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KidPub's Privacy Policy

KidPub's Privacy Policy

KidPub Worldwide Publishing collects personal information about its members. You can reach us at kidpub@kidpub.com.

As part of membership in the KidPub Author's Club, we collect the name, city, state, age, and personal interests of our members. The information is collected directly through the membership form. We use this information when a member's story or other creative work is posted to identify the author. For example, if Joe Smith,who lives in Arlington, TX, writes a story, it might be posted with the byline, 'by Joe S, Arlington TX, age 9'.

We do not disclose the information we collect to any third party except as noted above, when using the information in the context of a creative work being displayed on the site.

Each member's parent can choose the level of information that is to be displayed in connection with the member's work. This is done by modifying the member's profile in the My Profile section of the site. Consent is indicated by the parent for use of the personal information at the time of joining by charging the annual membership fee on their credit or debit card.

In accordance with the Children's Online Pivacy Protection Act, we will not require minor members to disclose more personal information than is necessary for normal activity on the site.

A member's parent may at any time ask KidPub to remove their child's information from the site, including any creative work, by notifying us by email.

KidPub uses cookies to track membership and to facilitate navigation of the site.

Questions about our privacy policy and our use of personal information should be directed via email to kidpub@kidpub.com

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