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KidPub's Never Ending Story
The Story So Far...
Okay I'm shaking with nostalgia right now
--indygoes (kayla)


Only one country weren't scared of America. Germany. Germany, for some reason, loved, I mean LOVED, to fight America. Liz plopped on her bed. "Any more war?!" she asked. Suddenly hearing gunshots, Liz screamed ''WAR AGAIN???!!!" ''Tricked ya.'' October said. "I was punching the wall. Geez."


"I'm sooooo boooorrrrrreeed." Liz complained. "You were complaining about war an hour ago." Gary said. October passed out. ''Night,'' she yawned. ''I think we should rest.'' "Me too.'' Gary said. "You're a ghost, Gary.'' Liz reminded him.


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KidPub's Never Ending Story

In Gateway Mansion there are many, many doors. Some lead to great and at the same time terrifying adventures. While others simply lead to darkness and storage spaces. Nevertheless, two young siblings, Gary & Liz, inhabiting Gateway Mansion never know what is around the next corner. Because, in such a topsy, turvy place, your next move, your next breath, could be your last.

Now, with the help of young authors all around the world, the chronicles of their adventures are being revealed. You, too, can take part in piecing together their Never Ending Story.
(thanks to Kiowa~*, Kati, Lauren, Gabby and others for that great introduction!)

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