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The latest polls on KidPub

The latest polls on KidPub

Tpyes of DatesCherithMay 1 2019
What type of genre do you likeAllisonApril 19 2019
Which of my books are goodAllisonApril 9 2019
what is you fave thing to doAllisonApril 7 2019
What are u like the most?AllisonApril 7 2019
what do u like to do the most@ kidpub?AllisonApril 6 2019
Whats Your Favorite AnimalAllisonApril 5 2019
What should I call the tall boy in my fake friend series?RoisinMarch 14 2019
What should I call the tall boy in my fake friend series?RoisinMarch 14 2019
What Type Of Story Should I Do?AvaMarch 10 2019
If you had to pick a type of dog out of all the dogs provided.Which one? [can be any colour the breed can be]AvaMarch 10 2019
PewDiePie or T-Series?QuartzMasterMarch 6 2019
Who could Harry not bring back from the dead? Ava March 4 2019
What is Alastor Moody's favorite saying? Ava March 4 2019
Who did the Wand of Wonderment belong to before Harry snapped it in half? Ava March 4 2019
Which Character Name do you Like Best?The KP MomFebruary 18 2019
Favorite Food/DrinkAvaFebruary 9 2019
Guys,, this is crazy,, i forgot this site still existed,, what's crack-a-lacking?StormyFebruary 6 2019
What is your favorite color?Ava February 3 2019
Movies or TV shows?Ava February 3 2019
What is the best part of KidPub?Ava February 2 2019
What is lava made out of besides fire that makes it the consistency and texture that it is?Ava February 1 2019
If you're a vegan, is eating fish Ok since it's technically not meat?Ava January 31 2019
Is water wetAva January 30 2019
What would you like?The KP MomJanuary 28 2019
Census: 2018-19The KP MomJanuary 13 2019
Who else hasn't been on this in forever (literally over 5 years) and just rediscovered their old account ?GloryJanuary 6 2019
Just as an update, how old do you think I am?{]Kayla[}January 5 2019
Which of these odd girls' names is your favorite?hector-mae{HawkEye}December 29 2018
Should I post my Colors rewrite on here?it's great to be 8 {luna}December 14 2018

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