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The latest polls on KidPub

The latest polls on KidPub

How many people like ME? (Don't worry, I won't be offended by any answersAveryJune 25 2008
Which one do you like bestEliasJune 25 2008
Who's Your Favorite Harry Potter Character?AveryJune 25 2008
What Movie Series do you Hate Most?AveryJune 25 2008
Which is worse?Cho Chang, Y'allJune 25 2008
Who's your favorite Twilight character?MalikaJune 25 2008
Where would you go for vacation?KrishnaJune 25 2008
Does anyone like my stories?EliasJune 25 2008
Who Likes RedwallEliasJune 25 2008
Will you please vote in my polls?PiJune 25 2008
What's your favorite sport?PiJune 25 2008
How many books do you read over the summerPiJune 25 2008
What Do you think of TWILIGHT?*AbBy*June 25 2008
Which application would you use the most?MFJune 25 2008
What Singers or bands do you think could write a better book? *AbBy*June 25 2008
What do you think of the book Shadowood? Patrick June 25 2008
When did your school end?KirstenJune 25 2008
What Is Your favorite thing about Kidpub?*AbBy*June 25 2008
What's your favorite food?KaylaJune 25 2008
Do You Like Rats?? (odd question, I know)*Z* (WoA)June 25 2008
When do you do your summer reading?PiJune 25 2008
What is Your Favourite Writing StyleObiJune 25 2008
What is the best thing to do in the Summer?PiJune 25 2008
Does anyone know what this poll thing is about?EmilyJune 25 2008
Do you like my poems?BenjaminJune 25 2008
Do you like the new things added to kidpub?claudia/sparrowJune 25 2008
What is the HIGHEST level of education you think you will obtain?PerryJune 10 2008
Should The Never Ending Story be restarted?PerryFebruary 21 2008
Do you like the Thought of the Day feature?PerryDecember 21 2007
Now that schools is well underway, how is it for you?PerryOctober 18 2007

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