The latest polls on KidPub

The latest polls on KidPub

Should I make a video explaining to newbies how to use KidPub that we can send them a link when welcoming?Predator-6 (Jack)August 25 2016
WE MUST REVIVE KIDPUB!!Predator-6 (Jack)August 24 2016
Why are people barely commenting anymore (See comments)HyacinthAugust 18 2016
How many active member does Kidpub have? CassieShepherdAugust 14 2016
Does any one think i am rude? Just checking cause i am new and don't want to make a horrible impressionStory2go (Sally)August 12 2016
(just for the sake of old times) Do you know who I am? rowaelin (lydia)August 11 2016
Is it better to know everything or know nothingLila VioletAugust 11 2016
Do you think that age affects how well we write? Lila VioletAugust 10 2016
Should I do an online convention for the Guardians? Look in comments for details.Predator-6 (Jack)August 10 2016
If you're on Musical.ly, or Vine or know any of the below please answer:VinAugust 9 2016
Kidpub Choice Award Polls: Best Poet * Please don't vote for yourself *VinAugust 9 2016
Did Liam from Why? have a last name?VinAugust 7 2016
Dilemma: Age or Grade? (See comments) Inkk Re August 6 2016
I'm going to perform a dance. What theme would be most interesting? Meowing (Emily)July 26 2016
Pokemon Go Team?ElliotJuly 24 2016
Have you read my story, A Tale Upon a Drifting Star?Laurens+A.HamJuly 23 2016
Why are there so many guests online?!Lazy BonesJuly 20 2016
Skyelar's nickname should be (he's a guy): Inkk Re July 15 2016
If you could have a single wish, what would you wish for?Lila VioletJuly 15 2016
How many peircings do you have/want?Inkk Re July 14 2016
Do you like one of my storysEagle eye (Roen)July 14 2016
Should I turn Also Known as Echo into a series?Lila VioletJuly 13 2016
Do you play a sport?LostSunsetJuly 12 2016
KidPub Poem Contest - Voting /// Round 1 /// READ COMMENTS BEFORE VOTING!!!!Silver (Jimmydude12)July 8 2016
CHOOSE THE SUPER HERO TEAM NAME!!Predator-6 (Jack)July 6 2016
SUPER HERO SHOWDOWNPredator-6 (Jack)July 6 2016
Opinion on the Warriors series?adventure of a lifetime {luna}July 5 2016
Favorite season?adventure of a lifetime {luna}July 5 2016
Have you read my book, The Frost of the Fire? It used to be Untitled.Garrett TargaryenJuly 3 2016

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