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KidPub's Never Ending Story
The Story So Far...
Michelle glanced around warily, his hood pulled over his head. It was winters night, with dusted snow sitting on the pavement and grass. A tall tree sat in the middle of the pathway, and Michelle walked up to it.


*I'm continuing from where the story left off according to the official wikia page (found here; https://gateway-nes.wikia.com/wiki/The_NES_Story_(2018) ). I am fully aware that more was written after that scene, but y'all didn't update the wikia and I've forgotten what happened. Also, there's this new character who I'll be introducing right away, don't worry, they're temporary and they're staying behind their door after this little first trip through a gateway is finished. Alright, story time!* "What, are you kidding?" Liz scoffed, already reaaching for the handle, "of course we should." There was a glint in her eye as her hand closed over the frigid door handle, a wild sort of light that simultaneously startled and excited Gary. They were both adventurous, but after three days trapped in a car with nothing but an iPod and two books between them, Liz's sense of adventure had gone just a little bit manic. Who cared that there were claw marks across the door knob? She was ready for whatever secret tunnel, or dungeon cell, or dare she think-- super evil torture chamber, that might be hidden back there. Maybe, she was a little too ready. When the door flung open outwards, Liz stumbled and fell. Gary, right on her heels fell as well. Later, looking back on that moment, Gary would swear something had pushed him. But more important was the fact that they kept falling. And falling. And falling. Liz might have let loose a few swear words that she wasn't supposed to know, Gary almost definietly screamed, and at the end of it all they both ended up flat on their backs, staring up at the branches of an oak tree. A moment past as they both struggled to get their breath back. "Gare," Liz said when she'd convinced her lungs to work again. "Yeah?" Gary answered, sounding considerably more wheezy. "The tree is wrong." "What?" "The tree, it's colors are wrong." A brief inspection proved her right. The tree they were laying under was an massive, sprawling oak. It's trunk was too big for either of them to get their arms around, and it was a deep leafy green. The roots and branches carried the same green shade, and all the leaves weighing down it's boughs were a murky brown. But before either of the siblings had a chance to explore this mystery further, someone's face popped up over theirs. Liz almost swore again at the sudden appearance of a face mere inches from her own. She kicked on instinct and hit not flesh, but metal. This time she didn't bite back the curse as her bare foot cracked against the unyeilding material. "U-um," the owner of the face backed away, giving Liz and Gary room to jump to their feet. Liz wobbled, her toes throbbing. Before them stretched out acre after acre of trees, all with green trunks and brown leaves. The grass was a lush shade of purple, and grew thick like a carpet under most of the trees. Standing in front of them, staring with wide, deadblack eyes, was a-- a girl? a boy?-- a blue-haired kid sporting loose grey clothes and a shiny metal arm. "Are you... okay?" the kid asked. Liz and Gary exchanged glances. They weren't in the mansion anymore.
--Unclever Re


"We're not in Kansas anymore," mumbled Gary to his younger sister. Liz rolled her eyes. The kid just looked a bit confused. "We're fine...I mean, my foot kind of hurts, but nothing's broken," Liz said after a moment. "Where even are we?" The strange kid looked at Liz, definitely curious but also looking a bit nervous. "You're not far from my village," the kid informed them. He seemed like a boy, at least to the two siblings. "Your village?" repeated Gary, and he and Liz exchanged glances. "Yeah, the village is just over this way," the boy replied, gesturing with his nonmetal arm and beginning to walk with a slight limp. Gary and Liz followed, Liz also limping a little due to her injured foot. *sorry its short, but I'm alive haha*
--Luna {semi-hiatus}


