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How 3 Dangerous Predators Spend Their Winter (Runner-Up, February 2011 Writing Contest) by nemo8799

How 3 Dangerous Predators Spend Their Winter (Runner-Up, February 2011 Writing Contest) by nemo8799

I look over the tall weed and peek through the trees. I'm looking for a squirrel. I'm trying to figure out how it spends its winter. The squirrel is one of the most danerous predators, with its tiny claws and huge teeth. He eats everything that gets in its way. That's why I have to be careful.

I climb a tree, and look all around the forest. I see dinosours, bears, bats, none of these scare me. Only the squirrel does.
I shiver, not because of the cold, but because of the thought of being eaten by a squirrel. Oh, just the thought of it! Yikes!

I hear something...what was that? It sounds like laughing...laughing...laughing squirrels! I get my bow and arrow ready to fire just in case the squirrel spots me. There! I see a sudden glance of a squirrel in a red coat gobbling up a poor helpless cat. That cat was big, but not too big for the squirrel. He sits down and licks his fingers. He smiles to himself, then climbs on a dinosour and rips it to shreds. The poor dinosour was helpless, as well. Then it hears something else to eat, and runs away to eat it.

I get out my notebook and put a check next to "squirrel." And I write a little note next to it: Squirrels spend most of the winter filling up on cats and dinosours even when it should be in a tree somewhere eating its supply.

Next I need to find the skunk, a feirce forest creature. I need to find out what it does before the sun goes down! And even after that, i still need to find the mole, an underground worm eating creature who hates sunlight and only feasts on human toes.
I climb down the tree once I make sure the squirrel is gone. The dinosours try to come near me, but I ignore them. I'm just trying to make sure there aren't any mole holes around, and make sure I don't smell anything suspicious like...the skunk smell. His smell can take out anything in it path from a quarter mile away! Then...that's when I see it. It's coming near me. The MOLE!!!!!!! I run as fast as I can, but it's determined. I run faster, and he runs faster. "Ahhhh!!" I scream. I jump onto a branch in a nick of time. I'm shaking all over.

Note 2: Moles spend most time scavenging for toes and hiding in holes from squirrels.
Now it's time for the skunk. I look everywhere for him, but can't find him. I feel something watching me, but that could just be a bear waiting to grab me and rip my head off. Nothing scarier than the skunk. I look around, and eventually it's too dark to look anymore. I decide to go home.
Once I'm on the path, I hear mysterious noices. I run a little, then slow to a skip. I skip and sing, then BAM!!!!!!! There right under my feet is a skunk with a tall silk hat on his head and money in his jacket pocket. I scream and run back, all the way home.

Note 3: Skunks like to use up all there money on silk hats, and make money for standing in the middle of the path laughing at screaming kids who skip and sing. They work for the mole and the squirrle, and eat only what's bigger than them, dinosours, people, and toes.

This is so awesome!!!! Love

This is so awesome!!!! Love it Jay!!!!!! :D I can't believe I did not comment!!!!!!



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Posted by Epic Ninja (Haley) on Thu, 06/02/2011 - 14:58
Thank you! :D (And it's

Thank you! :D (And it's fine! :))


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