KidPub's Never Ending Story
The Story So Far...
lolol has this finally crashed and burned too~??
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*This is not an opportunity to advertise. This is the NES. Do not advertise on here* *Ill continue from where it was left off* "Well..." Peter sighed, feeling Sunset's hand slide into his. "It's a long story. Basically, I came here with some friends- we thought it would be cool to explore the abandoned mansion. We didn't know it was..." He paused. "We didn't know what would happen. I was separated from them and I havent seen them since. I...I don't even remember their names." Peter's voice cracked a little and he turned his face away so nobody could see it. Sunset felt a wave of empathy crash over her and she gripped his hand harder. "Thats...thats terrible. I'm so sorry, Peter." Cecelia said quietly. "The mansion plays tricks on us, Peter." Sunset added in a low voice. "It isn't your fault. Theres nothing you could've done. And the fact that you cant remember their names is normal- the mansion wanted to trap you. Swallow you whole. And it didn't want anything to make you try and escape." Sunset finished, looking down. "I killed my friends because we went into a hallucination room. I don't remember their names either. Please, do not think its your fault." Sunset look at Peter, making sure her message got across.
--Misanthropy (Ruby)


(I remember this ompj cringy newbie days lol) (Ok, horrible flashback over, i have no idea what's going on here but if someone would fill me in then I would be more than willing to add to the story as much as possible :] )
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^^^ *Yes, so there's a new villain who knows Cecilia from the past (W.V.) He has a part of the mansion dedicated to himself and the others are trying to find him. Our team has currently taken a break in a lounge room and Peter just finished providing his backstory. Leed, Echo, Sunset, Gary, and Cecilia are also there. Together with their powers, they aim to stop W.V. and see what corrupted him into the monster he has become.*


"But I should've known... God, I should've known!" Peter groaned, pulling his knees up to his chest. There were angry tears in his eyes. "It's an abandoned mansion. That's only the start of every horror story ever written!" Peter's hands, now clasped around his knees, were shaking ever so subtly. Sunset reached out and placed a hand on his back, gently as possible.


did the never-ending story end?!


(@Jesse, neverrrrrrrrrr) Peter stood abruptly, shrugging Sunset off. He paced, running his shaking hands through his hair and down his teary face. He turned, and caught sight of the flicker of hurt that Sunset was scrambling to mask. "Sorry." He muttered weakly. He hadn't meant to be so brusque, he'd just needed to stand, to move, to do something before the claustrophobic guilt crushed him. "Let's just move on, please." He shoved his hands in his pockets, his shoulders scrunched up near his ears. His gaze flitted across the faces of everyone in the room. Gary was gnawing on his bottom lip, and Cecilia sat with her chin tucked to her chest, avoiding meeting everyone else's stares. Echo scuffed the hardwood with the toe of her boot. It was Sunset who finally broke the thick silence. "Alright." She breathed, there was an almost imperceptible tremor in her voice but nobody acknowledged it, "I say, we find this W.V. jerk, and we end his reign of terror." Leed scoffed from his place leaning on the doorframe. "Yes, that's so simple." "I didn't say it was simple." Sunset snapped. "But simple or not we still have to do it." "She's right." Gary spoke up for the first time since they'd entered the lounge. "We can't let W.V., whoever he is, continue wreaking chaos. And who knows," Gary looked over at Peter, "Maybe we'll get some memories back in the process."
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*I guessed for a lot of that, i'm sorry if i didn't properly portray the characters*
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*@Izzy You did a great job!* Peter nodded after hearing this. Leed gripped his glasses, propping them on the bridge of his nose. "When we find him, I'm asking about my parents. I need information and if he has any answers, I'll make him tell me." Echo fiddled her fingers through her hair and looked at her ragtag team of friends. "Are we well rested?" She asked. "because the more we wait, the harder W.V. will be to track down." Sunset got her bearings and spun to a stand. Cecilia adjusted the staff in her jacket. Gary smiled a cocky smile. "I've been dying to practice more on my abilities. Let's go. No point in sitting around!"


*@Justin, thanks :) @everyone, quick question tho, where are Liz and Icicle? and Hazel? And Echo's brother, Fawn (I can't remember if that's his actual name, or if Echo even has a brother, but i thought she did)? weren't they all pretty much permanent fixtures to the NES?* "Great." Leed remarked, he reached for the doorknob and twisted. It jammed. He tried again, and again the knob jammed. "Crud." He muttered under his breath. "Uh, guys? We may have a problem." He said, backing away from the door so for everyone to see. "Door's locked." He gestured at the handle. "Let me try." Gary crossed the room and took hold of the handle. He twisted carelessly hard, and the door handle broke with a dull crack. Gary grimaced and let the broken handle drop to the floor. "Good going, genius." Leed corrected his constantly crooked glasses. Gary shot him a glare. "No big deal, we can just kick it down." Gary shrugged. "Are you sure?" Echo glanced dubiously from Gary to the door. "Why not? It's not as if we're ever going to find this room again." Peter pointed out, there was an undercurrent of bitterness in his tone that caused Sunset to glance over at him. Pretending not to catch Sunset's glance, Peter strode over to Gary's side. "Let's do it, on three?" He said. Gary nodded. "One, two, " They both positioned themselves in front of the door, "three." They kicked in tandem, both hit the door squarely. The frame let out a groan, the wood splintered, and the door flew open. "There." Gary huffed. "Easy as pie, now..." He trailed off as he got a better view of the corridor outside the lounge. This was not the hallway that had been behind the door before.
--Izzy Dead Re


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