The latest poetry on KidPub

The latest poetry on KidPub

this is what's behind me, now it's time to look forwardtoskaJanuary 17 2016
real ( I should stop with the poetry) *language and trigger warning* #3[[facetious]]January 17 2016
Hello? I'm here! Can you hear me?*Snow* NolofinweJanuary 17 2016
stand againtoskaJanuary 17 2016
All That Glitters is Fool's GoldPencilSwordJanuary 17 2016
Missing YouUnicorn •_•January 17 2016
Should ofUnicorn •_•January 17 2016
Memory BoxNorahJanuary 17 2016
- I'm just a woman- Book of SLAM POETRY (Trigger Warning. AUDIO INCLUDED.) (Repost for chapter. Note about Audio for PERRY)Misanthropy (Ruby)January 17 2016
survival of the fittest (language & trigger warning) SravaniJanuary 17 2016
ashes to ashes *triggers i think* #1 [[facetious]]January 17 2016
Fallingstylo filleJanuary 17 2016
- I'm just a woman- SLAM POEM (Trigger warning) (AUDIO INCLUDED) (Note about Audio for Perry)Misanthropy (Ruby)January 17 2016
Nightmares (possibly triggering)SavannahJanuary 17 2016
MLK Gender Identity Poeminfinte darkness (panda)January 17 2016
// fictional love notes //fuzzyJanuary 16 2016
rhyming (trigger and language warning) *do not read if you are sensitive* #1[[facetious]]January 16 2016
One Hundred and Thirty One*Snow* NolofinweJanuary 16 2016

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