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The latest polls on KidPub

The latest polls on KidPub

What do you think about Donald J. Trump?snickleOctober 28 2016
read it before you vote:https://www.kidpub.com/book-page-or-chap. Should I delete it? If I don't it will slow down Fire and Ice.GraceOctober 28 2016
Read "Tonkas: Autumn and Snow Tunnels" then finish the Tonka commented with a RengaElizabethOctober 26 2016
Should I continue my story Fictionplace?cheetahOctober 26 2016
any TWD fans here? (PLS NO SPOLIERS FOR THE NEW EPISODE, i cant watch it the night of)StormyOctober 23 2016
Is there a point to living?StormyOctober 19 2016
How many times should I say "MY NAME IS NOT SIP" to my friends?snickleOctober 18 2016
Anyone interested in being a beta reader? Unclever ReOctober 16 2016
Who here watches Anime, and, if so, which ones are your favorites?Imagine BagginsOctober 15 2016
Where would you live?cheetahOctober 14 2016
What do you want to be when you grow up?JeanOctober 13 2016
Who do you want for President?cheetahOctober 13 2016
Is Donald Trump racist or sexist?EstherOctober 11 2016
do you hate me, like me, or don't caresolivagantOctober 9 2016
Either Send in the Clowns, or Endin' the ClownssnickleOctober 9 2016
Either Send in the Clowns, or Endin' the ClownssnickleOctober 9 2016
Which book would you like me to make next?AkashOctober 3 2016
What should I be when I grow up :D?snickleOctober 3 2016
what writing on Kidpub has impacted you the most?JesterboySeptember 30 2016
how stereotypical is a spanish exchange student who falls hopelessly in love with a blonde girl when she doesnt deserve himalaskaSeptember 29 2016
Have you read The Dagger's Wrath by moi? (*gestures to self*)MaxSeptember 27 2016
R u watching the debate ( Trump vs. Hillary) tonight? SallySeptember 26 2016
standardized (a poem)JesterboySeptember 23 2016
[holds up my driver's license] do yOU KNOW WHO THIS WOMAN IS -September 22 2016
(Everyone is doing this, so why not?) Do you know who I am?StormySeptember 22 2016
Who's watching Stranger Things!Lavinia M.September 20 2016
Opinions on Paris of Troy? *Snow* September 20 2016
(Because I might as well do this too...) Do you know who I am?antinous wildSeptember 20 2016
Do you have your drivers license?Unclever ReSeptember 19 2016
Which book should come out first?snickleSeptember 16 2016

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