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All of D a r k D r a g o n - E p i s o d e B r o s h i

All of D a r k D r a g o n - E p i s o d e B r o s h i

Posted January 30th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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January 30th, 2019

Here's the side story of Broshi all in one post! 


D  a r  k D  r a g o  n

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E  p i  s o d  e B r  o s h i


Chapter 1}


The sky was dark as I opened my eyes. The valley was empty only my ‘master’s body laid nearby. That fool. Thinking he could control me? Pah. As if a simpleton like him could do that. I don’t do well with people controlling me. In the past I used to be controlled, by a whole organization. They did experiments dealing with how humans interact with animals and creatures, and mutating their subjects into something new. Failed experiments ended with dead bodies, lying in the facility that cursed them in the first place. But that isn’t the case for all of them.

They used me to capture subjects. It’s how Folly came to be, and how he came to hate me. I was a subject before, but now I’m ‘complete’. I hardly know what I’m capable of. I just know, I don’t like people controlling me.

But I also don’t like being weaker than others. I am a superior being, no one should be able to beat me.

How my ‘master’ came to be wasn’t exactly… He was working in the organization, and he wanted to control me on his own. He had taken me and escaped, so now the organization is on the lookout for me. I must hide, so I don’t have to go back to that facility.

I winced as I tried to stand up.

Those two had done quite a number on me. But I’m the more powerful one. Using my power is not always simple, being a mutant with different DNA. I don’t know what I even can do, it just happens. Randomly.

I was injured from the fight I just had, but a dark gooey substance began to heal all my injuries. See? Convenient things just happen in my body. It used to be painful when I was first being tested on, when I was first a human child. The pain was unbearable, what they put in me.

I had to get out of here now. I got up, and walked over to my ‘master’. I stuck out my hand, dark vines exited from my back and I took apart the corpse that belonged to my ‘master’. After that was done, I had to hide. I can’t have the organization find me.

Luckily, I was in this valley in the middle of who knows where, so I had some time. I created black wings from my back and quickly flew for a couple miles before taking shelter in a cave in a nearby mountain.

Good thing too, for it had soon begun to rain hard.

While my wounds may have been healed, it would take a while to regain my strength, especially with no food.

I rested in the cave for a while until suddenly I heard a loud explosion nearby.

I looked outside to see a large pillar of smoke rising from a village, soon after more explosions erupted throughout the village, lighting up the dark sky with bright flashes of fire followed by screams.

I flew up closer to the village.

This was not an attack from the war, this was just a raid.

I could sense the energy of the perpetrators. It was nothing substantial.

I landed in the village, walking around, ignoring the destruction at first.

Until finally I found the guilty targets. It was just a band of thugs and thieves.

“So you're why there’s so much noise,” I said to them. “You have some nerve to be keeping me from sleeping.”

“So? What are ya gonna do about it?” one of the raiders said as they pulled out a rifle and aimed it at me.

“This,” I said as I suddenly rushed forward and punched through the raiders chest, he then fell to the ground, a hole through his body as half of my arm was now coated red.

“Now then, anyone else feel like losing their inner parts?” I asked the rest of the raider gang.

They began to back away, terror in their eyes. I always loved making people fear me as they should.

The raiders fled the village, like a bunch of dogs with their tails between their legs. I then went back into hiding, can’t risk being out in the open for too long.


Sitting in this cave for hours is boring, although it keeps me out of plain sight. I can’t risk being caught. No. Not again.

One of my worst fears is going back to that facility. It’s one of the only things I’m afraid of in fact.

But I’ve gained back my energy. Now that I am by myself I can begin improving myself. There’s some reason why I lost to Folly and my brother Draco. I must find what it is, and eliminate it.

It was now day and the rain had stopped.


I also was hungry. I definitely needed to find some food or else I wouldn’t last long.

Then I remembered the village.

“A little stealing never hurt someone like me.”

I then flew out towards the village. The residents were busy repairing the damages from the previous night.

“Perfect, I can just take what I need and don’t need to make any holes in any walls.”

When I landed in the center of the village I could tell the residents were staring at me. I could tell they were terrified of me. Good.

I then spotted a basket of fruit and bread sitting on a table inside one of the broken houses.

I then teleported over and grabbed the basket by its handle before looking back at the residents. None of them trying to stop me. They clearly know their place.

I then teleported back to the cave and set the basket down and took out a piece of bread and ate it. Finally something that actually tastes good, back at the facility they didn’t feed us anything good just weird slop and sometimes a treat of a single piece of fruit.

After eating some more of the food I flew out of the cave and landed at the top of the mountain it was in. I saw nearby that there was a plateau with a lot of clear space but also a forest and large rocks dotting it as well as a clear clean pond as well.

“That could work as a training ground.”

I flew over and landed on the plateau.

First I took a few handfuls of water from the pond and drank them.

Now to actually begin.

I then immediately activated my Dragon Eye, lighting my right eye ablaze with a red flame and my gauntlets and began using attacks on a large rock, leaving cracks and knocking off chunks of it and blast marks from hitting it with darkness.

No… I wasn’t strong enough yet.

I then began concentrating my power, after a few minutes I felt a burning sensation on my left eye as well as sensed a lot of power welling up.

Then after one final push I felt a rush of power and my left eye now had a red flame like my right.

This was new. I’ll call it… Dragon Eye Level 2 for now.

I then charged up an orb of darkness before shooting out a giant beam of it at the rock, destroying it easily.

Much better.

I then walked into the nearby forest.

I then jumped up to one of the higher branches of the tree above me.

I then began jumping around the forest at high speed, dodging other branches and jumping off of the trunks of trees in order to train my speed and agility. I eventually was going so fast that once I jumped back out of the forest and came to a halt, a powerful gust of wind ripped past me.

I then headed back to the cave in order to be out of sight again, however when I got back I heard a noise from inside. It sounded like… eating. Was someone in here? And they’re eating my food?

“Who’s there?!” I called out.

I walked deeper into the cave, saw that one of the fruits was gone from the basket and followed the sound of chewing.

Eventually I found a little boy who couldn’t have been older then like nine wearing a ragged blue shirt, white pants and black shoes, he also had blonde hair. He ALSO was eating one of the apples from the basket.

“That’s my apple you’re eating,” I growled at the boy as I approached him.

“Sorry. I didn’t know. I’m just really hungry,” the boy said as he continued eating the apple, I swear he did that just to spite me.

“If you were hungry you could have gotten yourself some food, this apple is mine,” I grabbed the apple from his hands with a dark vine. Or at least what was left of it. There was only around two bites before it would’ve just been a core.

“Well it’s much easier to take from a random basket in a cave then it is to steal some food from an actual person,” the boy said, clearly a bit sad that I had taken the almost eaten apple from him.

“This is Ertin, you can get free food almost anywhere,” I told the boy, “now scram, out of my cave.”

“Okay… See you Mr. Caveguy!” The boy said cherrily as he then ran out of the cave.

“No, not see you. I don’t want you here ever again,” I growled. I crushed the remains of the apple with two dark vines before throwing it deeper into the cave.


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been in this cave. I’ve gotten kind’ve used to it. It’s become like home, probably the only home I’ll ever know.

“Hello Mr. Caveguy!” I heard a voice say from below.

There’s also something else. I’ve, against my own preference, had to get used to. Locke.

“How many times… do I have to tell you? Go away,” I said, “you’re just wasting the food.”

“So then what have you been doing with the baskets of food I’ve been getting for you every week? They seem to be empty to me,” Locke said as he took his own basket of food into a smaller nearby cave before tossing a second one up to me.

“I have to eat to live. But you don’t,” I growled, “you don’t have to live. Now scram. I don’t need your kind giveaways.”

“It’s not like I have much else to go besides this cave over here,” Locke said as he sat in his own little cave. “Besides. It’s better for people to work together to survive then to do stuff alone. It’s not like it’s a competition.”

“I’m not ‘people’. I’m a monster, it’s not safe to be around me.” Dark vines exited from my back. “See these? They like ripping apart bodies. They like to see red.”

“So? You know it’s not safe for people to be around me either,” Locke said.

“Is that why you’re all alone? Because your family left you? Oh that’s a shame. I don’t care.”

“It’s not my fault I cause things to get destroyed by accident. It’s just that I don’t have a lot of control over my abilities. It’s hard for a nine year old like me to control levitating things with their mind and not accidently cause them to implode or blow up,” Locke said, starting to sound sad.

“And I never had a family to begin. We’re more than even. Now go away please. I don’t want to get violent,” I said.

