KidPub Press shutting down; KidPub.com stays alive; Going Out of Business sale on books

KidPub Press shutting down; KidPub.com stays alive; Going Out of Business sale on books

Posted September 25th, 2015 by perryd

As some of you know, KidPub Press, the book-publishing company, has gone out of business and we are in the process of shutting it down. A detailed email was sent out to our several hundred authors a few days ago explaining how this affects their books and publishing contracts. The closure also affects Bookilty, which was the division of KidPub Press that published books by older authors.

A handful of books that are either near completion or were published recently will remain available on Amazon.com through January of 2016, however all other KidPub Press press books will be removed from Amazon (and Kindle) over the next few weeks, and the KidPub Press bookstore (books.kidpub.com) will close permanently on October 3rd. 

KidPub.com, which runs this site, is a separate company, and KidPub.com will remain active. We recently celebrated 20 years on the web and are looking forward to another 20.

As a result of the closure, we are liquidating our book inventory, and through October 2nd you may purchase any KidPub Press book from books.kidpub.com for $6.95 each plus shipping. The liquidation price is only available for purchases at books.kidpub.com, not for purchases on Amazon.

On a personal note, I'm definitely sad to shut down what was a really fun and valuable service. Every single book we published, and there were literally several hundred, was a joy to work on and I think gave the authors a great sense of accomplishment and pride. My hope is that closing KidPub Press will give me more time to devote to growing this site and increasing its level of activity.

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