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The Adventures of Steve

The Adventures of Steve

Posted December 21st, 2019 by kalirajan.s

by Roshan
in Karnataka

December 21st, 2019

The Adventures of Steve


  1. The Awakening
  2. The First Night
  3. The Sudden Realization
  4. The Battle of the Monsters
  5. The Reality

Chapter 1

The Awakening

The main person of the story is Steve, he is 35 years old, he has blue eyes, has a beard, always wears a blue shirt, a pair of dark blue pants and a pair of black shoes, and this is how the story all began. He had woken up in the middle of a forest, confused and surprised, thinking how he ended up here. But it was no use thinking about it, as he had no recollection of what happened, and he had amnesia. He saw that the sun was rising and there were lots of trees around him. So, he decided to get some wood from the fallen branches. But as he climbed the tree, he saw many huts in the distance. So, he left the branches and decided to visit the village.

After a few meters of walking, he finally visited the village. But to his surprise, the village was quite empty, with only a few villagers moving about in their farms as most of them had not woken up from their last night’s sleep. He decided to search for a new home in one of the huts. Each of the huts were made of stone for the walls, wooden planks for the roof, glass panes and a wooden door. Steve later found one house with no one inside, so he opened the door and found that there was a bed, a flower pot, a carpet, a table in which he could construct tools and a furnace to cook food and smelt various ores.

Steve was very happy, and he was ready to accept this house as his new home. Later, he made a few adjustments to his home, like decorating it with flower pots, adding a carpet and a bed. After all these changes, the house looked marvellous.

Chapter 2

The First Night

The sun was about to set, and Steve was busy hunting animals in the forest to get beef, pork and chicken. After he killed the last pig for the day, the full moon was rising, and he was getting ready to go home. But out of nowhere, he saw what looked to be a skeleton with a bow standing on its legs and aiming his bow at Steve. He was terrified and he quickly ran away to the village to safety. He later saw another skeleton, but this time, it was riding a huge spider with red eyes and it was running towards him. Steve later saw that the village was in sight and he ran to the door. But in front of the door, there was a green zombie.

Luckily, Steve had a sword, so he could fight the zombies and other monsters. He later killed all the monsters and by the time he killed them all, it was daybreak. Steve was tired and exhausted from fighting all the monsters and later he went to sleep in his bed. After an hour’s worth of sleep, Steve went to the forest for more hunting. Later, he found a wolf which was sitting in his cave, shivering from the cold as it was the winter season, and he did not have any food. He later gave the wolf some meat, and it later became his pet. Steve named his wolf ‘Aaron’.

They would fight against the monsters every night and they became good friends. But Steve had one mind-boggling question in his mind every time he woke up from bed. That question was “Why do I exist in this odd and peculiar place?”

Chapter 3

The Sudden Realization

Steve, along with Aaron, continued his life in the unfamiliar world as usual. But one day, while he was coming back to village, he came across a letter nailed to the door. The letter specified the following terms “You may be wondering why you exist in this unfamiliar place. Well, you are trapped in a parallel universe which is only about videogames and the videogame you are on right now is called ‘Minecraft’. So, if you want to escape this place, you will have to write in a piece of paper saying that you are ready to leave this place, and you must stick that piece of paper on the wall of the well in your village. Also, there will be a surprise for you on the way, so beware.”

Steve was terrified after reading the letter, he was now totally confused on what was reality and fiction. He also was wondering who could have sent him the letter as he had not come across any other human other than him. Without wasting any time, he wrote on the piece of paper stating that he was ready to leave that place. He stuck the piece of paper on the well, as what was given on the letter. He then checked the well next day, the paper was gone. He realized that the person who wrote that letter must have taken it.

Steve later continued his life as usual. But then one day, he saw a letter in front of his house, but this time, the letter specified that he could go only on one condition. That condition was that he was supposed to fight a huge battle against the monsters.

Chapter 4

The Battle of the Monsters

Steve was happy and scared at the same time because, he was able to go home and leave that crazy place, but he was scared as he had to go and kill a horde monsters if he wanted to leave. So, he had to face the consequences if he wanted to go home. Steve decided to arm himself with an iron sword and a suit of iron armour to protect himself from the monsters. The letter stated that the exit was in a cave beside the bridge. So, he rushed outside to get to the cave as fast as possible. But, as soon as Steve opened the door, the sun in the sky immediately changed to a moon with a dark night sky.

He was horrified by the sight as he had to get out of here as soon as possible without encountering any monsters. But to his grief, there were monsters all around the village, killing all the villagers. This was the ‘Battle of the Monsters’ and the name itself does not make it scarier than the battle itself. Steve had to fight the monsters one by one as they were scattered throughout the village and he wanted the villagers to be safe. Not long after, he had killed all the monsters and the villagers made him the hero of the village.

Steve was proud and felt a sigh of relief from fighting all the monsters. Suddenly, he remembered that he was supposed to go to the cave and return to the real world. He said his goodbyes to everyone, and he went into the cave. There he found a portal which was showing an image of the real world which he knew very well. He entered the portal, but later he would see a bright white light flashing upon his eyes.

Chapter 5

The Reality

The flash had almost blinded Steve. But after his vision was restored, he was flabbergasted. He was in the intensive care unit of a hospital. He later asked the nurses what happened. The nurses replied that he was the victim of a car accident as the passenger. The nurses also added that he was playing the game ‘Minecraft’ at the time of the incident. Steve realized that all of what he had experienced was a dream after he played the game for too long.

After a couple of weeks, Steve was discharged with a fractured arm and leg, and the only thing he could do now was to go home and sit on his couch, reading a book. Currently at the time of writing this story, Steve is a computer engineer and a videogame programmer. This is the whole story about ‘The Adventures of Steve’.



-Roshan Kalirajan


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