPub on or about March 12th, 2016. Winning entries will be published on KidPub on our contest page. Entries that are not winners in the contest will not be published, however the author may choose to post the story on KidPub on their own after the contest is over.

Entry form

Only entries submitted on the official entry for will be considered.

Good luck to everyone!

Click here to go to the official entry form.



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