The latest polls on KidPub

The latest polls on KidPub

Nintendo Switch? JesterboyJanuary 16 2017
KidMUD (https://www.kidpub.com/kidmud) hasn't been active for a couple of years now. Any interest in having it turned back on?PerryJanuary 15 2017
Should I post my new story on KidPub or leave it for publishing??? I'm stuck XCHereComeDatBoi *Sy*January 10 2017
Census:StickyNotesRe January 10 2017
Who here is in a relationship???Ell & AriJanuary 9 2017
Should I restart the Ultimates Series?Glowing QuartzJanuary 7 2017
Do you have a nickname?HereComeDatBoi *Sy*January 6 2017
Which stories would you like to see NES's (Never Ending Stories) for on WB (Writer's Block)? Please read my comments, too.LightningLexigraphy (Kaitlyn)January 6 2017
Movies????? Which one are you in love with?Matemap Tarazet (sally)January 5 2017
Do you like Rogue one??????Matemap Tarazet (sally)January 5 2017
criminal minds?nutmeg (swallowtail)January 4 2017
Do you want to be a character in any of my books?Glowing QuartzJanuary 2 2017
do you hate me? SravaniDecember 29 2016
Are any of you in the Homestuck fandom?taxi cab (Julia |-/) December 27 2016
What would you prefer to see on KidPub?sanguineDecember 25 2016
If you celebrate it, what do you wish to receive on Christmas?taxi cab (Julia |-/) December 24 2016
What is your favorite day of the year? (Use the comments to say why.)ElizabethDecember 23 2016
Should Perry Donham be the next president of the United States?HereComeDatBoi *Sy*December 22 2016
What character could my book series not live without?GarrettDecember 21 2016
is there a reason for me not to diesanguineDecember 21 2016
Do you enjoy reading my books? Glowing QuartzDecember 20 2016
How old do you think I am?Lila VioletDecember 20 2016
Are you reading Viva La Vida ~Coma~?HereComeDatBoi *Sy*December 20 2016
*NO ARGUMENTS, i just want a consensus* Discourse on KP should:ElliotDecember 18 2016
What should be the new title of my book, Coma?HereComeDatBoi *Sy*December 18 2016
What should be the new title of my book, Coma?HereComeDatBoi *Sy*December 18 2016
Hi.HereComeDatBoi *Sy*December 17 2016
Favorite Shakespeare play?StickyNotesRe December 17 2016
do you prefer salty foods or sweet foodsElliotDecember 17 2016

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