The stranger suddenly halted. His black eyes passed over the children to rest upon the tree. They glinted coldly, but they didn't show his thoughts. It was almost longingly the way he looked back. He shivered, then proceeded. The tremor seemed to be catchy, because Gary shivered too. All the while, he had began to feel nervous, like one does after something bad has happened. Finally, he hissed, "Liz, I don't think we should be-" With a rude scoff from his sister, she interrupted. "Shouldn't be what, Gary? Shouldn't be walking in a strange land? Shouldn't be trying to find shelter? Shouldn't be following a strange boy to who-knows-where? Shut up." With a backward glance from the kid, Liz attempted to catch up, since they were falling behind, but soon slowed her step again, wincing. Gary's eyebrows shot up, but he said nothing. He was getting concerned, not only was his older-brother responsibility for his sister's safety kicking in, but his worry for her attitude, too. It was usual for them to fight, almost frequently, but this sudden rudeness was definitely not her. "Maybe it's the cold," he muttered inaudibly, but something in the back of his mind disagreed. "See that?" Gary looked up to see the stranger pointing into the horizon, where the sharp top of a tower could be seen."We're getting close," he—or she—declared. Gary started when he thought he saw a pleased gleam twinkle in the stranger's eyes, but it disappeared so quickly that he wondered whether it was there at all. Liz was rubbing her arms for warmth, but the audible chattering from her teeth suggested that it wasn't working so well. The silence was thick, the only thing to be heard was the soft pit-pat of their feet on the pathway. A cold breeze picked up abruptly, it was odd after the stillness of it all, and, without even a fidget of discomfort from the stranger, blew off his hood. Underneath, you could see the rest of his hair revealed. It was a rich shade of blue, and braided stiffly with silver rings. With his metallic arm, he quickly replaced his hood over his head. Glancing quickly back at the children, he then proceeded, still limping. It must have seemed like hours before they finally reached the boundaries of the village, however, they were none the less grateful when they got there. For as they trekked, the wind had been gradually becoming worse, and colder. It was now sharply biting their noses, and Liz, who was wearing a decisively short skirt, was now half frozen with cold. Gary was wondering if he would have to carry her the rest of the way—which he wasn't so keen on the idea—when the trees cut off into a large clearing, and in this clearing was the village.


It was a rather strange village, it's rooftops were a shade of violet and its walls were partly maroon. The townspeople were dressed a bit fancy for common folk. Gary and Liz had never seen such a colorful place, even the clouds were a hue of dusty pink. It was breathtaking and almost bewildering, the way everything blended but clashed. Michelle was most than probably used to the surroundings that engulfed the kids as they entered further in. "How'z that for adventure, Liz," Gary said teasingly even if his nose felt like it had turned to ice. Liz glared at her brother just to keep him quiet, she wasn't in the mood for teasing. "Hullo! Who ya got there?" A spry girl galloped up to the freezing two. She didn't seem cold in the least, on the contrary, she acted as of it were a warm summer day and that she was out for a walk. "How on earth are you warm?" Was the nicest thing Liz could say at that moment. "Your cold? Oh! I see, you're not wearing a poncho! Here we are!" The excited twelve-year-old said as she brought two bright ponchos over. They fitted perfectly and warmed them immediately. "Wow! Thanks." Gary thanked the young girl. The little girl bobbed a curtsy and replied. "Not at all, my names Pepper! So what's your name?" Liz, who was less grouchy now, was first to reply. "I'm Lizzy, but just call me Liz. And he's my brother, Gary." Pepper, being the polite girl that she was, was more than happy to strike up a marvelous conversation. Liz's very momentary gratefulness turned back into her abnormal rudeness as the conversation progressed. *This was an addition written by my sister, not by me, so don't be confused by the name below.*


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KidPub's Never Ending Story

In Gateway Mansion there are many, many doors. Some lead to great and at the same time terrifying adventures. While others simply lead to darkness and storage spaces. Nevertheless, two young siblings, Gary & Liz, inhabiting Gateway Mansion never know what is around the next corner. Because, in such a topsy, turvy place, your next move, your next breath, could be your last.

Now, with the help of young authors all around the world, the chronicles of their adventures are being revealed. You, too, can take part in piecing together their Never Ending Story.
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