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Cupcaked, by Keowyn

Cupcaked, by Keowyn

Runner-up, KidPub September 2012 Writing Contest

So there I was, in my bed listening to the creaking in the hall. I was terrified! My parents were in bed, and if they had to go to the bathroom, it wouldn’t be that loud. My sister, Claire, ran into my room . Then, I realized the noise was coming from my closet. I quickly jumped up, turned on my light, and walked cautiously to my closet. Quietly, I opened the door. Claire screamed, and I was petrified. A blazing red light that looked like fire greeted us. That’s why I was petrified! Suddenly, the light faded.
“Is it gone?” asked Claire.
“I think so,” I answered.
I stepped into my closet with Claire, and we disappeared! We were standing in a room covered with paintings of fish. A lady walked in and said, “I’m Beatrice Odyssey. I will be here to help you with your missions.”
“Um, excuse me, what missions exactly?” I asked.
“You will be given this phone that will take you to different time periods in the past,” Beatrice replied. “Oh, and by the way, nice clothes.”
“Thanks. Nice fish,” I answered awkwardly.
“Wait a minute, stop talking, stop moving, everyone just freeze!” Claire yelled. “What is going on? What missions? What do you want us to do, change history!”
“Precisely.” Beatrice answered flatly.
“What on earth? There is no way I’m changing history!” exclaimed Claire.
I, who had been silent for all this time, spoke up, “You said missions, right?”
“Right,” Beatrice responded.
“In what time periods exactly?” I questioned.
“Your choice, any time from 1286 to 2010,” Beatrice replied.
“Fine, when do we get started then Fishy?” Claire snapped.
“Well, now would be a good time actually,” Beatrice said cheerfully.
“Okay, by then,” we both grumbled.
Julie hit a button on the phone and everything went black.
“Where in the name of jack-in-the-boxes are we?” I said with a trembling voice.
I opened my eyes and saw a muddy piece of land with huge footprints of what, not surprisingly, looked like they belonged to dinosaurs.
“Okay, well this is very -” I started, but Claire interrupted, “Nuts! This is all very Nuts!Oh, and did she tell us that there were dinosaurs involved?”
“No, but she did tell us there was the time period after 1286 only, am I right?” I asked.
“Yes, you’re right. So I’m not sure we should be starting here, do you?” Claire asked sarcastically.
“Yes, actually I do. Obviously, I think we’re supposed to find out what killed the dinosaurs and then explain to Ms. Fishy why they probably lived before 1286. Since we’re from the future, we can’t die!” I exclaimed.
“So, let’s go!”
We started off following the footprints. We followed them for ten miles, and finally we saw a forest.
“Now, that’s where you will get your dinosaurs!” Julie pointed.
Claire screamed! The huge foaming mouth of a Tyrannosaurus Rex was right in front of us. We slowly backed up, not in panic (forget that, we were panicking) and bumped into something slimy and disgusting - a Velociraptor!
“Okay, now we have a chance of dying, but I think we’ll live,” I said matter-of-factly.
Then a Pterosaur flew right into them.
“But we won’t survive that, ya think?” Claire said sarcastically.
“Let’s just both shut up and run!” I barked.
“Just what I was thinking, Sis,” Claire replied.
They both ran, and surprisingly the dinosaurs didn’t follow. Julie pulled out the phone.
“Oh no! The phone! That double stupid - “ I started.
“Ahem!” Claire interrupted. “Oh, ha ha, sorry, that Odyssey set us up.”
“How?” I asked.
“She told us we had all those options, right?” Claire explained.
“Right,” I answered.
“Well, it just so happens that there’s only two. One is this one, the other is at the end of the world!” Claire said with desperation.
“The end of the world, my Pokemon! There is no way I’m going to the end of the world!” Claire snapped.
“Um... Uh .... Claire, there’s somethin’ you might want to see,” I quavered.
Claire turned to see a huge massive explosion of lave, smoke, and deadly gas. I grabbed the phone, hit the future button, and once again everything went black.
Claire immediately screamed, “Why the smoke did you not hit the home button?!!”
“That’s what I forgot to tell you. The no good cheat won’t let us go back until we go here and fight some guy. I think his name is Deleterious,” I explained.
“Well, let’s hurry up and find him then, but we need some weapons,” Claire demanded
“Yes, and I know where to get them, Picasawatch Boulevardo,” I stated.
“Pikasasuwhat?” Claire asked confused.
“Picasawatch Boulevardo, creator of the best weapons in the world, at least according to the map Ms. Fishy gave me. He’s right around the corner,” I exclaimed.
We raced to to his house and stopped. Something very strange greeted them. It looked like a circular door, but instead of a doorbell, it had a device that looked like a cobra’s head.
“What the devil is going on here?” Claire asked.
“This is the future. They probably think doorbells are for old people,” I responded as I put my hand in the cobra’s mouth and pulled. The device caused a short song to play in the inside. The door opened and a man came out. We told them our story, and he gave us a hi-tech laser beam, bullet, and everything-proof suits, cupcakes, water balloons, and a cupcake launcher.
We surprisingly found Deleterious at the town square. Also surprisingly, he was spitting at people. We raced to the square. As he saw us coming, he tooted in their faces. The horrific gaseous smell was enough to paralyze your breathing to avoid the smell. He tooted again and missed, but this time it was our turn. We launched, and also not surprisingly hit our target. He was cupcaked. But he still, not surprisingly, threw dog food at them and missed again.
“Well this bozo doesn’t have the best aim, does he Claire?” I giggled.
“No, no, no he doesn’t,” Claire responded, a little too giddy.
We shot him with water balloons and he fell on a trampoline- I’ll just pause here in case you don’t won’t to hear the details and I’ll put it short - he’s not finished! While Claire kept him busy, I snuck behind him and launched one last cupcake to finish him. Just so you know - now he’s finished. We hit the home button on our phone, and everything went black. After yelling, screaming, pinches, and kicks, Beatrice bought us ice cream. After one more punch just to remind her, Claire and I forgave Beatrice. But before we went home, we were unexpectedly attacked by a professional wrestler. We got out safely with only sore necks and legs. At last, we were home.

First comment! Well anyway.

First comment! Well anyway. The story was funny.

Posted by Yavanna on Fri, 11/09/2012 - 17:52
First comment! Well anyway.

First comment! Well anyway. The story was funny.

Posted by Yavanna on Fri, 11/09/2012 - 17:52

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