“Well I don’t have a family either. All I know is that I came from some dark scary place and there were people bossing me around and making me do bad things,” Locke started saying.

That caught my attention.

“So you’re not from Ertin. Where are you from?”

“I think it was some sort of space station facility thing. Not a planet,” Locke replied. “It was always dark and there was a lot of other people like me there getting told what to do by mean people.”

“Sounds familiar. Alright then. I can deal with you better. Just don’t be an annoying brat.” Knowing his origins were the same as mine, I let him stay.

“Okay Mr… Mr…” Locke said before he was having some difficulties.

“Broshi. My name is Broshi,” I said, cutting him off.

“Oh. Okay,” Locke said.

“So what did they do to you?” I asked, “did they inject substances into you? Feed you poorly? What section were you in?”

“They used a lot of needles on me, didn’t give a lot of food either. My section was…”

“Like, what creature were you compared to,” I said.

“They said my DNA came from a race of creatures called Psychizans. Who can do a lot of things with their minds.”

“Cool. I was mutated by random. Unlike you.” I looked at him. “But how did you escape them?”

“I think my powers were too strong and unpredictable for them to handle. All I remember is destroying a wall and then using some sort of barrier to protect me as I fell down to Ertin, that’s all I remember from my escape,” Locke replied.

“Well then, that’s not good for you, after they develop something to contain you, they’ll be back to get you,” I said.

“I hope they don’t find me here though,” Locke said.

“They probably won’t. Unless… Yes, actually, they will. You said you fell to Ertin. That means they saw you, and they’re scouting the planet right now,” I said.

“But that was two years ago. I escaped when I was seven, that’s why I remember so little,” Locke said.

“Then they may still be scouting the area, they haven’t found you yet,” I replied.

“Well hopefully it takes them a long time,” Locke said before he began eating a piece of bread from his food basket.

“If they find you, I’m getting out of here,” I said, “I’m not gonna go back there.”

“I guess that’s better than both of us getting caught,” Locke said.

“I also don’t care about you at all, so, I wouldn’t help you.”

“Of course you wouldn’t,” Locke said.

“Exactly, so you shouldn’t help me either,” I said back.

“Okay then, I’ll keep the food I get from the villagers for myself,” Locke said.

“Yeah. Do that. I don’t need your food,” I replied.

“Good to know,” Locke said.

“I don’t need your presence either,” I added.

Locke did not respond after that.

“Good,” I said. “The E.F.A.I. is not going to get me again. Because there also is a punishment for escaping, by the way. And it’s not fun.”

“Oh yay,” Locke said sarcastically.

“Yes, yay,” I replied, “now I’m gonna go.” I got up and walked out of the cave, “don’t follow me.” Then I took off into the air with my black wings.

Chapter 2}


I flew for quite a long time, trying to get to a destination. My goal now was to get the frick off this planet, with the E.F.A.I. scouting the area I’m not going to be here. Who cares about Locke, he’s just some annoying brat.

If I had the choice to either save myself or save Locke, I would save myself. Wait, that’s already automatically that way. Then, if I was given the choice to save Locke or to get food that I don’t even need, I would go for the food that I don’t even need. I could care less what happens to the brat.

I needed to find a spaceship, or something that will get me off Ertin. I haven’t found anything though. I then landed in a small forest to rest. That’s when I heard something behind me. I turned around.

“You know, being rude will come back to bite you one day Broshi.” It was Locke, but he sounded more serious then before and he looked upset.

“Yeah? Well, it already has. You’re back,” I replied.

“That’s not what I mean. I mean someday, someone is gonna get sick of your actions and is going to probably kill you,” Locke said, he was scowling at me now.

“They could try, but I’m too powerful,” I responded.

“Oh please. You and I both know that there are plenty of people in this galaxy who could wipe the floor with you with just their left foot,” Locke said.


“Heck. I know I can do it with just my mind,” Locke said with a smirk. “No contact required.”

“Doubtful.” I turned around and walked away from him.

Then suddenly I was raised up and slammed into the ground hard enough I could hear some of my bones crack. My dark vines exited from my body in defence.

But then I felt some sort of force pulling on them until suddenly in pain I felt some get torn out of my back.

“You still doubtful?” I heard Locke ask, he was floating off the ground, his eyes glowing a light purple color.

“Put me down,” I growled.

“Nah. You just need to become a better person. Only then will you be able to get stronger,” Locke said.

Annoyed, I teleported away.

Or at least I tried but something stopped me, there was some sort of lavender colored bubble around me.

“Ah ah ah. That’s not gonna work,” Locke said.

I pushed on the bubble with my dark vines, trying to destroy it. But it was too tight and I couldn’t get out.

“See? This is what’s gonna happen unless you change your selfish ways. There are plenty of people who could kill you in an instant if they wished,” Locke said. “Now then, we’re gonna get a ship and get out of here. And you're gonna stop being a selfish prick.”

The bubble then disappeared, I could barely stand. I looked down at my dark vines for a second. Then I slapped Locke with one.

Or tried, but he blocked it with some sort of psychic barrier.

“Don’t trap me in that bubble ever again,” I growled, before I lightly slapped him with a dark vine, so he wouldn’t block it.

“Then don’t be a selfish prick,” Locke said, clearly unbothered by the weak slap. “Now come on. I know where a ship is.”

Locke then teleported the two of us next to a medium sized space ship that had no one inside.

“Dunno where you got this, but I’m not complaining,” I said, “if you don’t want me to be a selfish prick, it’s gonna take some time.”

“Good, considering who we are, we’ve got plenty of that,” Locke said as the two of us got into the ship.

“Yo yo yo,” there was someone in there, a guy with dark skin sitting in the pilots seat. “You fellas need a ride?”

“…” I looked over at Locke then at the guy. “Yes?”

“You’re in luck. I’m Exzavion by the way, nice to meet ya Broshay, and Loki,” The guy threw a thumbs up at us.

I looked down at Locke and glared at him.

“Just roll with it,” He said back. “Neither of us know how to fly a ship.”

“True,” I looked over at the pilot, Exzavion. “Just… get us off this planet.”

“Sure thing, Broshay,” Exzavion replied, “take yer seat.”

I was annoyed that he was calling me ‘Broshay’. I sat down and said, “my name is Broshi. Not Broshay.”

“Broshay,” Exzavion smirked. “Deal with it, it’s your nickname. Like Loki over there, he’s dealing with it, cuz he’s more lowkey.”

“Gah.” I was really getting annoyed.

“Careful, don’t be loud, I have a girl sleeping back there,” Exzavion said. “Anyway…” he started the spaceship and it took off. “I’ll just give you a quick ride, because, afterwards, I need to go pick up Mr. Ghost Possessed His Body.”

“So then where will you drop us off at then?” Locke asked.

“Hmmm…” Exzavion said, “dunno, do you want to go anywhere specific?”

“The Rock Planet,” I said. Since it was huge and is the biggest planet in the Elemental System, they would struggle finding us there. And there’s a lot of caves. A LOT OF CAVES. So we’d be better off hiding there.

“Sure thing, Broshay,” Exzavion said.

“How’d you even know my name?” I asked.

“Same way I knew everyone’s name. They all question it,” Exzavion said.

“He can read minds,” Locke explained.

“Even though you have an Ultimate Crystal, I can still hear your thoughts clear as day,” Exzavion smirked. “You lost a battle against your brother and some other dude, shame. You’re on the run from the E.F.A.I., and I also know what it stands for, it stands for the Evolutionary Facility of Animal Interaction.”

“What th…” This guy had me impressed.

“Mind reading is an especially impressive psychic skill, I have trouble using it myself,” Locke said.

“It gets easier if you just don’t try to use it,” Exzavion said. “Then you could end up like me and just hear everyone’s thoughts easily. Unless they block it. Then I can’t read their minds, since I don’t know how to pass through.”

“Huh. Thanks,” Locke said.

“No problemo, Loki,” Exzavion replied.

We had gotten pretty far from Ertin. The Rock Planet was probably just up ahead. The spaceship was moving at light speed, I didn’t realize until now.

“Aye, we’re here,” Exzavion said, as the spaceship descended into the atmosphere of the Rock Planet. “Now ya need ta hide, so I’mma take ya right into a cave.”

“Oh, thanks,” I said.

The spaceship then went faster with the thrusters and it flew right into a cave. Somehow, with all the rocks in the way, none of them hit the spaceship. Exzavion was a really good pilot, huh.

