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The latest videos on KidPub

The latest videos on KidPub

A video of me, singing the Cheshire Cat's song and playing piano :DClarissaJune 17, 2011
I luv Math!!!! Click here please to know how much!!!!EstherJune 12, 2011
Teleporters:When Shifters Shift TrailerJackJune 12, 2011
For Rachel's Writing Contest~ Luna Eclipse~ Giro Di Italia~ (Round 3) But OTHER COMMENTS VERY WELCOME!Luna EclipseJune 10, 2011
*~*The Poison Dream*~* (Present for TheAshWolf) WOT Fans Please Read :)ChiakiMay 30, 2011
Da-da-da-da? EstherMay 27, 2011
Go to this link to see a sweet video of Shadow (my fat white cat)ErinMay 24, 2011
epic podcast i made in scienceLuna EclipseMay 19, 2011
CHECK OUT MY CUTE CATS ON YOUTUBE! You will love these videos!ErinMay 16, 2011
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=mObK5XD8udk <--- Epic trailer? elliotMay 6, 2011
I Am Legend: Fred Scene LOL FUNNIEST THING EVER!!!! MUST WATCH!!!! *WARNING SOME LANGUAGE* <3LordOftheRings<3May 5, 2011
The YouTube Times -- Telling YOU What's In To Watch! Week 2TiaMay 3, 2011
The YouTube Times -- Telling YOU What's In To Watch! Week 1TiaApril 30, 2011
She's so goneindilaApril 22, 2011
Edenhart's Rivalry teaser trailer!JulianneFebruary 26, 2011
KP High Chapter 3ShelbyFebruary 21, 2011
Paladin's QuestJarredFebruary 20, 2011
Perry.. I need your help... or somebody's!IshmaelFebruary 20, 2011
Noradole Book TrailerJulianneFebruary 18, 2011
Watch Harry potter fans!Kim The Fire GhostFebruary 4, 2011
Watch Harry Potter fans!Kim The Fire GhostFebruary 4, 2011
Please watch all Harry Potter Fans!Kim The Fire GhostFebruary 4, 2011
WHWYPABORCIOR Animated Series Teaser Tralier!!! :DStardreamJanuary 30, 2011
ALL HARRY POTTER FANS READ THIS!!!!! YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!Nerdfighter_Gra3ceJanuary 29, 2011
Justin Bieber Gets Hit by a Water Bottle (?) RemixedStara AquilaJanuary 8, 2011
(Help please!)Chelsea!January 4, 2011
Harry Potter vs Star Wars: Take a look! Blue PhoenixDecember 30, 2010
Epic Fail MovieKathrynDecember 29, 2010
Kingdom of the Faeries: Edenhart's Rivalry Book TrailerJulianneDecember 28, 2010
The Star of BethlehemJackDecember 26, 2010

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