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Crazy Reflections by Yavanna: Runner-Up, June 2012 KidPub Writing Contest

Crazy Reflections by Yavanna: Runner-Up, June 2012 KidPub Writing Contest


“Done!” I told my mum as I finished my cereal.
I grinned as I thought of all the tricks I was going to play on my mum. It was April the first; April Fool’s Day, my favorite day of the year. I couldn’t wait to swap the cooking pepper with the coffee beans and all those classics.

“Alright, Amber,” my mum said after she had ‘inspected’ my bowl. “Go brush your teeth.” I smiled, evilly as I walked to the bathroom. I was still thinking about all my tricks I was going to play and the fake snake I already put in mum’s bed. I rinsed my mouth and smiled at the mirror to check my teeth. My jaw dropped (practically, thankfully. I liked my jaw). My reflection was waving it’s arms desperately. I rubbed my eyes. No change.

“Uh, Mum?” I called out.
“Yes?” Came the reply. I glanced back at the mirror. Reflection-Me, was still waving. It’s/my/her eyes were widening.
“Can you come here for a min?” My mum came in. I took one last glance at the mirror. Reflection-Me was still waving.
“Can you see anything out of ordinary in my reflection? I mean, is it waving?”
My mum looked at it. “Of course not. Are you seeing anything? Should I take you to Doc. Lee? Are you hallucinating?” Mum asked me with concern in her voice.

I looked at the mirror again. It was now normal and looking at me. I moved my left arm up. It moved it’s right arm up.
I forced a grin. “Nah. Just joking,” luckily I was a good actress. I hated Doc. Lee. Mum looked at me strangely. She nodded and left the room. I went to my room to research un-copying reflections. I got a whole bunch of fables and jokes about it. Nothing real. Not even a story of a daughter named Amber that saw a crazy reflection of herself on April Fools and told her mother that she was joking. I gave up and flopped on my bed. Then I remembered my ‘Crazy Things That Happen To Kids’ book. I flicked through it but soon found there was no ‘Crazy Reflections’ page. But then mum called me down for lunch. Her coffee was peppery she told me.

I spent the rest of the day using lots of other methods of finding out about my crazy reflection. I was sure I hadn’t hallucinated it. After I had used nine different ways to research my crazy reflection, I gave up. I could think of no other ways. So I grabbed my favorite book and began reading, hoping that it would clear my mind. But before I had read two words I remembered a line I had read from somewhere. ‘The better you know and understand it, the closer you are to solving it.’ I went back to my computer. I typed in; crazy reflection’s personality.

When the computer finally loaded I clicked the first icon. Thankfully it wasn’t a site that gave pages of information. This one only gave a few paragraphs of information and a story. This is what it said:

“After I saw a my reflection waving at me. It began opening and closing its mouth like it was singing. This was Christmas day, my favorite holiday, so I wrote down everything that had happened in my diary. Then I called my mother and father in. My reflection kept singing silently. It never talked out loud. But now I understand.
“The facts that I can gather are these: Reflections read your mind or emotions. Sometimes they express them when the emotions are high. They act accordingly to what you were feeling when they started expressing.
“Now if you are reading this text to get advice I won’t give you too much. I will let you do the total figuring out, so you can pass on the information in a way you see fit. But remember, you can’t try to make your reflections express. You have to really feel it.

Signed Jonathon James”

I reread this a couple of times. I still, for some reason, couldn’t make sense of it. In the end I turned my thoughts back to April Fools. I grinned happily again. I switched off the computer, grabbed the equipment and crept to my parents room. I put my camouflaged seesaw on the ground, where my mum would first step. I placed fake slime at the other end of the seesaw so the slime would fly at her.

“Dinner time!” Mum called up. Grinning, devilishly, I went down for chicken casserole. I finished quickly and went back up to the bathroom to prepare for bed, still imagining mum’s face when she gets the see-slime trick on her. Then I looked at the mirror. My reflection was putting on various faces, grinning, devilishly and doing other things I recognized. Then I understood, sort of. Tell me, I thought, tell me, please. Tell me, reflection me. I thought this over and over again. Then words formed on the mirror.


It wrote in my handwriting. Untidy and messy. Couldn’t my reflection have different handwriting? I squinted at the code. I didn’t think it was the basic backwards code. I didn’t think orikz was a word. Or hollu. I noticed it was all capital, with no punctuation and hardly any vowels. I focused on the Z. It was rarely used. A was one of the most commonly used vowels though, my mind pondered. Then it hit me. A and Z. Two opposite letters of the alphabet. If you reversed the alphabet K would be in place of P, so… My eyes flew through the other letters. Decoded it said


I grinned. I had never been so exited in my life. As a result my reflection started laughing.
“You done yet, Amber?” Mum called up suddenly. I smiled, a plan forming in my head.
“Now I am,” I yelled down. “But I need to do something on the computer. Can you get my book, though? It’s in your room.”
My mum grumbled her reply then started trooping up. I hurriedly placed my book on mums bed, without activating the trap, then set to work in my room.
I made my own website then wrote my advice to any readers about crazy reflections that just don’t exist.
Somewhere during my fifth line I heard a splat sound. Then I heard my mum groan, “Amber! I should’ve known.”
Then, thumping sounds indicated mum going to get my book that was partly inside the covers and partly out. A whoosh sound showed her taking back the blankets. Then she screamed then groaned again. I grinned and bit my lip to keep from laughing. My mum threw the book to me as she went past. Then went to the bathroom.

“My reflection is dancing!” Mum cried suddenly. I ran there and there it was. A dancing mother in a pink dress, in the mirror. “Google it,” I advised her. She nodded, speechless. I went to my room and flopped in bed. I was greeted there by a loud “APRIL FOOLS!”
I had sat on a hidden button that activated the noise.
“You’re not the only one who remembers April Fools, young lady,” mum called from the bathroom, happily.
I smiled happily, went to sleep and dreamt of reflections and pranks.

The End

Great job and

Great job and congratulations! :)


"I'm a novelist."

Posted by Bird on Fri, 07/06/2012 - 22:17


Posted by Yavanna on Sat, 07/07/2012 - 06:16
Congrats XD I like how even

Congrats XD I like how even though the prompt suggested a fantasy/sci-fi/something like that kinda genre, you managed to keep it real :) Love the ending, too :)

"I would rather be ashes than dust" -Jack London

Posted by Chiaki on Sun, 07/08/2012 - 15:37

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