Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

Jailbreakers // Chapter Twenty-five (the cringiness is almost complete) StickyNotesRe 1/17Fantasy
house (pc #1)greerie1/17Poetry
For Elliot's Poetry Club *Snow* Nolofinwe1/16Poetry
a feast of ice // (edited/repost) // a short story Jesterboy1/16Horror
poetry club prompts #1Elliot1/16True story
Submissions for Kidpub 2016-17 yearbook. Matemap Tarazet (sally)1/16True story
The Mark of Death. Prologue. Matemap Tarazet (sally)1/16Poetry
D A R K N E S SMatemap Tarazet (sally)1/16Poetry
Blushies Chapter 2 (A WATTPAD SNIPPET!) AuthorMind(Justin)1/16Romance
Each day i came to the altar of creative thought…Elias1/16Poetry
Too Old-Too youngMatemap Tarazet (sally)1/16Poetry
Starlight Chapter 1Lila Violet1/15Realistic Fiction
whose hands?Elliot1/15Poetry
Where The Dead Lie: (Chapter 3)Glowing Quartz1/15Mystery
Ultimates: Book 3:Glowing Quartz1/15Action / Adventure
Ultimates 3: (Chapter 17)Glowing Quartz1/15Action / Adventure
hands on the clock Briana1/15Poetry
The Reluctant Soldier: IX*Snow* Nolofinwe1/14Poetry
?don't know what to call thisMatemap Tarazet (sally)1/14Poetry
His Victory in BloodCharmian (Jonathan)1/13Poetry
Zombies in SpacelandGarebear1/13Action / Adventure
Ultimates 3: (Chapter 16)Glowing Quartz1/13Action / Adventure
THE SCARS OF THE SEA / book two /// chapter 32 Garrett1/12Fantasy
Fire and Ice: chapter sevenGrace1/12Fantasy
My Friction Controlled World Elizabeth1/12Realistic Fiction
Ultimates 3: (Chapter 15)Glowing Quartz1/12Action / Adventure
Ultimates 3: (Chapter 14)Glowing Quartz1/11Action / Adventure
Take Over ~ \\ The School // ~ (Prologue, Im gonna post chptr 1 & 2 but the rest nah bc I wanna find a way to publish :) Read ANHereComeDatBoi *Sy*1/11General Fiction
Ultimates 3: (Chapter 13)Glowing Quartz1/10Action / Adventure
Kill MePencilSword1/10Poetry
Jailbreakers // Chapter Twenty-Four StickyNotesRe 1/10Fantasy
Ultimates 3: (Chapter 12)Glowing Quartz1/10Action / Adventure
Where The Dead Lie: (Chapter 2)Glowing Quartz1/10Mystery
Star's WishLila Violet1/9General Fiction
Where The Dead Lie: (Chapter 1)Glowing Quartz1/9Mystery
Where The Dead Lie: (Prologue)Glowing Quartz1/9Mystery
Jailbreakers // Chapter Twenty-three (edit: Gore Warning) StickyNotesRe 1/9Fantasy
Ultimates 3: (Chapter 11)Glowing Quartz1/9Action / Adventure
Kuebiko: NoceurStickyNotesRe 1/9SciFi
Ultimates 3: (Chapter 10)Glowing Quartz1/9Action / Adventure
Angels and Demons: Prologue TARDISBlogger1/8General Fiction
blood and tearsscabbard1/8Poetry
The darknessI'mPossible1/8Poetry
Only Ash~ Chapter Four, pt. 1 of 3StickyNotesRe 1/8SciFi
Ultimates 3: (Chapter 9)Glowing Quartz1/8Action / Adventure
The Book of the Fallen (sequel to Lord of Night) | Introduction - yisss book threeMax1/8Fantasy
Ultimates 3: (Chapter 8)Glowing Quartz1/8Action / Adventure
If I could tell youI'mPossible1/8Poetry
Unpredictable WeatherPencilSword1/7Poetry
Ultimates 3: (Chapter 7)Glowing Quartz1/7Action / Adventure
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