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The latest polls on KidPub

The latest polls on KidPub

What is the best colour?TristanSeptember 13 2021
How yall doing. do u remember me lol. if ur new introduce yourself in the commentsAva September 2 2021
Have u started school?PollyAugust 25 2021
Did you see my PSA on the Author’s Notes? Tía SnowJuly 22 2021
I am trying to figure out how many people are on, so just vote if you are on here. RyokoJune 27 2021
Where would you like to go on vacation?RyokoJune 11 2021
What is your favorite type of music?PollyMay 26 2021
Dogs or cats...??Jordi May 26 2021
What is your favorite type of book?PollyMay 22 2021
Flexibility-Are you flexibleRyokoFebruary 11 2021
Hair LenghtRyokoFebruary 11 2021
Skin ColorRyokoFebruary 11 2021
Eye ColorRyokoFebruary 11 2021
Hair ColorRyokoFebruary 11 2021
I hardly know you guys. here is some Questions! GENDERRyokoFebruary 11 2021
Do ya like vampires?KaitlynDecember 17 2020
What is your favorite video game?RyokoNovember 13 2020
Who do you think will be executed next?ElizabethOctober 15 2020
Do you think I should reveal my Danganronpa talent?ElizabethOctober 12 2020
detroit: become humanTía SnowOctober 8 2020
What did you think of the first 2 chapters of The Evil Within?ElizabethSeptember 23 2020
what's your favorite thing to do during covid-19RyokoApril 28 2020
where do you liveRyokoApril 8 2020
what should my name beRyokoApril 2 2020
do you like schoolRyokoMarch 3 2020
whatyour favorite colorRyokoOctober 8 2019
what can I add to The Monsters Uncovered to make it betterRyokoOctober 8 2019
Write A KidPub Self-Insert Harry Potter StoryTía SnowSeptember 21 2019
If you could write a book and have it published on Amazon, would you do it? If you would, why don't you?Simon IlincevSeptember 6 2019
Should I enter The Accident in a contest and/or try to publish it when it's done? Seriously be honest Ava August 22 2019

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