Then the spaceship stopped and landed next to a river, inside the cave. The river was a river inside a cave, yeah.

“You’re here now, you can go,” Exzavion said. “Your welcome for the ride.”

Locke and I got out of the spaceship and it took off backwards the same way it came in… Wow. I also, pretty sure, saw Exzavion wink at us right before he was out of our sight.

“…” I looked down at Locke. “That just happened. At least it got us into a safer place.”

“Yeah, now we’ll need to lay low for a day or two,” Locke then put down his backpack (I forgot that he even had that) and opened it to reveal that it was filled with fruit and bread. “This should be enough food to last us for that time.”

“We could also hunt in this cave. Have you ever been in these caves? They’re amazing and huge, like, they never end. We could get lost though, but still! We can have some fun!” I dived into the river and let the flow take me away.

Locke followed me after he made a light beacon with his powers to mark where we began before flying after me.

The river wasn’t that strong but it still carried me. After awhile, I saw that it led into a bigger river, that did have a strong flow… This would be fun, like a waterslide.

Along the way Locke left more light beacons. I also noticed he had picked up his backpack and zipped it before following me and it was on his back as he flew behind me.

When I made it into the bigger river, it flung me with its flow. It was much stronger than I thought. It caught me by surprise, that I took off slightly with my wings. Now I was flying above the river, flying towards the way it was flowing. Good thing I flew, because after awhile it led to a massive waterfall.

“Oh yeah,” I said to Locke who was now next to me, “there’s about a million waterfalls on the planet. Neat, huh? It’s why I love this planet.”

“That explains why you're suddenly much more positive,” Locke said, creating another light beacon. “Anyway how far do you plan to go into this cave? I can only make so many of these beacons.”

“Hmm, well, we don’t want to get lost. We can go back now,” I said, flying above the waterfall with Locke following behind.

We followed the light beacons he had made back to where we had started. When we made it back, I sat down next to the small river.

“This beacon works well for a fireplace,” I said.

“Yeah they do give off heat as well. Though I can make them much hotter. Then we could actually cook things,” Locke said.

“We’re gonna need something to cook though,” I said. I then felt something flopping on my wings. I looked back and saw there were a couple of fish that got stuck in there. “Oh there’s something to cook.”

After preparing the fish, Locke made another beacon only it was red rather than lavender colored, it radiated a heat as hot as actual flames.

“Now we have actual protein. Been awhile since I’ve had any meat,” I said as I watched the fish cook.

“Yeah, it’s hard to strengthen your body on just fruit and bread alone,” Locke said.

“There’s a lot of fish in this cave so we’re in luck,” I replied. “Eating fish can be hard with the bones. The way I eat it is easy. I can take off the meat for you if you want.”

“That would be nice,” Locke said.

The black vines appeared, and I rinsed them in the small river before I ripped off all the meat on the fish, leaving bones. I stacked the meat in a pile, it was about two feet high. It was a lot of fish. Of course the pile wasn’t on the ground. Locke had went outside first and used a large leaf to put it on.

“There,” I said.

“Now the only thing left we really have to worry about is getting more bread and fruit and vegetables,” Locke said as we ate the fish by hand.

“Oh drat, I could have had Exzavion take us to the Fruit Planet. Oops.”

“But then we would only be eating sugar and citrus stuff. They don't have many vegetables or flesh bearing animals there either that actually give protein,” Locke said. “So the Rock Planet was a good choice.”

“Alright,” I laid down on my back, putting my wings away so I could. “I’m going to get some sleep.”

“Good idea, it’s getting dark anyway.” Locke said as he laid down as well.


I awoke to the sound of something being sharpened. I opened my eyes and got up.

“Locke? What are you doing?” I asked.

“Sharpening this rock.” He replied, showing me a rock that was almost in the shape of a short knife. “So that we can cut food without having to use your vines. Plus to use as a weapon.”

“Oh alright.” I dusted myself off. “I was thinking of going deeper into the cave. Maybe we’ll find something useful.”

“Sure,” Locke said as he put on his backpack and made the fire beacon disappear. “Let’s get going then.”

“Alright let’s go,” we flew in the same direction as the river. We made it to the bigger river and then to the waterfall. “Hmm, let’s go down.”

“Yeah…I feel…no…I sense something down there,” Locke said.

“I don’t sense anything. What do you sense?” I asked.

“It… feels like something is calling me… I can almost hear something in my head,” Locke replied. “It’s hard to explain.”

“Hmm…maybe it’s your Ultimate Crystal calling,” I suggested.

“Maybe. We’ll just have to look and find out,” Locke said before we both descended to where the waterfall fed into another stream.

When we made it to the bottom, I was surprised to see colorful glowing and radiating crystals everywhere!

“Wow…” Locke looked around in amazement, “it’s so pretty…”

“Are these… All Ultimate Crystals?!” I questioned. “Wow, which one calls out to you?”

“Hmm…” Locke closed his eyes and focused before walking towards one of the walls and placed his hand on a specific light purple Ultimate Crystal.

For a second he seemed to disappear, then he was back.

“…What,” I said, “did you pass the test?”

“Y-yeah… I think so… I did something in this weird dream place before there was a bright flash and now I’m back here.”

“Your crystal didn’t talk to you?” I asked. “You didn’t get to name it?”

“Well it did as I was doing the thing. Haven’t named it yet though,” Locke replied.

“Give it a name, and absorb it!”

“Hmmm I’ll call it… ‘Telecois’!” Locke said before suddenly the Ultimate Crystal glowed and was absorbed into Locke’s body.

“There ya go! You got it! Now that will make you more powerful, do you feel more powerful?” I asked.

“Yeah I do! A lot more powerful!” Locke exclaimed.

“We can train and get more powerful now,” I said.

“Yeah! After all, getting stronger seems to be your main goal at the moment,” Locke said.

“Eh, getting stronger and revenge I guess,” I replied. “And to gain more knowledge. Because you need to have that to be powerful too.”

“Of course you do. But what about that revenge part? Is revenge truly necessary?” Locke asked. “What did the person you want revenge on do?”

“Mmmm, just beat them up is good, cuz thats what they did to me,” I explained. “Don’t need to kill them since they failed in killing me, anyway.”

“Who… are the people who beat you?” Locke asked.

“Folly, who came from the same place I did, but after me, I was the one who brought him there, and Draco, my twin brother who I was taken away from at birth by the E.F.A.I.,” I answered.

“Your brother? Why didn’t they take him as well?” Locke asked.

“They want one subject I guess. Who knows what their reasons are,” I shrugged.

“I guess…” Locke said.

“Mmhmm,” I responded. “What you should start doing is learn to control your abilities, and I’ll try to learn what my abilities even are!”

“Yeah!” Locke exclaimed.

We then heard the sound of mining near us.

“Hmm… Wonder who that could be,” Locke said.

“Lets go check,” I said. We flew, following the sound of the mining. We then were no longer near all the glowing crystals and were just flying above a lake. The sound of mining was coming from below.

“Wonder why someone would be mining under a lake,” Locke said.

“Yeah,” I agreed. Then the mining stopped. “What was that all about?”

“Not sure, maybe there's something else valuable in this cave, or maybe they are trying to find the crystal section we found,” Locke said.

“Maybe,” I agreed.

“We could look, but that could be a bad idea,” Locke added.

“How would we, it’s under the lake,” I replied.

“Bubbles, duh.” Locke said. Then two lavender bubbles appeared, one around each of us.

“But it’s under the lake. Under the ground of the lake, we’d have to break through if we wanted to check,” I replied.

“So? We can do that,” Locke shrugged as we descended under the water, not getting soaked due to the bubbles.

“Problem is, water would come with us and we might make a mess for the miner,” I replied.

“I’ll just make a barrier to stop the water,” Locke said.

“Alright, uh, can you take the bubble off me for a sec?” I asked.

The bubble then disappeared. The empty space around me was quickly flooded with water. I then activated Dragon Eye level one and punched the ground. The water slowed me down so it didn’t do anything. I focused and activated Dragon Eye level two and then succeeded in punching a hole in the ground.

Then before the water could flood into whatever I had opened, Locke made a barrier that blocked the water before we phased through the barrier into a tunnel. We then spotted a guy with a silver jacket mining a rock.

They seemed to have not’ve noticed us as they were still mining the rock.

“Uhhh… what are you doing?” Locke asked the miner.

The miner turned around and spotted us. His pick rested on his right shoulder.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” The miner asked, as he dragged a big rock and started to carve down the middle.

“Okay smart guy, WHY are you doing whatever you are doing to that rock?” Locke asked.

