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The latest polls on KidPub

The latest polls on KidPub

So, who likes Percy Jackson and the demigod world? (See comments for explanation of poll)EnsDecember 15 2016
Do you celebrate Christmas? -December 14 2016
What's your usual word count per chapter?elliotDecember 12 2016
I like to play piano, what instrument would you like to play?snickleDecember 7 2016
What Do YOU Think is the Meaning of Life? EntireBeeMovieScriptDecember 2 2016
What's your Hair Colour (Wth Sumayyah, why this question? Oh, uh, well bc im borrreedd :PP)snickleNovember 25 2016
what's your Ilvemorny house?JesterboyNovember 23 2016
What do you think is the best title for the upcoming Newletter Tomorrow?Lavinia M.November 19 2016
The screen on my poll is black and says that it's blocked because of restricted/unsafe content or whateverStormyNovember 16 2016
Should I continue- https://www.kidpub.com/book-page-or-chapter/silver-wolf-chapter-one-book-1-serpent-sisters-3274159724JimmydudeNovember 12 2016
Out of all of these Favourite Games of mine, which one(s) do you think are/is my most favourite? (soon commenting answer!)snickleNovember 10 2016
Who do you think would make a great prez?snickleNovember 10 2016
Trump or Clinton snickleNovember 7 2016
Minecrafter's Club! Poll: which block is the most important?SallyNovember 6 2016
Nano Novel Title? UnclevreNovember 6 2016
Leave me a comment, I'm very lonely StormyNovember 4 2016
What are you doing for NaNoWriMoCharmian (Jonathan)November 4 2016
what did you dress up as for halloweenalaskaNovember 2 2016
What do you think about Donald J. Trump?snickleOctober 28 2016
read it before you vote:https://www.kidpub.com/book-page-or-chap. Should I delete it? If I don't it will slow down Fire and Ice.GraceOctober 28 2016
Read "Tonkas: Autumn and Snow Tunnels" then finish the Tonka commented with a RengaElizabethOctober 26 2016
Should I continue my story Fictionplace?cheetahOctober 26 2016
any TWD fans here? (PLS NO SPOLIERS FOR THE NEW EPISODE, i cant watch it the night of)StormyOctober 23 2016
Is there a point to living?StormyOctober 19 2016
How many times should I say "MY NAME IS NOT SIP" to my friends?snickleOctober 18 2016
Anyone interested in being a beta reader? UnclevreOctober 16 2016
Who here watches Anime, and, if so, which ones are your favorites?Imagine BagginsOctober 15 2016
Where would you live?cheetahOctober 14 2016
What do you want to be when you grow up?JeanOctober 13 2016
Who do you want for President?cheetahOctober 13 2016

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