Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

I N V I S I B L EEnderKitten(Renee)9/24Poetry
Two different prologue MegaHeart Sally9/23Humor
Black Hole Sun, chapter three (A-14) Inkk Re 9/23Realistic Fiction
(FROM THE WORLD OF THE GUARDIANS!) GRIMOIRE Chapter 3: The Order of the Void Part 1 Predator-6 (Jack)9/22Action / Adventure
Battle ScarsMegaHeart Sally9/22Poetry
To Be DecidedQueen Laufeyson9/22Horror
smile againBriana9/22Poetry
Shades of Her [*repost*] [NEW 'coda' part 10 included] [resolution]elias / silent9/22Poetry
Crying Searah - a fantasy short story I'm going to enter into a contest (Please CC! Please please please)Garrett Targaryen9/21Fantasy
Lord of Night | Part Two: Chapter 14 (Fravado / Rissa) (Part 2 of 2) (Rissa Kalak is fieeeeerce)Casual Affair (Max)9/21Fantasy
Lord of Night | Part Two: Chapter 14 (Fravado / Rissa) (Part 1 of 2) (This chapter is super long so I had to split it up lmao)Casual Affair (Max)9/21Fantasy
Not mineI'mPossible9/21Poetry
The Note!Steven9/21Realistic Fiction
Life ebbing away. Sravani9/21True story
Fight ControlPencilSword9/16Poetry
Stargazer | Co-write with *Jill* | Chapter 3 (Please comment and CC!)Hyacinth9/2Fantasy
A Tale - Ella*Lavinia*5/20Fantasy
Jill's Writing MasterpostScilloideae (*Jill*)5/7True story
Tide of Atmospheric Pressureselias / silent3/14Poetry
For a Girl I Once Knewelias / silent2/16Poetry
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