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KidPub's Never Ending Story
The Story So Far...
--l-/ TheLastPilot (Sally)


Oh man, I used to be on this for HOURS when I was younger. I think it was like 5 years ago.


Oh, another old member! Hello! I love it when you guys come back
--*~pretty boy~*


Did the story die or what




The Never Ending Story is not going on anymore??? Well, that's sad...


Gary was a young boy of about twelve, the average child that everyone forgot five seconds after seeing them. He had auburn, curly hair, and eyes to match. His twin sister, Liz, a wannabe journalist had a similar stature to her brother, and a craze for ice cream. Looking back on that fateful day that the ice cream truck led them away from home, Gary realized that he had to act. The clock was ticking, and unless he didn't want to get out of the Labyrinth alive he would have to get moving with his sister... Never Ending Story, please continue!


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KidPub's Never Ending Story

In Gateway Mansion there are many, many doors. Some lead to great and at the same time terrifying adventures. While others simply lead to darkness and storage spaces. Nevertheless, two young siblings, Gary & Liz, inhabiting Gateway Mansion never know what is around the next corner. Because, in such a topsy, turvy place, your next move, your next breath, could be your last.

Now, with the help of young authors all around the world, the chronicles of their adventures are being revealed. You, too, can take part in piecing together their Never Ending Story.
(thanks to Kiowa~*, Kati, Lauren, Gabby and others for that great introduction!)

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