The latest poetry on KidPub

The latest poetry on KidPub

LeaveBeccaAugust 1 2015
abattoir ~ noun: ab·at·toir [ab-uh-twahr, ab-uh-twahr] ~ 1. a slaughterhouse ~ (trigger warning)EstherJuly 31 2015
stay...pleaseimpavid{HawkEye}July 31 2015
The UnspokenBeccaJuly 31 2015
motionless amongst the daffodils ((video game boys))Lena July 30 2015
opposites attract, i swearleafy July 30 2015
slow bodiesleafy July 30 2015
I Walked Some Miles To Be Aloneleafy July 30 2015
The CandleA Ghost's PastJuly 29 2015
Autumn A Ghost's PastJuly 29 2015
Best Friend (dediated to my best friend who I hope will read this once she joins KP... Lizzy!!!!!)Like the Blueprints? {Sarah}July 29 2015
The Things that Tick me Off!StevenJuly 29 2015

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