“There is something valuable inside, so, I’m about to get it,” the miner said.

“What is it?” Locke continued to ask.

“I’m about to find out,” the miner answered. The rock cracked in half, revealing a shiny green stone. “Aha, an emerald. A special emerald.”

Special emerald?” Locke asked, doing air quotes with his fingers.

“Mmhmm, special emerald,” the miner nodded. “If it’s the right one, then it should…” He picked it up and rubbed it, then threw it on the ground. The emerald didn’t break, it made… a portal? “Hey, it is the right one.”

“Huh. Where does that even go?” Locke asked.

“Dunno. I’ll find out,” he jumped into the portal and disappeared.

I was just being quiet as I observed the situation. Then the portal disappeared.

“Well that was a bit odd,” Locke commented.

“Heh, pretty odd indeed,” the same miner’s voice was right next to us. Turning, I saw he was still here. “So? How was my illusion? Good? Convincing?”

“It looked like you. So it was good,” Locke said giving the miner a score of eight with his fingers.

“Ah well. I could use more practice,” the miner replied, sitting down and drinking from his water bottle.

“Granted we only just met you, so our lack of knowledge about you did lower our ability to tell if the clone was truly exactly like you,” Locke said.

“True, true,” the miner nodded.

“So is that what the emerald does then? Creates clones?” Locke then asked.

“No, the emerald was an illusion,” the miner answered.

“Huh… but then that brings up the question of why you were even mining here in the first place if what you were claiming that you were mining for was just an illusion that you knew about,” Locke said.

“The mining was also an illusion. This pick is an illusion. Everything is practically an illusion,” the miner replied.

“Except the cave itself?” Locke asked.

“Well, the overall cave, yes,” the miner answered.

“Still doesn't quite answer why you're down here though, especially under a potentially not real lake,” Locke said.

“Oh, you figured out that was an illusion too? Good job,” the miner responded.

“But still, why are you down here?” Locke asked again.

“Can a guy not explore?” the miner responded. “It’s an almost free galaxy. This cave isn’t owned by anyone.”

“I never said that you couldn’t or that it wasn’t. I just was wondering what you were doing,” Locke said. “If you want we’ll leave you to your business now.”

“You’re alright, you’re not bothering me,” the miner said.

“Well okay, but anyway the two of us were gonna go practice with our Ultimate Crystals,” Locke said, pointing at me and then himself.

“Good idea, you can do thaaaat,” the miner replied.

“Okay. Have fun exploring,” Locke said.

“Rather, illusioning,” the miner responded, and then he disappeared.

“Welp, now we should go train Broshi,” Locke said, turning to face me.

“Right, we can spar and fight each other,” I replied. “Let’s find a bigger place to do that.”

“Yeah let’s go find a large flat place to train,” Locke said.

“Yo, you need a large flat place to train?” The miner suddenly reappeared, “I know a place just up ahead.” He pointed down the tunnel.

“Oh nice. Thanks… uh…” Locke said before he realized that he didn’t know the miner’s name.

“What? Is there something on my face?” The miner asked.

“I don’t know your name…” Locke said. “So I’m having difficulties thanking you.”

“Ah, yes, of course,” the miner replied, “my name is pretty much Silver. For short, that is.”

“Oh okay, thanks Silver,” Locke said with a bow.

“No problem,” Silver replied.

I started walking down the tunnel, away from Silver, Locke following behind. Then I entered a bigger cave, it was flat and the ceiling was really high.

“This should do,” I said.

“Yeah,” Locke nodded.

“Alright, now we can train. Trap me in that bubble again,” I told him.

“Got it,” Locke said before the lavender bubble formed around me again.

I then used my dark vines to try and escape, struggling. I couldn’t get out of it.

“You know, before when you trapped me,” I said, “I could have gotten out. I just chose not to.”

“Surrre, you just weren’t using your crystal. Plus I almost broke your bones before you were even in the bubble,” Locke said.

“Yeah, but I never used this,” I then activated my Dragon Eye, and broke the bubble with my dark vines that now had a red aura. “See?”

“True,” Locke said as a purple aura formed around him and I was trapped in the bubble again.

Then I focused and activated Dragon Eye Level Two, exploding everything around me as I grew bigger, destroying the bubble in the process.

“I am pretty powerful already, as you see,” I said. “Can you do anything else other than trap me in a bubble or control my movements with your mind?”

“Well there’s this,” Locke said before he made a ball of purple light in between his hands before blasting me with a giant purple beam of energy, it hurt a surprising amount.

“Okay, that's pretty good,” I said, as the black ooze inside me began to regenerate my body, “I can use plasma too.” I then made two gauntlets appear on my hands. Where did I get them? Copied it off my brother, of course. “I bet with these I can block those.”

Locke then shot a purple blast at me, I prepared to block it but he then suddenly had it whip around me and strike me in the back.

“Oof, that one didn’t hurt, my back is where my power source is,” I said. I then focused and let out twice the amount of dark vines from my back, and I kept at it until there were a total of twenty five vines. I let my feet leave the ground, carrying myself with the vines. “Show me what else you got!”

I then felt something closing tightly around my neck before lifting me into the air, soon I could barely breathe.

“How’s this? Choking your opponent with your mind?” Locke asked.

“Not bad,” I replied, “for fighting normal people.” I could get oxygen from other places in my body. Don’t ask how. I’m mutated. “Against me it won’t work, your powers would be hard to fight me with.”

“Then let’s see how you deal against yourself,” Locke said.

“.....What?” I asked, “what, are you making a replica of me or something?”

“Well not that, I haven't mastered that yet. But there is this,” Locke said before suddenly I was punched in the face by my own fist. And then by my other arm, and then repeatedly at high speed.

“Ow,” I said every time a fist connected.

“Why ya hitting yourself?” Locke asked.

“Because,” I replied with ‘ow’ in between, “this little kid is making me hit myself, why do you ask?”

“Just curious,” Locke said before I then punched myself in my chest, knocking the wind out of myself.

“OOF!” I looked over at Locke. “So, how are you doing this?”

“I’m controlling the muscles in your arms. Making them move however I like,” Locke explained.

“Then I can do something about that, watch,” I said. Before I was punched by myself again, I blocked it with a dark vine. “These dark vines aren’t muscles. Only I can control them since its very hard, I’m used to it.”

“Very well then,” Locke said as I then was lowered back to the ground and I was no longer punching myself.

“I should work on defying being controlled. So like, when you make me punch myself, I can control my arm better,” I said.

“The way it works is that you need to be stronger then the person who is controlling you, then you can break it,” Locke said.

“Right, so I need to get stronger in strength. And I need more control over my body,” I nodded. “Okay, now let’s see what you need to work on. I’ll attack you now, I’ll go harder if need be.”

“Okay then,” Locke said.

I then charged up some plasma, and shot five blasts of them at Locke.

Locke countered them by blasting each of them with a blast of purple energy. I then ran at him, shooting a large beam of plasma towards his direction.

He then made a yellow barrier in between him and the beam, when the beam hit it suddenly turned purple before redirecting right at me! I then jumped over it and landed behind Locke, before I threw a punch towards him very quickly.

He then teleported away to the other side of the cave, barely dodging my attack. He’s quite slow in terms of speed I’ve noticed.

“I think your weak point is speed,” I told him.

“Yeah… I never was the fastest out of my class. Nor the most agile.”

“Then we know what to work on, I’ll work on strength and you work on speed,” I replied.

“Yeah,” Locke said with a nod.

“So…” I looked around, “I know! You run from there all the way across the cave, work on speed. And I can try and pick up giant rocks like that one.”

“Got it,” Locke said as he then began running from one side of the cave to the other back and forth.

I then walked up to a large rock. It was three times the size of me. I tried to pick it up with my bare hands, but couldn’t.

“Well we’ll be busy,” I breathed as I attempted again.


Chapter 3}


A couple days have passed while we trained the whole time.

Locke has gotten quite a bit faster. He can cross the cave in five less seconds than last week. And I could finally pick up the rock and lift it above my head, without my Dragon Eyes. I’d say, we’ve improved. But we still had more to go. Locke had to cross the cave in ten less seconds now, and I must pick up the rock with one hand!

“Hey Broshi! I thinks it’s time for dinner!” Locke said as he kept running back and forth.

“Alright, I’ll go get some fish!” I said.

“And I’ll go find some fruit,” Locke said.

“Alright, see ya then,” I replied. We walked away from each other to get the stuff. Where the fish was, was in a lake nearby. I walked over towards the lake, and spread out my wings and flew over it. Then I dived into the water.

