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Weekly book give-away and unpublished copies

Weekly book give-away and unpublished copies

Posted January 11th, 2016 by perryd

I just wanted to post a quick note about the weekly book give-away. Many of the books that we give out each week are pre-publication uncorrected proofs, like this week's copy of Beetle Boy. These are copies that are printed and sent out to editors, reviewers, and other folks in the book world in order to build some buzz before a book is available at stores. They often have early versions of both the cover and the text. This week's book has UNCORRECTED PROOF and COVER NOT FINAL splashed across the front of the book. Also NOT FOR SALE...you can't get these advanced copies in stores.

We get quite a few of these and give all of them away. Drawings are on Mondays. You need to be a KidPub member to enter the drawing...if you would like to join, head over to the membership page. Otherwise, check out the Free Book Mondays page and enter for this week's book...and check back every Monday to see what the next give-away is!

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