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Author's Notes
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To: Snow
From: echo (*Jill*)
Yeah, I've noticed, sadly. I've been pretty busy; I'm recovering from depression and decided to take a shot at going to school again, so I've got classes, band, and inter-class competitions as well, so a ton of things to keep me preoccupied for the moment!
To: Jill
From: *Snow*
woah the a/n just slips away so quickly...! busy's good, I think. I never have so many good ideas as when I'm in the middle of school and pressed for time! God bless your recovery and all of your endeavors.
To: Jill
From: *Snow*
For my part, my nephew is going to be born in a month, and I'm in a play. Other than the usual background noise of math and science (this year, in the incarnations of physics and precalculus) those are the biggest things going on in my life. What classes are you taking?
To: *Snow*
From: Ava
What play are you in? Im in one right now too
To: All
From: /alem/
Is 5’3 tall, short or average for a twelve year old girl? Just wonderinnnn
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Author's Notes

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