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Winner, March 2011 Writing Contest: One Small Step for Man (Well, Sort Of) by batman

Winner, March 2011 Writing Contest: One Small Step for Man (Well, Sort Of) by batman


March 1

I was out on the field when it hit me. I mean literally, something hit me. I couldn't make out its exact look, but I know for a fact that it was extraterrestrial. It had dark and light patches of black on a white ball that was glowing, I mean seriously glowing. I quickly got the "ball" and threw it, afraid of what it could do. I know, I'm such a wimp, but trust me if you were in my situation you would do the exact same thing I did. My parents quickly came out and asked if I was ok. "Ya I'm fine, sort of." They weren't so sure judging by how loopy and scraggy my voice was. So they took me to a hospital to be checked. The doctor ran a full diagnostic even though all that happened was that I hit my head. He said everything was fine and then my parents and I went home like nothing happened. Okay listen closely, this where things got even weirder, right when I went inside my house I saw it. By "it" I mean the object that hit my head! I nervously took it and set it on top of my bed. It was still glowing (Not that I expected it not to anymore or anything) and I could see that it was glowing brighter. Alright, right then I set the thing down. I wanted to end the craziness and I got into bed, another day another dollar, right?

March 2

I woke up the next day, hoping my encounter yesterday was a dream, it wasn't. Well that part of my day wasn't the highlight. Want to know what was the highlight? I got a letter in the mail. I entered a writing contest and the winner flies in space shuttle Discovery's final flight, and guess what, I won! That's right, no mistakes, I did win. I mean, this is big. I hope you don't think I'm bragging though, because you're going to hear a whole lot of my joy! Discovery flies March 8, the day before my birthday! Wow it's going to be a whole lot of fun! Wait, I almost forgot about the evil item that keeps stalking me. What do I do with it? Suddenly a brilliant idea blew radiance into my head. I'll bring the item to lift-off! Wouldn't that be a treat? I wonder what it will do there. There are endless possibilities, endless.

March 8, Minutes from liftoff

I just know something amazing will happen on this trip. Well, there better, I haven't done anything for the past couple of days and I'm getting pretty cocky. I felt the round mechanism under my fingertips. I was ready in every way, except maybe lacking instructions, briefings, flight knowledge, a space suite and such. Wow, come to think about it I really wasn't prepared. Well, too late to go back; I had to go, whether I wanted it or not, deep inside, I really wanted it. I took a few steps towards the shuttle until a man stopped me. "Slow down partner, do you really think you're going to space without a space suit?" Seeing his logic I shook my head. "Well then let's get you one." As we walked he introduced himself, "By the way, my name is Christopher, and I'm going to fly with you, along with Austin, my co-pilot." I nodded. Christopher continued, "You don't need to introduce yourself, man you're on every television channel!" In my head, I was astounded, not that I was on every channel but that I didn't know it for myself. Christopher led me into a huge room. Inside the room he handed me a big piece of marshmallow fluff. "This is your suit, put it on. It's like putting on a winter coat.

Alright let me tell you something, it was not like putting on a winter coat at all! I surprisingly managed to get up in the suit. Suddenly I remembered something. "Hey Christopher, if I ever wanted to carry something in this suit, where would I put it?" He pointed out a secret strap in where I secretly put the circular object. So we left the room and set off to the shuttle. I'll admit at one point I felt like I was walking in slow motion to a piece of music. Maybe I was actually going in slow motion, because Christopher told me to speed up. I don't think that was possible. Anyway we finally got to the shuttle. Once we entered, Christopher quickly showed us around, "This is Austin, Austin says hi to our junior deputy." Austin waved with a frown. I think he was the junior deputy before I came around. "Quiet" Christopher said even though nobody was talking. "Quick, put your seat belts on guys, this is my favorite part of shuttle launching, the countdown. It immediately began, "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, lift-off! Suddenly I felt like I was on an airplane. The shuttle zoomed into the air. I was literally shaking, almost nauseating. U, oh. My little circular mechanism was glowing once more.

Out of Earth's Atmosphere

Austin stared at my object as, for some reason, it floated up. It was pushing on the shuttle's interior, eventually causing it to steer the shuttle. It finally, and I mean finally, I'm talking days, took us to a planet, however none of us saw that planet because we were too busy yelling at each other. Christopher was annoyed, "How could you! You don't just bring any thing to space!" Austin was annoyed. "Man you have some nerve bringing something to space." However I was the most annoyed. "Let's find out how to get out of this!" Suddenly we saw the planet, Venus. We quickly went to investigate. Clearly Christopher was doing his own "One small step for man" thing so I quickly told him my feelings for what he was doing by pushing him off balance and onto Venus. Well, for a little bit. I forgot Venus's pressure and heat. "At least you're wearing your space suit." I saw him jumping and was surprised he could be that energetic while supporting his own weight as a space suit. He came in, "Hot, hot, hot!" Once Christopher settled he started questioning me as a cop would to a criminal. "What was that thing?" I answered, “I don't know, I found it!" Clearly Christopher didn't know what to say. Suddenly Austin showed himself. "You guys! Look, a shadow!"

Venus, Day 1.

We took a good nights rest, well not really. Throughout the night Austin was yelling. I'm thinking gosh! It's my birthday! But I didn't say that out loud. But I guess Austin would stop if we listened so we did. "See that? It's a hole." We stared at each other "1,2,3, not it!" U oh, I'm it. So I got on a space suit with so much pressure inside that I think it could block the pressure and heat. Well, I was right about the pressure, not the heat. "Hot!" Jump, hump, jump, I jumped until I fell into the hole. Up until I saw something. "E.T?" I said. It looked at me. It was the color of titanium, it also had a scaly body and it didn't look like it could move its head. It definitely had some friends because suddenly I was surrounded by them. All of a sudden I heard something and all of the people of Venus took one step back. "Hello, this is mission control, copy, where are you? You should be at base by now!"

Venus Day 2 Final Venus Day

I left the cave, don't worry, not without a picture. "Mission control, we're on Venus. We found life. "That spread pretty quickly, well, I was hoping. We got in Discovery. Austin said this, "I can't believe it, life." I added, "Believe it, the world is a big place. Imagine, creatures far-far away trying to find us. I looked at the ball. "Perhaps they already did," I said. Listen up, the world is incredible, but we left a big footprint on the world, the world will never be the same again."

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ThanksĀ and thanks for

Thanks and thanks for reading :)

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Thank you and thanks for

Thank you and thanks for reding the story.

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Congratulations! Great

Congratulations! Great job!

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Thanks for reading, I loved

Thanks for reading, I loved your comment. I will remember it.

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Thank you! That's very nice

Thank you! That's very nice of you! But what part do you like?

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