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Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

Fell Poth War AU (ch. 1)IllegalSparkles6/3Fan Fiction
Anniversary of friend :(Ava 6/1True story
The story of my lifeAva 5/29True story
The never ending story that Luna and i wrote!! Ava 5/29Story
Sin Game (Preview) | Wrong Side of RealityEna5/28Fantasy
some spring poetry?ness!5/28Poetry
crush updateIllegalSparkles5/23True story
update on friends mom with cancerAva 5/22True story
anaversery Fire Dragon 745/20True story
frickkkkk confessed to my crushIllegalSparkles5/19True story
Giving upAva 5/16True story
so i guess this is goodbye, old pal...{]Kayla[}5/14True story
What will we doFire Dragon 745/10Poetry
The BodyFire Dragon 745/8Mystery
ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 3)QuartzMaster5/8Action / Adventure
Keyboard animals!Fire Dragon 745/4True story
It's a birthday!!!Fire Dragon 745/4True story
pls talk to me ;-;IllegalSparkles4/30True story
SAVEtale Script, pt 2IllegalSparkles4/28Fan Fiction
The "New book" Chapter sixFire Dragon 744/24Action / Adventure
Mark of a Killer: ProlougeWolfpup_Angel4/23Realistic Fiction
The "New book" Chapter fiveFire Dragon 744/21Action / Adventure
Happy easterFire Dragon 744/20True story
The "New book" Chapter fourFire Dragon 744/20Action / Adventure
The "New book" Chapter threeFire Dragon 744/20Action / Adventure
The "New book" Chapter twoFire Dragon 744/17Action / Adventure
"The New book" Chapter oneFire Dragon 744/15Action / Adventure
I havent figured out the name so we will call it "New book" (Prologue) Fire Dragon 744/9Action / Adventure
Why have you goneFire Dragon 744/9Poetry
WeatherFire Dragon 744/9Poetry
Fanfiction Oneshots Entry Twelve: Modern!ThorongilTía Snow4/9Fan Fiction
The Dragon Slayers ----------- A Chose Your Own Ending StoryFire Dragon 744/6Action / Adventure
Final Thoughts | My KidPub Memories and a Goodbyepensword4/5True story
Corona virus challenge #6Ava 4/4True story
a drabble of la madrugadaTía Snow4/4Poetry
Corona virus challenge #5Ava 3/31True story
Corona virus challenge #4Ava 3/30True story
HeyLelin Da Flame†3/28True story
Corona virus challenge #3Ava 3/28True story
Songs, Chapter Two (boy x boy)IllegalSparkles3/28Fantasy
Corona virus challenge #2Ava 3/27True story
My Biography...Wolfpup_Angel3/26Non-fiction
Covid-19 challenge #1Ava 3/26True story
Things I've done because of the Corona VirusAva 3/26True story
The Dragon Slayers ----------- A Chose Your Own Ending StoryFire Dragon 743/26Action / Adventure
To Everyone: A Set of ObservationsTía Snow3/25True story
Hey everyone I posting a new story soonFire Dragon 743/25Action / Adventure
A day in my life in isolation thanks to covid 19Roisin3/15Non-fiction
Omg I'm competing at MSU I need hhhhheeeeelllllppppAva 3/2True story
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