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Jane Visits the Real World

Jane Visits the Real World

by Wahiba H, age 9

I was just lying there. On my bed, reading a book. Not bothering anyone or causing any trouble. My favorite book Peter Pan 2 was in my hands. As I turned to the next page a flickering light glowed. I dropped the book terrified and ran behind a shelf. I had never seen a glowing book in my life. Maybe the store from which this book was bought was magical or something. But in any ways this situation was not normal or good. Instead it was appalling and very unusual, extremely unusual! Then something happened even more unusual. Jane Wendy’s daughter, a character from the book jumped right out of the book.

“What on earth. H…h…h…how did you; I mean how can you be here? You’re from a fairytale you can’t possibly come into the real world,” I stammered. “Any story character can come, that is if they are under the spell of the book spirit,” Jane answered. I ignored the part about the book sprit and asked, “How long does this spell stay?” “Mostly about a week, sometimes even longer,” Jane replied. “Oh great,” I mumbled. “Come on let’s make you a bed in the tree house. But remember not to go in front of anybody. Otherwise I am dead.” I took some pillows and bed sheets from downstairs and crept into the backyard with Jane to follow. I made Jane a quick bed and left. Before I climbed down the ladder Jane shouted, “Wait! I wanted to say thank you for letting me stay nicely until the spell wears off. I think maybe we could start being friends and do things together until you know….”

I nodded unsure and quickly hurried back to bed. I thought about what Jane said. I wondered on how a fairytale character and a real world person could be friends. Ridiculous I said to myself and drifted off to sleep. In the morning when I brought breakfast to Jane, she ran to me. She took the tray and began to walk back. What she did not know was that she accidentally tripped me. Unlucky for me it rained last night. So I fell right into a mud puddle. Icky mud water splashed all over me. From head to toe I was dripped in sagging brown goop. I could barely see anything. Even worse my friends were strolling by. They laughed at me when they saw me through the open gate. “Great, just great”, I groaned. I looked like a creature from outer space. “Sorry,” Jane apologized. “No problem,” I remarked and looked at myself. I wished Jane never came into the real world.

The next day after school I saw Jane climbing a tree next to the tree house. I thought that might be fun to do so I went up to the tree house to drop my back pack and saw something that shocked me. In the tree house color pencils, crayons, and markers were everywhere. I sighed and went to work. In ten minutes or so everything was nice and clean. “There that wasn’t so hard,” I said to myself. Just then a bowl of macaroni and cheese fell on the ground from the edge of the table it was resting on. “Never mind,” I said with a frown. Later I was jumping from tree branch to tree branch. When I tried to jump on another branch, Jane and I bumped heads with each other. I nearly fell. But I grasped a branch just in time. Unfortunately I ripped a hole in my pants. “My brand new favorite pants,” I said feeling sorry for myself. Everyday seemed to be horrible. Only it’s only been two days but it was still bad. What was this small world tuning out to be?

The next day everything seemed to be normal. But of course it wasn’t. That day when I came back from school Jane was out buying some ice cream. When she was back and started climbing the ladder her top scoop fell. Ice cream was smeared all over the tree trunk. At least it didn’t get on me. Today Jane actually noticed her mess. Jane took out a piece of cloth and wetted it. But, instead of cleaning the mess herself she handed the cloth to me for cleaning. I had no choice so I began cleaning. What a bummer. Now I realized pleasing a guest was very hard. Anyways it’s life.     On the fourth day Jane called me up into the tree house. I was not that much excited about doing it. I also was interested on what Jane wanted to tell/do (with) me. In the tree house Jane told me to get comfy so I did. Then she began telling stories about Peter Pan, what she heard from her mom. I quite enjoyed it. My favorite tale was where Captain Hook’s ship was going down with Hook and he was pleading to Peter Pan to save Hook. And Peter Pan answered by saying the good captains always goes down with his ship. Then Jane said Captain Hook was screaming that he didn’t want to be a good captain. Soon Jane and I fell asleep when night covered the bright afternoon sun. Then at midnight I awoke. I headed back to my own bed and went to deep slumber until morning.

I must have really been sleepy. I was looking at my room. Last night when I came to my bed I must have lost my way with droopy eyes. It looked like a tornado had hit pretty badly. My box of jewelry was open and on the ground. But the jewelry was scattered around the box. My stuffed animals were all over the floor. My closet door was wide open and I could see my clean clothes on the ground. Also my high stacked neat book tower had a huge timber. I glanced at the clock. I couldn’t clean up my room now; I had to go to school. So I left my room the way it was. When I came back from school I expected to enter a world of mess but instead my room was nice and clean. “Just thought I’d make life a bit easier for you, a gratitude to you from me for being so kind to me,” Jane said. She was leaning against the door smiling. “Thanks,” I replied softly with a tiny smile.

On Friday I had no school. It was a holiday, so I woke up very late. Mom and Dad still had to go to work and my brother had to go to day care. When I woke up Granny was in the garden watering. I was afraid Granny would see Jane. But when I went into the kitchen to fetch me some breakfast Jane was at the table. “Would you like to make my favorite breakfast with me? It’s my mother’s recipe,” Jane asked. I nodded. We had an enjoyable time. We threw dough at each other. At the end we had the most appetizing breakfast ever. Jane said it was called Strawberry Pan. Yummy!

Since today was a weekend Jane appeared at the front door and asked my mom if I could go to the park nearby with Jane. So I went. We climbed trees for a long time. The two of us had races on who could climb a tree the fastest. Then we played tag. Jane and I had so much fun that we didn’t know how long we were in the park until my mom came yelling at me.

That night Jane was telling more stories. One moment we were giggling, the next Jane started dematerializing. Then she turned into a ball of light. The ball flew to the Peter Pan Two book and went inside. The spell had worn off. That’s when I realized it. I didn’t want Jane to leave. Maybe Jane was right, maybe we did start a good friendship. Now I knew what I would do if another fairytale came out of a book. I would make great friends.

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Posted by Meredith on Thu, 07/30/2009 - 20:06

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