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KidPub's Never Ending Story
The Story So Far...
Liz knew that the slightest movement would startle the snake into biting one of them. What could she do without upsetting the snake. Slightly panicked and not thinking completely straight Liz did the only thing she could think of,however stupid and crazy it might be, she grabbed the snake around the neck. Simultaneously Gary screamed no realizing what Liz was going to do. Luckily Liz managed it and the snake was not able to bite her. Gary lectured her as Liz carefully put the snake in a plastic container with holes, so she could drop the snake at the zoo( the krait wasn’t a native species) .


"You could have died!" Gary shouted at her, "What were you thinking?"


“What was I thinking, I was thinking I didn’t want YOU to DIE. So a little Thank You would be great, but no. and when we got trapped here we did promise to look out for each other or have you forgotten “ Liz shouted half terrified and half angry. All Gary ever did was scold her never once had he just said Thank You or Good Job. By now Liz was close to tears. She ran off to her room leaving behind a very guilty but worried brother and a very confused Phantasia.


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KidPub's Never Ending Story

In Gateway Mansion there are many, many doors. Some lead to great and at the same time terrifying adventures. While others simply lead to darkness and storage spaces. Nevertheless, two young siblings, Gary & Liz, inhabiting Gateway Mansion never know what is around the next corner. Because, in such a topsy, turvy place, your next move, your next breath, could be your last.

Now, with the help of young authors all around the world, the chronicles of their adventures are being revealed. You, too, can take part in piecing together their Never Ending Story.
(thanks to Kiowa~*, Kati, Lauren, Gabby and others for that great introduction!)

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