This lake was deep, maybe about twenty feet deep. I scanned the area for any fish, there were multiple fish all over. I was about to start grabbing but then I stopped myself. Right in front of me, swimming towards my direction, was a giant fish. Three times the size of me.

That was going to be dinner. As the giant fish came my direction, I focused and activated Dragon Eye Level Two, then I grabbed the fish by the fin, and chucked it up out of the water. Then I flew out and grabbed the fish with multiple dark vines. The fish was heavy, way heavier than the rock. But I had my Dragon Eye activated so it wasn’t hard to carry.

I flew back onto the land and dropped the fish onto the ground. I deactivated my Dragon Eye, as the fish flopped around. Then Locke returned with the fruit, and he almost dropped it when he saw the giant fish.

“HOLY MACKEREL THATS A BIG FISH.” Locke exclaimed, his eyes widening at the sight of it.

“I know right, its huge!” I exclaimed.

“What does a fish like that even eat?” Locke asked.

“Probably other fish,” I shrugged.

“Yeesh. Makes me afraid of what the fish on the Water Planet must be like,” Locke said.

“Yeah, good point… Probably fish much, much bigger,” I said, “anyway, lets cook this thing.”

“Right. Gonna need a lot more heat beacons through,” Locke said as he made five, which was large enough to cook the fish. He then added one more. “Just to be safe.”

“Yeah,” I nodded. I waited for it to cook.

Once it had finished cooking I used my dark vines to prepare the fish for eating, cutting it into bite size pieces. I also removed all of the nasty parts like the scales and all of that.

“Anyway, I found two apples!” Locke said as he washed the apples in a stream before handing one to me.

“Where’s you get it from?” I asked.

“Turns out nearby this cave we’re in, there’s a patch of fruit trees that receive sunlight from an opening in the ceiling. I think they get their water from the waterways in this cave,” Locke said.

“Woah, that’s cool.”

“Yeah, plus, there’s different kinds of fruit. There’s oranges, apples, pears and even a kiwi tree!” Locke exclaimed.

“I have a feeling someone owns it,” I muttered.

“Well we’ve stolen food before. Besides, it’s only two apples,” Locke said, “there were like ten trees full of apples. Unless they pay a lot of attention to their harvest I doubt they’ll notice two missing apples.”

“I don’t know, the Rock Planet isn’t like Ertin… It’s much more populated and bigger in size…”

“Well yeah I know, but, the tree patch wasn’t organized like usual orchards,” Locke said. “The trees were all over instead of in rows.”

“Yeah it's different.” I nodded. “But either way we can't stay here for long. We have to keep moving so that the E.F.A.I. doesn't catch us.”

“True. But where should we go next exactly?” Locke asked. “And what will we do if we run into someone bad besides the E.F.A.I.?”

“We’ll manage.” I stood up.

“If anything though, my biggest question is how long are we gonna be able to keep this up? I dunno if we can run away forever.” Locke said worriedly as he thought to himself.

“It’s our life. We have to keep running until the E.F.A.I. shuts down.”

“But that could take decades! It doesn’t seem like anyone really is trying to shut them down. The government from what I noticed hasn’t seemed to try.”

“We have no power to take them down, they made us and know how we work better than we do. We stand no chance.” I replied. “We have to keep running. That’s all we can do.”

“I know but it just seems like even though we have a whole galaxy to hide in they’re everywhere somehow,” Locke said. “Do they have like tracking chips on us or something?”

I froze. “They… they do…” I looked over at him. “Mine was removed when I was used. But yours…” I backed away. “They know where you are. I’m not safe around you.”

“Well how do we get it out?!” Locke shouted, a glare on his face as he stood up and walked towards me. “HOW?!”

“I don’t know.” I shrugged.

“You mean you didn’t look?!” Locke exclaimed.

“I was out cold.”

“Then how do you even know they removed it?” Locke asked.

“Because. The dude was taking me for himself. And he worked for them, so he knew about the trackers and removed it before taking me,” I explained.

“And we can’t ask him because he’s dead,” Locke said.


“Wait… do you remember having any wounds where it could have been?” Locke asked.

“No… I was fine. The same. I just felt a little different than usual,” I replied.

“So it isn’t embedded then?” Locke asked.

“Probably not.”

“Hmm…” Locke began feeling sections of his body for anything unnatural.

“So, instead of running, we can also be searching for someone who used to work for them and knows their secrets,” I said.

“Yeah…” Locke said, nodding.

“I remember… that the guy who took me, wasn’t alone. I mean, he wasn’t the only one who quit. He has someone in his family, I don’t know who, but… we can search for him or her.”

“Yeah… I guess that also means we’ll have to leave the Rock Planet soon which means we should start finding someone to take us to a new planet farther away,” Locke said.

“Yeah.” I nodded. “We’ll have to just keep on searching.”

“So should we start looking for someone to fly us now?” Locke asked, “we have been here for a couple days.”

“Yeah. Let’s try to find someone.” I nodded. “So… we’ll have to go out in the open. But… we’re still both dressed in the E.F.A.I. clothes.”

“Yeah… we should do something about that,” Locke said. “How are we gonna get new clothes exactly? Won’t people think we’re evil cause we’re wearing these?”

“How should I know what people think? Never been out there.”

“Well when I was still with them I overheard one of the guards talking to another on how they’d best try not to get fired as no one would want to hire a person who had history with the organization.”

“Huh.” I said. “Interesting.”

“Yeah…” Locke said, “Anyway, we reallllllly need to get rid of this tracking chip wherever it is.”

“Then we should find someone who knows about it.” We had to find ‘Master’s’ family member that knew about it.

“And where would someone like that even be?” Locke asked.

“That’s the problem. I have no clue.” I shrugged.

“Well ain’t that convenient.” Locke said as he looked at the outside the cave. “Anyway we should start moving, and get some new clothes too.”

“We’ll need help. Hard for me to say it, but, if we’re gonna do all that, we will need help.” I said.

“Well almost everyone needs help some time. May as well be now.” Locke said as he scanned the area outside for anyone.

“We should leave for a city. Look for help.” I said.

“Yeah, Let’s hope people are willing to help people who are covered in dirt and ripped clothes like us.” Locke said as he then walked outside, meaning he didn’t sense anyone else. “I can see some tall buildings in the distance over there.”

Locke was pointing in the distance at what looked like skyscrapers.

“Let’s go then.” I began walking towards the city.


When Locke and I made it close to the city, we saw a giant sign that said ‘Granite City’.

“Here we are…” I said.

“Alright, let’s start looking around, see what we can find.” Locke said as the two of us entered the city.

There were people walking around all over. It was a pretty busy city despite it being pretty small.

“Well only the little kids are staring so far. That might be a good thing.” Locke said as I noticed a little boy was staring at me as his family walked past.

“That means we’re not unusual. Maybe someone like us passed through.” I said. The adults didn’t even give us much attention. Only kids stared.  

“Anyway, we seem to be in the business district of the city.” Locke said.

I looked around, seeing a lot of shops and stands. I saw a food stand and my stomach growled. “I think I’m hungry.”

“Hmm…‘Mehrunes’ Munchies’…Interesting name. Nice alliteration.” Locke said, looking at the sign of the food stands.

The guy running the stand saw us looking at his sign and greeted us.

“Hi! Want food?” The guy at the food stand said. I looked at him. He had brown hair and was wearing these camo clothes. “Wait… Have I seen you before?”

“No. You haven’t.” I said. I looked at his kitchen set. “I have no money. May I get some free food?”

The guy thought for a moment before responding.

“Can’t hurt, you look starving.”

“Thanks.” Locke said. “I’ll have the chicken and shrimp.”

“Okay!” The guy said. “And for you?”

“I shall have some… Food.” I said. “Doesn’t matter what.”

“You haven't eaten much real food have you?” Locke asked me.

“Nope. Not really.” I said, shrugging. “Hard to have tried real food when you’ve been stuck in a facility your whole life.”

“Good point.” Locke replied.

“So, whatever food is fine.” I said to the guy.

“Okay.” The guy said. “Here’s ya food!” He then handed me some weird looking thing.

“What is this?” I asked, inspecting the weird thing.

“Riiiiiiiiibs…?” The guy said.

I stared at him blankly. “What are ribs?”

“Bones that guard your organs in your chest that are covered in muscle that many people eat after cooking it. Right off the bone.” Locke replied. “Ours are right here.”

