The latest polls on KidPub

The latest polls on KidPub

Have you read The Dagger's Wrath by moi? (*gestures to self*)Casual Affair (Max)September 27 2016
R u watching the debate ( Trump vs. Hillary) tonight? MegaHeart SallySeptember 26 2016
standardized (a poem)JesterboySeptember 23 2016
[holds up my driver's license] do yOU KNOW WHO THIS WOMAN IS heathens |-/September 22 2016
(Everyone is doing this, so why not?) Do you know who I am?johnny boySeptember 22 2016
Who's watching Stranger Things!*Lavinia*September 20 2016
Opinions on Paris of Troy? *Snow* AranarthSeptember 20 2016
(Because I might as well do this too...) Do you know who I am?Hufflepuff (Hazel)September 20 2016
Do you have your drivers license?Inkk Re September 19 2016
Which book should come out first?SumayyahSeptember 16 2016
Do you know who I am? =P (lol #jumpingonthebandwagonalittletoolatebutstillcuriousbcwhynot)Garrett TargaryenSeptember 13 2016
CALLING ALL GUARDIANS FANS!!! When should I have the ORIGINCON 2016 here on KidPub?Predator-6 (Jack)September 10 2016
this poll is kind of already up as of prep for it but who is doing nanowrimo?greerieSeptember 8 2016
What are your thoughts on the Dakota Access Pipeline? SwallowtailSeptember 7 2016
What do you want to see next from me? (see comment for explanation)Inkk Re September 7 2016
there was something named kidpub keypals in 2008 version of kidpub, and it's not in kidpub now, but why? CassieShepherdSeptember 5 2016
Do you play Overwatch?theo/pluzzleSeptember 3 2016
Skillet? Inkk Re September 1 2016
anyone started nanowrimo prep?CassieShepherdSeptember 1 2016
mark your favorite one of my booksElizabethSeptember 1 2016
Percy Jackson Poll: If you where a Half Blood, who's god/godness' child would you be?*Lavinia*August 30 2016
What you do think about my Mini Novel: Ivy?*Lavinia*August 30 2016
Which of these following characters from High School would you date? ( For males AND females ) *Lavinia*August 30 2016
If you could, would you date / marry a character you've written?*Lavinia*August 30 2016
Is it worth helping a friend if you're doing something you don't want?Lila VioletAugust 29 2016
What type of school do you think you would like best? (public, private, etc)shattered (lydia)August 27 2016
Do you have a iphone?MegaHeart SallyAugust 27 2016
Do You wear makeup?MegaHeart SallyAugust 27 2016
Should I make a video explaining to newbies how to use KidPub that we can send them a link when welcoming?Predator-6 (Jack)August 25 2016

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