The latest polls on KidPub

The latest polls on KidPub

Does anyone remember me? toriJune 26 2017
Who is your favorite villain in the Guardians?The Guardian (Jack)June 23 2017
Who is your favorite hero in my story The Guardians?The Guardian (Jack)June 23 2017
what shall I make my signature ?? KrystalJune 21 2017
would you rather marry someone ugly but rich or pretty/handsome but poorKrystalJune 21 2017
Are you familiar with any of these titles written by me?Paige(Floofy)June 19 2017
How many years have you been a part of KidPub?Paige(Floofy)June 19 2017
What Instrument Do You Play? *Is there already a poll like this? Sorry: \Alem*Dolphins4life*June 19 2017
How Old Are You?Alem*Dolphins4life*June 16 2017
will you read my true story about me going to the hospitalKrystalJune 13 2017
Big Fun Kidpub Google Hangouts opportunity? See moreAuthorMind(Justin)June 12 2017
Do you have a favorite cheese to put in your sandwich? AuthorMind(Justin)June 8 2017
If I started an NES on the WB, would you be interested in participating?StrayJune 3 2017
Big Poll Question #3; GenderSchismsreJune 3 2017
Do you want to be in the new ig chat (only click yes if you will actually use it)SchismsreJune 2 2017
Big Question #2.1; romantic orientationSchismsreJune 2 2017
Big Poll Question #2; orientation SchismsreJune 2 2017
If you could be a dinosaur, which one would you be, eh? AuthorMind(Justin)June 1 2017
KP Census JuneStrayJune 1 2017
Big Poll Question #1, Age.SchismsreJune 1 2017
what piercings do you think are the coolest/cutest?SchismsreMay 29 2017
KP House Upgrade. Should we get pts if a friend we invited joins? (see comments)The Guardian (Jack)May 21 2017
KP House Upgrade: points for NES + WB NES? (see comments)The Guardian (Jack)May 21 2017
KP House Upgrade: Should you get points for forum posts (see comments)The Guardian (Jack)May 21 2017
KidPub House Upgrade: Should we increase poem points? (see comments)The Guardian (Jack)May 21 2017
Do you believe in fate?Lila Violet;)May 20 2017
Which House Are You In?LaviniaMay 20 2017
Do you have any blog or blogs?DragoPeng *Sy*May 19 2017
When/If I start posting regularly, whatr would you like to see more of?SchismsreMay 19 2017
should I write about eels or crocodiles first Eagle eye (Roen)May 18 2017

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