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The latest polls on KidPub

The latest polls on KidPub

What is your favorite aspect of KidPub?AuthorMind(Justin)August 28 2018
Fiction or MysteriesAva August 27 2018
If i want to publish a book, should I put it on KPAva August 27 2018
Are french fries french? Ava August 26 2018
What time zone do you live in?oof.alem.oofJuly 24 2018
As you know I don't have a pen name but should I have one? If so pick one <3~July~ [Kayla]July 19 2018
If I made an Angels/Demons NES on the WB would you be interested in participating?EnaJuly 14 2018
which story should i write/post here??swallowtailJuly 1 2018
thoughts on tattoos?swallowtailJune 13 2018
July 2018 Census (Because, for some reason, we didn't have a May or June one)Nunya B.June 7 2018
Do you still care about KidPub and want to help it stay alive?EnaJune 3 2018
How many pets did you have in the last year?snickleJune 1 2018
What's your caffienated beverage of choice? UnclevreMay 19 2018
How many piercings do you haveUnclevreMay 16 2018
If I were to organize another writing contest, would you participate?NorahMay 16 2018
pick me a story to writeUnclevreMay 11 2018
KP Census April 2018snickleApril 16 2018
I guess I'm a KP senior citizen now... Anyone remember me? XDTumbling Rainbow (Grace)April 3 2018
Which name is your favorite?hector-mae{HawkEye}March 26 2018
Should I come back to kpLila Violet;)March 21 2018
Here's an interesting riddle you can try: A rooster lays an egg on top of a barn roof. Which way does it roll?Nunya B.March 21 2018
Javahouse- Writers Nook Topic Poll #1Sachi March 7 2018
types of dog breedsCherithMarch 3 2018
favorite Tpyes of puppiesCherithFebruary 20 2018
what makes you happysnickleFebruary 6 2018
Click if you read my untitled story or if you're going to ORRR if you might.snickleJanuary 30 2018
What is your favourite type of books?SofiaJanuary 20 2018
Pick a new name for Alice (I'm procrastinating)UnclevreJanuary 11 2018
Does anyone want to read my chemistry papers and/or english essays? LolEnaJanuary 9 2018
will you read my windows seriessnickleJanuary 5 2018

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