Locke then pointed at the symmetrical horizontal ridges on my chest under my skin, So those are what these are.

“I don’t know. I don’t really want to eat someone else's ribs.” I looked unsurely at the ribs.

“Dude they’re from a cow. Calm down.” Locke said. “Not only us have ribs, basically anything with an internal spine has them.”

“Cow?” I asked.

“Oh my… *SIGH*” Locke sighed.

“Uhh… do you want a picture of a cow?” The guy asked.

“Sure?” I replied.

The guy held up a picture of a thing with four legs and it was white with black spots. Oh and some kinda horns, and he had another picture of basically the same thing only it had this weird pink thing on its belly.

“The heck is that?” I asked. Looking closely at it, I inspected it.

“Cows.” Locke replied. “A.K.A. where those ribs came from.”

“I’ve seen one of those things before in the facility.” I said, handing back the picture, “never ate one though.” The picture of the cow didn’t look tasty at all. But the ribs looked and smelled pretty good.

I took a bite out of it. It was different to eat, it felt different. But it tasted really good. I devoured the whole thing, eating it all.

“Huh, you finished it in only three minutes. Impressive. I guess.” Locke said.

“Well, I was hungry!” I said.

“Yeah… but you ate the bones. AND THE TRAY!” Locke exclaimed as he pointed at the lack of anything in my hands.

“Was I not supposed to eat those?” I asked. I mean, they didn’t have a lot of flavor but it was fine.

“No it's not usually normal to eat rods of calcium and paper.” Locke replied.

“Calcium and paper taste fine.”

“Well sure I guess, but still.” Locke said back as he finished the last of the shrimp on his plate.

“And when have I ever been normal? I’m a mutant.” I said.

“And are you proud of that?” Locke asked.

“Why wouldn’t I be? Monster genetics that make me powerful is something to be proud of.”

“So then you're okay with the fact that the organization made you a monster?” Locke asked.

“Yes. Otherwise I would be weak.” I responded.

“But you have an Ultimate Crystal.” Locke said.

“Because the organization made me get one. I wouldn’t know what they were if I never was kidnapped.”

“And yet you think the monster part is the reason you're strong? Not the gem of infinite power you also have?”

“Yeah, it’s part of the reason. I know that for a fact.” I answered.

Then the person behind the stand interrupted us.

“Hey can you write your names down, so my boss knows I did something.” The guy said. “You got free food because of a grand opening promotion, and it’s kinda a thing I need…”

“I don’t have a pen.” I said.

“Yeah. I supply the pen and paper.” The guy said, handing me a pen and clipboard.

I looked at the clipboard. “Where do I write…?”

“On the empty line…? Where do you think?” Locke asked.

“Okay. How do I write my name?”

“..... You're illiterate aren’t you?” Locke asked, with his palm on his face. “I’ll just do it.”

Locke then took the pen from my hand and wrote down on the clipboard.



“There.” Locke said as he gave the food stand guy the clipboard and pen back.

“Thank you.” The guy at the food stand said as he put the two items away, “Have a good day.”

As we walked away Locke asked, “So now what’s our next step?”

“Dunno.” I shrugged.

“Oh well that’s good.” Locke said with a sarcastic tone.

“Maybe get new clothes.” I suggested.

“Yeah thats sounds good.” Locke replied as he looked around. “Oh look there’s a place that sells clothes.”

Locke pointed at a building that to each of the sides of it's front doors it had some weird looking human sized figures wearing different clothes.

“We have no money.”

“Well then we’ll have to get some somehow.”


“Hmmm…” Locke said as he began to think before suddenly a man wearing a mask to cover his face ran by, pushing Locke over. He was carrying some sort of bag.

“Well that was rude.” Locke said as he got up and dusted himself off. “That guy needs to watch where he’s going.”

“No duh.” I replied.

Then shortly after a group of men in uniforms ran past in the same direction after the man.

“Oh he’s a thief. That explains the mask.” Locke said.

“No duh.” I said again.

“Can you stop that?” Locke asked.

“If you stop saying obvious things, yes.”

Locke just rolled his eyes as he watched the officers chase the thief.

“Speaking of the thief…” I said. “We could just steal clothes.”

“Shouldn’t we try not to get arrested?” Locke suggested.

“Yeah. We would by stealing effectively.” I replied.

“Keep in mind this isn’t some small village. They’d probably be able to catch us easily. The guys chasing that theif are the police force’s lowest rank officers.” Locke replied.

“So? We could just teleport away.”

“Seriously why do we need to steal the clothes?”

“Because we have no money.” I answered.

“We could get money. From jobs. Like other people.” Locke said before he suddenly teleported away. He then shortly after reappeared floating while holding the thief carrying the bag by his shirt collar. “For example, we could catch criminals and get money for that.”

Shortly after the police arrived.

“I don’t wanna catch criminals.” I grabbed the thief from Locke and threw him as hard as I could, sending him flying. He did drop the bag though. “They just need it as much as we do. I’m a criminal. We are criminals.”

“And why do we need to be criminals hmm? Just because of our past?” Locke asked.

“No. We ARE criminals. To the E.F.A.I.”

“Yeah, but the E.F.A.I. are seen as criminals by almost everyone else. That makes us survivors, not criminals. You just think it does cause all you've ever been exposed to is corruption and never decided to maybe not harm and kill people.” Locke retorted.

“I am a criminal. I worked, killed and kidnapped for them. They used me.” I said, “that’s why this guy named Folly hates me. Because I kidnapped him and brutally chopped off his body parts.”

“I know, I spoke to him once. Told me all about how you're the spawn of the Nether and how you deserve to burn.” Locke said. “And yet here I am, trying not to kill you or destroy you because I know that none of us wanted or deserved what we got from those scientists, and I know that while there will always be our past, we can still change.”

“I am not catching criminals. That’s the police’s job. We do not interfere.” I rasped.

“Than we can do something else, bounty hunting, exploration, mining, something.” Locke said.

“Rather, you should continue hiding,” said a voice.

Shocked at the voice, I turned to where I heard it come from. I saw no one.

“I said, continue hiding.” the voice spoke again, “get out of the open!”

I then felt Locke grab me by the arm and take us away, out of Granite City and back to the mountains. Back to where we used to be, but not in the cave.

“Good.” The voice then said again. Then I spotted someone. It was a man, with a bald spot on his head while he had gray-black hair everywhere else on his head. He wore a white lab coat and goggles on his head.

“So how about you tell us who you are.” Locke said as he was in a defensive pose, his eyes faintly glowing purple.

“I’m the only one who can help you.” The man said.

“Help us? I don’t need any help.” I said.

“Yes, you do. You think you don’t have a tracker on you. But, you were lied to. You do. It runs in your bloodstream.” The man said.

It… was my blood? My blood was the tracker itself?

“So yes. Your blood is your tracker. They will know your location whether you are dead or alive.” The man said. “They know where you are always. How else would I have found you?”

“With your eyes?” Locke suggested.

“The human eye alone wouldn’t be able to determine your genetics.” The man put on the goggles.

“It can see for a mile and can recognize faces almost as good as advanced super computers.” Locke said. “I do get your point though.”

“Indeed.” He took off the goggles. “Now, come with me and I can have your blood replaced. Then you’ll be safe from the E.F.A.I.”

“Yeah okay… Questions though. One, how will you replace the blood? Two, how can we trust you? Three, even if you are telling the truth, we still don’t have anywhere to go afterwards. Unless we wanna live like Earth Dragons our whole lives.”

“Well. I myself can’t replace your blood. Dr. He will do that.” The man said, pointing to himself. “He looks like how I look like at the moment.”

“So wait… does that mean your like camouflaged or are you… My brain hurts.”

“He is on the run from the E.F.A.I.” The man said, “but when he gets back we can take care of you.”

“Sounds good to me.” I said. “I know what I want to do afterwards.”

“Good for you.” The man said. “Then. You want this to be done fast or…?”

“Hmmm… Fast.” I said.

The man looked at Locke. “And you?”

“I’d prefer to be free as quickly as possible.” Locke said.

“Alright. I’m going to put you asleep for a few days then.” The man said, taking out two pills. “Take these.”

“Annnnd what exactly will it be like after we take these?” Locke asked.

“You’ll fall asleep.” The man said.


“I’ll do the rest of the work. You won’t feel a thing.” The man said.

Locke looked over at me.

“Don’t know about you, I’m takin it.” I took the pill and gulped it down.

Then I started to feel queasy, and I fell to the floor, my eyes closing shut rapidly.


