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There's Snow Way It's Winter! by Catty

There's Snow Way It's Winter! by Catty

Runner-Up, KidPub December 2012 Writing Contest


I fluttered my eyes opened as I tossed and turned. I moaned grumpily. I sat up, and scratched my eyes to get the sand out of them. I walked to the window, and opened the curtains. I suddenly smiled in delight. It was snowing beautifully crisped grains of ice. I ran to my closet and gotten dressed. Kitten themed sweater, check. Fluffy pants, check. Snow boots and heavy jacket, check. Extra socks, check. I bolted down the stairs and out the door, running through the snow in pure joy. I let out my tongue to catch some snow, and I did. It landed right on my tongue. It tasted awful! I spit it out in complete disgust.

“That is not the snow I know and love.” I said angrily.

I stormed inside my house, and to my brother, Maxton. I backed up, ran forward, then jumped right on top of him!

“Wake up! We have a problem!” I screamed. Maxton pushed me off him, and off his bed.

“Hazel, what's your problem? I stayed up all night last night to finish my homework, just in time for winter break. Can't a guy sleep in?” he replied.

“It's not snowing. Something else is going on. It tasted like salty pieces of dirt. It tasted disgusting!”

“And you put it in your mouth, why?”

“Hey, I like it when it melts!”

“Fine, let's go find out your stupid little problem.”

So, after my brother was convinced, he got dressed, and we went outside. He scooped up a ball of the white stuff and felt the texture.

“It's cold all right, but it's not snow nor ice. You're right, sis. Someone's been tampering with nature.”

I nodded with pride that my theory was correct. My brother stomped on the white powder, and waiting for something to happen.

Hours later, I snapped. I gridded my teeth angrily. He done almost everything he could think of. Except his chemistry set, I talked him out of that one.

“That's it! I'm tired of staring at the stupid white powder!” I screamed in pure rage. I ran inside the house, filled a bucket of water, and ran back out.

“What are you doing?”snapped my brother, but it was too late.

I poured the water onto the white stuff. Suddenly, the white powder started popping rapidly. It popped faster and faster, and burst. Maxton grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the way. All the white powder literally exploded. I gasped fearfully as I ran to the “snow”. It was all ashes, now.

“This stuff wasn't snow at all... It was explosives!”

He ran inside, and brought back an advertisement.

“I should have known, Hazel. I feel so stupid, now.”

“What? What is it?”

“Someone's trying to hurt the environment, and I think I know who it is.”

So Maxton shown the flier. It looked awful. There was this picture of a scientist on it dancing on a dance floor. The flier read:

Big Winter Bash For All Smart Whizzes And Super Intelligent Scientists!
At 5389 River street! Begins at 10 AM!

“Yeah, what about it? It's just some stupid party!” I said.

“Look closer at the picture of snow on the flier. It's deep gray.”

“And that means?”

“It's a trap. We have to warn them all. Now.”

Maxton and I ran to the street address, and ran inside.

“You have to stay near me. I'm a smart whiz.” Maxton whispered.

“But, Maxton! Doesn't that mean your in danger?”

“Just come in!”

We ran around, moving to the dance floor. Everyone was dressed up like total idiots, but I didn't care. Me and Maxton looked up on the stage. Someone with a giant purple afro stood in front of the microphone.

“Ahem! Excuse me! Please listen!” he announced. Everyone stared up, smiling.

“I am proud to announce that the party is officially... open!” the man laughed. Everybody cheered, and started dancing like freaks.

“Hazel, I want you to do something.” my brother said, and looked down at me. My heart felt like stopping. When Maxton talked like that, that meant it was important.

“What is it?” I asked sincerely.

“I want you to dance for your life, and follow me.” My heart sank traumatically. How pathetic! I wasn't gonna dance!

“What?! I thought you were gonna tell me something actuall-”

He grabbed me by my hands, and started boogieing. I rolled my eyes as we followed the man with the big afro. It was kinda hard, because so many people wore fake afros and sideburns. After we finally caught up, the man entered a door. The sign on it read, “Employees Only”. Maxton went in. I didn't at first, but then I went in. I didn't wanna be alone with such a big crowd. Him and I hid behind a giant crate, and started eavesdropping.

“Those fools won't know what will hit them!” I could tell immediately it was that man in the big, puffy, purple afro. I recognized his goofy voice.

“When should we set off the “confetti”, boss?”

“In a few minutes, a few minutes. Then set the match. After that, we'll blow this joint! Literally!”

My brother looked at me in great distress. Then, he hugged me. I hugged him back, scared and worried. I knew what he was gonna do. I glanced behind the crate, watching the men. Maxton suddenly jumped to the guy with sideburns, and grabbed him by the throat.

“Light that bomb and the old man gets it!” screamed Maxton.

“Oh yeah?” said one of the guards. He walked over next to the crate I was at. I closed my eyes, hoping the guard wouldn't see me. I heard a clank, and lots of yelling. And then, the worst happened. I got grabbed by the leg, and hung upside down by some idiot.

“Hey! Put me down!” I cried.

“If I light the bomb and you hurt the boss, your little girlfriend gets it!”

“He's my brother, you moron!” I said, and kicked his shins. The man clenched, and released me. Maxton and I ran, as the boss was released, too.

“Oh, no you don't!” the boss screamed, and lighted the match to the bomb's wire.

“We gotta get out of here!” Max said. I looked him the eyes.



“Go without me. I'm going to save everyone. And that's a promise.” I hugged Maxton, then jumped onto stage in a rush.

I kicked the stereos, and they started giving a fuzzy signal. I grabbed the microphone, and screamed:

“Attention everyone! This is an emergency! A bomb has been set, and is about to explode! Evacuate the building, immediately!”

As soon as I said that, everyone ran out. I jumped off stage, grabbed Maxton by the arm, and ran out of the building. Suddenly, it all exploded. Me and Maxton took cover. There was the end of that guy with the sideburns!
. . .

Maxton and I were finally home, enjoying that real snow finally arrived, and enjoyed the fact that since we saved a bunch of smart people, we got a gift card, and hot coco. Just then, mom entered the house.

“Hey kids, sorry I'm home late. How was your day?” she asked.

“Just perfect, Mom.” I said, and smiled.


Nice story Don't let anyone

Nice story

Don't let anyone or anything stand in the way of your life.

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Liked it! I can't belive

Liked it! I can't belive that only 1 person commented though...- Panthera tigris tigris (Grace) Love dragons? Read this! http://www.kidpub.com/book-page-or-chapter/legacy-fire-book-1-prophecy-f...

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I'm definitely

I'm definitely commenting!


I expected the story to be about a beautiful winter day, with REAL snow. That was crazy... in a good way! Great work!

Posted by Ava on Fri, 10/18/2013 - 17:42
~Renee~ How do you only have


How do you only have three comments on this? This is a work of art!

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