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The latest polls on KidPub

The latest polls on KidPub

Would you be interested in a 2017 yearbook?EnaApril 6 2017
KP Census MarchEnaApril 2 2017
Harry Potter favourite bookSofiaApril 1 2017
Anyone watch Stranger Things?EloraMarch 23 2017
Anyone watch Sparticle Mysteries?EloraMarch 23 2017
Has anyone read All These Things I've Done by Gabrielle Zevin? (What did you think if yes?)EloraMarch 23 2017
Worst fear?Unicorn •_•March 23 2017
Anyone Looking Forward to reading Fire in the Shape of a Dragon? **if I publish it, though.**noMarch 16 2017
Pets??................SallyMarch 14 2017
Should Tris Prior and Four be together?LindaMarch 6 2017
Favorite Ultimates Character??? (I've got a favorite!)QuartzMasterMarch 2 2017
Old sci-fi shows?KyroMarch 2 2017
Anyone read Mango shaped space? I'm reading it ofr school and not finished...{]Kayla[}February 28 2017
if i hit myself and it hurts, does that mean i am strong or weak?jaeFebruary 27 2017
Least Favourite 90s Slang?noFebruary 24 2017
What is your favorite tongue twister???AuthorMind(Justin)February 17 2017
I have a story I've been writing. It's a romance/comedy/slice of life. Should I post it?Lelin Da Flame†February 14 2017
If I drop soap on the floor, does that make the soap dirty or the floor clean?QuartzMasterFebruary 14 2017
Draco Malfoy vs. Trixie Lulamoon?noFebruary 13 2017
tumblr?jaeFebruary 9 2017
omg guys so I have to pick just one fave book but I can't choose! HELP ME!!!Lila Violet;)February 8 2017
In terms of chapter length...KyroFebruary 7 2017
Would You Rather?AuthorMind(Justin)February 4 2017
Which show is your favorite? TARDISBloggerJanuary 31 2017
Are you as bored as I am?feysand (lydia)January 30 2017
Who do you like better?TARDISBloggerJanuary 29 2017
Have you ever heard the sound of a rubber ball breaking a window?GarebearJanuary 27 2017
if i opened an etsy shop and sold prints of anike drawings would u buylaurennnJanuary 26 2017
What is your favorite story that I made?QuartzMasterJanuary 23 2017
Did you participate in the Women's March?JesterboyJanuary 22 2017

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