Chapter 4}


Ugh. My head hurt. My body felt weird… I opened my eyes, and sat up, rubbing my head. I looked around.

I was in… a room. I was on a bed, and there were tubes and machines. There were tubes attached to my body. I looked to my right, finding Locke. He was the same as me. He had tubes in his body.

“You’ve awakened.” A man with short brown hair came into the room, wearing a lab coat. “I’m happy to say it was a success. You’re no longer visible on the E.F.A.I. subject radar.”

“That’s good.” I said. I looked over at Locke. “When is he waking up?”

“Should be soon.” The man said. “But you should rest a little more. You two had a hard surgery.”

“Hard what now?” I heard Locke say groggily as he woke up.

“Dr. He removed all of your blood.” The man said, “you would be dead.”

“Then how did we live?” I asked.

“Hm. Well. To sum it up. Time.” The man said.

“Uhhhh… Explain please.” Locke said.

“He froze your body’s in time. Nothing affected you.” The man said. “Until we had blood that were your types shipped here. You both had the same blood type so that made it easier.”

“How convenient for shipping.” Locke commented.

“Yes, it was very convenient.” The man smiled.

“So we’re actually free now… Now what should we do?” Locke asked.

“Find my brother and get revenge.” I said.

“But where could your brother even be?” Locke asked.

“He’s my brother. I can track him down,” I said. I activated my Dragon Eye. “I’m sure he has one of these too, so I can track him down with it.” I paused, looking down at Locke. “I’m going to get revenge on him. That is the first thing I am going to do.” Remembering everything in my past, I hated Draco. And Folly.

“Man you really don’t like losing.” Locke said as he laid down on the bed. We still needed to rest some.

“All I need is to win against them. If they were worthy to win against me, it wouldn’t be a problem. But they’re unworthy.” I said. “Hope that fact gets in your tiny head. Now you want to help me with my revenge?”

Before Locke could reply, the man came back in. “You can leave now, you know.”

I got up and walked up to the man, looking up at him. He was taller than me.

“Exit is there.” The man said. “I have something important to do, so--”

“Do you have a spaceship?” I rudely interrupted him.

“Of course. But you don’t know how to drive, so it’s useless to you. You want to go somewhere specific? Go out to the city or something and find someone to take you. Now we saved your lives for now, so give me my time and space. I will transport you out of here if needed be.” He sounded threatening.

I stepped back. I didn’t expect him to… Say that. Maybe he had something very important to do. I turned around to Locke but he wasn’t there. Next thing I knew, I was outside, back where we were before we got treated. Next to me was Locke, and in front of us was Granite City.

I grunted. “Locke.” I said. “You never got to answer me.” It was hard for me to say what was next. “I’m not strong enough to take him out alone, I need your help.”

“Hmmmmm. Fine. As long as we’re not killing the guy, I’ll help you.” Locke said, sounding uncertain.

“Kill him? He didn’t kill me, so, I don’t have to kill him.” I said. “We just gotta beat him up and have him beg for his life on his knees, and then we let him live.”

“Why does he need to beg for his life? That sounds like if he doesn’t beg you're gonna kill em.” Locke said, suspicious.

“He’s smart. He’ll beg.” I said, almost certain. “He knows his life would be at risk, and if he wants to keep it, he’ll beg.”

“You seem pretty certain that by the time we find him he won’t be stronger.” Locke commented.

“Oh, good point.” I didn’t realize that. “If he’s been training, we just have to keep training too.” I looked into Locke’s eyes. “What, you think that I can’t beat someone that you never even met before?”

“Well I mean, to be fair, you were double teamed so I mean that’s not a great way to measure a single person’s power but whatever.” Locke said.

“And that’s what we’re gonna do, double team him. That bubble thing of yours? Use it on him.” I said.

“Pretty sure most people use that attack for crushing people.” Locke said. “Also shouldn’t you want revenge on Folly more? You said he was the one with an actual vendetta against you. Your brother just happened to be there to help when Folly couldn’t beat you.”

“Well, yeah. But Folly always hated me. Draco, if you saw him then, has this cocky attitude, he’s annoying. He didn’t take me seriously. And he still did beat me, so I’m going to beat his butt up for it. And make him take me seriously.” I said.

“Okay…?” Locke seemed a bit confused by my logic but he rolled with it.

“Yeah. So. Find Draco, beat him up, make him beg for his life, and then move on.” I said. “Sound good to you?”

“I mean I guess. Beating up sounds about as bad to a person as I can do for someone I’ve never met.” Locke said, still sounding uncertain.

“Well you better agree or els--” I then spotted a body fall to the ground from space right behind Locke. “The heck is that.”

“Not… Sure…” Locke said uneasily as we walked over to the body.

It was just… darkness. Like a full human body that wasn’t skin or flesh, but just black darkness. Then it opened its eyes, which glowed red. It got up onto its feet, looking at us.

“Holy frick.” Locke and I took a step back.

Then it opened its mouth, sharp teeth shown as it smirked.

“Hello there, little ones,” it said.

“Uhhhh…” Locke was clearly unsure of what to do.

The dark figure walked around us, touching both of our foreheads creepily.

“Not bad, certainly better than last time.” The dark figure smirked.

“Last…time?” Locke asked, he sounded a bit scared.

The dark figure frowned. “I’ve been drained down to become powerless. I need a vessel to get my power back.”

“V-vessel? What kind of vessel?” Locke asked.

“He should work just fine.” The dark figure was looking at me.

“I don’t know who you are, or what you are, but don’t involve me in whatever the heck you got yourself into.” I said straight in its face.

“You seek revenge.” He then said. It caught me off guard. “You want revenge on your brother, no?”

“W-well, yeah.”

“You are too weak. You cannot get revenge in your state.” It’s eyes glowed brighter. “I can help you get revenge.”

“Help…me?” I thought about this.

“Uhhhhh… Don’t tell me you’re going to accept that.” Locke said.

“Well, first, who are you?” I asked the figure.

“I am called Dakrus. That is all you need to know.” The figure said.

“Dakrus. Okay.” I said.

“I am immortal and very powerful. This brother of yours will fall to your feet with my help.” The figure said.

“That sounds… nice. I accept.” I said.

“Good choice. Now…” Suddenly, Dakrus phased through into my body. He was inside me. I looked at my hands, I felt a bit different.

“I don’t feel that much stronger…” I said.

“Because I have to get my strength back, so wait.” I heard his voice in my head.

“Got it.” I turned to Locke. “Well, if you wanna do anything before we find my brother, we can.”

“I-I mean…” Locke said, he looked nervous as he looked up at me.

“I’m fine.” I said. “He’s just using me to recharge and then giving me more power so I can beat Draco.”

“And get sweet revenge for you.”

“And get sweet revenge for me.”

“Well I mean, it’s kinda hard for me to ask anything of a guy with a pitchblack aura and glowing red eyeballs.” Locke said, “not gonna lie, you look like you’d want to kill me if you were even a tad mad.”

“Don’t worry.” I growled. “I’m not gonna kill you.”

“I have no reason to right now either, and I can’t right now.”

“So don’t worry.” I reassured him, patting him on the head. “Besides, I’m still Broshi. Dakrus is just gonna give me power. I still have control of myself.”

“Y-you sure?” Locke asked.

“I have full control, right Dakrus?” I asked.

“Hm? Oh, yeah, totally, you have full control right now. Just lemme charge up.”

“Yeah, Dakrus said I have full control. Nothing to worry about.” I said to Locke.

“If you say so…” Locke said. “If anything I guess we’d need new clothes.”

“Well, they’d just get destroyed by our power, so what would be the point? At least for me. My dark vines will just break any shirt I wear.” I said. “We could get you new clothes though.”

“Don’t they have clothes that are made so that doesn’t happen?” Locke said. “Granted those would probably cost a lot.”

“Exactly.” I said.

“We could steal. Stealing is fun.”

“We could steal though.” I said.

“But wouldn’t we get caught by the police?” Locke asked. “Or other Ultimates possibly stronger than us?”

“Pfft we can deal with them. I could deal with them for you.”

“Dakrus can deal with them.” I said.

“Hmm… Okay… if you’re sure.” Locke said.

“Just leave the kid and we can go steal clothes.”

“You should just stay put, I’ll go get clothes.” I said.

“Okay…” Locke said as he then walked over to sit on a rock. “How long should it take you to get back?”

“Not sure. But be patient.” I said, turning towards the city.

“That’s just kinda how life has been for me so far.” Locke said.

“Alright, I’ll be back!” I then sped off towards the city.

