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The latest polls on KidPub

The latest polls on KidPub

types of dog breedsCherithMarch 3 2018
favorite Tpyes of puppiesCherithFebruary 20 2018
what makes you happysnickleFebruary 6 2018
Click if you read my untitled story or if you're going to ORRR if you might.snickleJanuary 30 2018
What is your favourite type of books?SofiaJanuary 20 2018
Pick a new name for Alice (I'm procrastinating)UnclevreJanuary 11 2018
Does anyone want to read my chemistry papers and/or english essays? LolEnsJanuary 9 2018
will you read my windows seriessnickleJanuary 5 2018
Pie or cake?starlight (luna)January 3 2018
Harry Potter house?starlight (luna)January 3 2018
Have you read Dragonwatch?starlight (luna)January 3 2018
How old do you think I am? (I will make a post for this I just want to know)indygoes (kayla)December 26 2017
Does anyone know who the singer Aurora is?EloraDecember 25 2017
Is "Fire for the Murderers" a good band name?EnsDecember 20 2017
What day(s) are you most active on?UnclevreDecember 18 2017
regarding formatting that will entice more people to readUnclevreDecember 16 2017
A/N's at the start or end of stories are: UnclevreDecember 16 2017
What do y'all wanna read?UnclevreDecember 16 2017
Did anyone get snow?CherithDecember 12 2017
If I started posting a story regularly would y'all read it?UnclevreDecember 9 2017
KidBrains - Which KidBrains would YOU like me to discuss next?ArnavDecember 7 2017
Should KidPub have a Privacy Button? You can but don't have to publish your work...cheetahNovember 20 2017
I still exist? Who else is also existing?StormyOctober 23 2017
Favorite Childhood Show? (Young) AuthorMind(Justin)October 1 2017
Is anyone participating in NaNoWriMo this year?NorahSeptember 30 2017
do you like 60s to 80s music or nahsnickleSeptember 25 2017
Have you read The Lord of the Rings?VivaceSeptember 12 2017
best singer out of all of thesesnickleSeptember 12 2017
do you ever get stuck writing your first draft because there is one sentance you are worried will be cheesy if you write it?GraceSeptember 11 2017

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