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Alexis Rodestyle Mysteries: The Mystery of the Kidnap in the Kidd Home

Alexis Rodestyle Mysteries: The Mystery of the Kidnap in the Kidd Home

Posted January 11th, 2020 by wolflover37

by Allison
in Tennessee

January 11th, 2020

Its been a while since I've solved a mystery. But my boss assigned me to a case...


   Finally,another mystery to solve! I thought. All we got was someone calling 911, we answered, and a hurried man said that his wife was gone.So now I have to go to his house to investigate. The man's name was Bruce Kidd. I figure its probably a kidnap.

   I knocked on the door. Bruce said, "Is that the pizza I ordered an hour ago?""No, sir, this is detective Alexis Rodestyle, your wife went missing, correct?" I asked politely. "No, she came back." he answered. "Really?" I responded. "No, of course not!"

   He let me in. I took out my note book. "When was the last time you saw your wife?" I questioned him. He responded,"Last night, m'am." Then he said, "Her name was Kate."

   He answered my questions before I asked them. "I don't have cameras." he said. "I'll need your finger print please." I said as I recorded his finger print. And then he said," Wait, I do have one camera!" Where?!" I asked, getting my hopes up. "In our bedroom." he responded

   I checked the camera's and calculated my suspects. Mark S., Marcos l., and Rihanna D.

    At home, my husband, Audrey, and our new born baby, Christina, were standing there. But I didn't notice that they were there because I was focused on drawing sketches of my suspects. Then suddenly, Audrey and Chris(My husband)yelled BOO! I screamed frantically.Then we all burst out laughing.smiley

   Then Chris said,"Kids are ready for bed." I sent them up to bed and passed out on the couch.

   I went to Mark's house first. When I got there, he was sobbing by the window. I knocked on the door. He opened it and said that he couldn't believe that his mother was kidnapped. He let all of his emotions out and then I left. I marked out Marks name  Mark S.

   Then I went to Marcos' home. When I got there, it wasn't very humble. I heard screams and smelled blood. Those screams sounded like an old womans' scream. I busted that door down, arrested Marcos, and saved Kate. Bruce was happy and thanked me.


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Wow, this is a lot longer

Wow, this is a lot longer than your last two. 

Remember to make a new paragraph every time there's a new speaker so it's easier to tell who is speaking! :) 

"Champion, I can take a beating, I'll rise again." - Barns Courtney

Posted by Unclevre on Tue, 01/14/2020 - 16:25

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