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Winners, January 2013 KidPub Writing Contest

Winners, January 2013 KidPub Writing Contest

For our January contest we celebrated the Superbowl in verse. In limerick, to be precise. The poetry form, not the town! Here are the winners and runners-up for the contest. Be sure to check out this month's topic at the Contest Page!

Winner: $50 Amazon Gift Card for smpppb

It’s that football-y time of year,
Time for buffalo wings and beer,
The party guests come,
With excitement they’re numb,
The Superbowl’s finally here!

Runner-Up (under 12); $25 Amazon Gift Card for iluv2write

There once was a team that was the best
That team was called the Patriots
They took control
At the Superbowl
But alas, the Giants won the contest


Runner-Up (12 and older); $25 Amazon Gift Card for jbadynna

The superbowl was was on tonight
But it was a rather big plight,
That the game was a yawn,
But when the commercials went on,
Everyone watched with delight!


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