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To: All
From: Predator-6 (Jack)
To: Eagle eye (Roen)
From: Predator-6 (Jack)
I mean Eagle Eye Roen (lol
To: All
From: Vin
Hey guys. I know that I have alot of chapter stories and I am trying to write them all at once. So. I want to say, that I also starting to write Streets again and a few other's. Thank you. Vin
To: All
From: Elliot
noah fence but could we be a little less anti-newbie. like ive been guilty of being a lil harsh at times too, but ive noticed an increase in being straight up rude to newbies who are trying new things. and like i understand the frustration but maybe remember these kids are still figuring things out and trying to have a good time. im not saying you cant point out issues in a civil way, but the negativity is really bringing down morale.
To: Elliot
From: Scilloideae (*Jill*)
Really? School started for Hyacinth and I so we haven't been online much, but I haven't really noticed this in general.
To: naira
From: Esther
idk if you were replying to my debate message but yeah it's a school club I'm in
To: All
From: Lena
hey friends I hope you're all havin a swell day and that the sky wherever you are looks extra pretty that is all
To: Lena
From: *Lavinia*
Lol...the last part
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