“There’s a store over there.” Dakrus said in my head. “Has decent clothes. Just take some.”

I sped towards the store and walked in. People were doing their shopping and stuff. I looked for clothes that seemed to fit Locke and took them and walked out. Some alarm made a noise.

“Hey! You have to pay for those!” two men in what seemed to be security uniforms yelled at me.

“Ignore them and walk away.”

I just ignored them and walked away.

“Hey!” They yelled and came towards me. One of my dark vines stabbed both of them.

“Oh yes. That’s a fun toy.”

I turned and my other vines destroyed the men into little pieces of bones and flesh. I… didn’t do that. Meh, they were annoying anyway. And I got the clothes.

I then ran back to where Locke was, and found him in the same exact place I left him. I dropped the clothes in front of him.

“Here ya go.” I said.

He then picked them up and walked behind a large rock to change, when he came back out he was wearing a purple vest with the buttons undone with a black undershirt and a green ascot/scarf thing with navy blue pants and black shoes.

“You didn't have to change behind there dude.” I said to him.

“Eh, doesn’t matter anymore anyway, already changed.” Locke said as he tied the shoes laces.

“Okay, but next time you don't have to hide.” I said.

“Well if you say so.” Locke said as he had finished tying the laces.

“Anyway, what do you want to do?” I asked, my hands placed in my ripped and dirty pants’ pockets.

“I mean, I guess the only other thing would be to get some food and a place to sleep.” Locke said. “I’m not really looking for anything too unnecessary.”

“Well, then I'm gonna train so I can beat Draco's butt later on.” I said.

“Yes, train, that helps recharge me.”

“Well where should we go to do your said training?” Locke asked.

“Anywhere empty on this oversized planet works.”

“Dakrus says anywhere empty, so away from the cities.” I said.

“Good enough.” Locke said before he floated into the air.

“Let's go then.” I said.

We then flew to a far out craggy wasteland, with mountains and canyons and spires of rock reaching up into the sky.


“What do you think?” I asked Locke. I was surrounded with a bright red aura, both my eyes lit up since I was using Dragon Eye Level Two.

“Very nice, Broshi.” Dakrus said from inside me.

“I mean it’s strong. You look a bit scary with the blood red glowing eyes but still.” Locke replied.

“I think that’s part of the point.” I smirked. Looking scary was exactly what I wanted. I could scare the crud out of my brother. “Do you think I’d scare some people?”

“Well maybe some people, but your brother can do the eye thing too right? So it might not scare him that much.” Locke said.

“Once I have him to his knees, he will be scared for what I will do to him.” I said, frowning. “If not him then…” I had an idea. “I could do it to others around him, one’s he cares about.”

“Why do we need to get his friends involved?”

“Part of revenge, Locke. If we can’t beat him as easily as I think we can, then we destroy everything else he cares and loves so that he feels bad, and then my revenge would be complete.” I felt my urge to get revenge get stronger inside me…

“I’m not sure doing that would be a good idea.” Locke said. “You sure you're okay? You seem off.”

“I’m fine.” I growled. “Just remembering his attitude ticks me off. I’ll beat him, and if he somehow has power and doesn’t get beat, I’ll beat the ones he cares about that don’t have power.” I took a deep breath to calm down. “Yeah. I’ll kill them if I have to.”

“That sounds a bit petty.” Locke commented. “Plus, wouldn’t potentially killing his friends and loved ones actually make him hate you? I don’t see the pluses of that strategy besides making your revenge seem petty cause you're involving people who weren’t involved the first time and also making you're brother despise you.”

“I despise him already. If he despises me, I have no problem with it.” I said.

“I don’t think you can see what the problems with your strategy is but fine.” Locke said.

“What problems are there then? Tell me.”

“I don’t think you’d be able to understand with the knowledge you have of relationships.” Locke said.

“Relationships? I have relationships. Relationships with my enemies. That excludes you, since you’re my partner in this.” I said.

“That’s my point. From what I can tell any relationships you have are all negative except for the one you have with me. And even then thats a tad above neutral.” Locke said. “You don’t know what would happen when you attack your brothers friends and family since you’ve never known whats that like.”

“I see. I don’t know what it’s like. You’re right.” I looked down at him. “But the thing is, I don’t care either. Revenge is what’s important.”

“See that’s the problem with the whole lacking close ones thing. All you care about is yourself and your revenge. Sure you care a bit about me but that’s about it. That’s kinda why people don’t like the E.F.A.I, they strip people of humanity and make them selfish and loads of other things. Heck, you only despise your brother because he happened to participate in a fight with you and won.”

“Hey, he did pee on me when we were babies.” I pointed out.

“Thats cuz you were babies. You don’t understand what bladder control is when you’re a baby! Heck, how do you even remember that? Your brother probably doesn’t even know that happened! Heck, I don’t even think he knew who you were before you two fought.”

“That is true. I was kidnapped and he never knew I existed.” I said. “And Folly mistook him for me and apparently caused him trouble. So, he would surely hate me for that.”

“Unless he acts just like you he at most is a tad annoyed by you and that’s probably only cause you attacked him. He probably hates Folly more than you.” Locke said. “Heck we don’t even know if he’d even be mad to see you!”

“I would be mad to see him, though.”

“Well yeah, cause you're upset he beat you by yourself when he had a teammate.” Locke said. “Besides that, there doesn’t seem to be any other reasons to dislike him, even if his attitude may be annoying but that happens to everyone.”

“I guess you’re right.” I thought about it. “Then I guess, we’ll just beat him in a fight as payback, and not revenge.”

“Thats sounds better.” Locke said.

“Payback isn’t enough, Broshi.”

“Hm. But he didn’t do much that was very bad.” I said. “Just beat me in a fight, so I just have to beat him in a fight.”

“But Broshi… You’re seriously just going to be satisfied with only beating him up?”

“…” Beating up by itself wasn’t satisfying… He had a point.

“Is the voice telling you stuff again?” Locke asked. “I’m still not sure it's completely trustworthy.”

“Dakrus is powerful, he knows what to do. If I follow his footsteps, I will be much stronger than Draco.” I said. “And that is part of my goal.”

“Hmmm…” Locke was thinking.

“You are right there, Broshi. If you follow in my footsteps, you can become overpowered and none of your enemies will beat you.” Dakrus said.

“Will I… can I become immortal?” I asked.

“Can you what now?” Locke asked, confused.

“PFFT. NAH. You’re a mortal, so it’s not possible. I’m an immortal, I do not have a life that can be taken. That is why the Elemental Master of Electricity could only drain me of power, but cannot kill me.” Dakrus said.

“Okay so immortality is out of question then.” I said.

“I can grant you power.” Dakrus said. “But you see… You already have a lot.”

“Wait what?” I asked.

“Your genetics… If you learn how to use them effectively, you can overcome your enemies. And Draco, your brother, can’t beat you.” Dakrus said.

“How do I use my genetics effectively?” I asked.

“I can’t tell you exactly what genetics have been added to your DNA. But you do have power. You’ll see.”


“You can kill Draco then.”

“Kill him? Bu--”

“He LEFT you to die before. He deserves to only be killed by you. In your hands. You are his superior.”

That sounded… nice. “I’m his superior.” I said. “He left me to die, so I will do the same to him.”

“But how do you know that he knew you were still alive? He probably thought you were dead since Folly did stab you in the head and you weren't moving.” Locke said.

“My genetics is why I didn’t die and… he didn’t check. Showed no care. He doesn’t care about me, he’s not what people call a brother. Not a real one. He’s just an enemy. One that left me to die.” I said, looking down at Locke with a serious expression on my face. “So I will do the same to him, as revenge.”

“You don’t know if that’s true! Maybe Dakrus is lying to you! Trying to tell you exactly what you want to hear!” Locke exclaimed. He looked worried.

“What? Nonsense, I don’t lie!” Dakrus said.

“He’s immortal and overpowered, he’s trustworthy. He wouldn’t lie, and he would have ways to know what happened.” I said.

Locke just looked distraught and frustrated. Like as if there was something he wanted to say but he couldn’t either because it wouldn’t make sense to me or because it would make me mad.

“Look, we just have to fight Draco and beat him and leave him to die. That’s what he did to me. That’s as little as I am going to go.” I said. “This way it’s only fair, that he also experiences what he did to me.”

Locke simply grumbled and muttered to himself before looking at me. “Fine. Go ahead.”

“I don’t get it. Do you think that my brother can just leave me to die and… JUST THAT? He did bad stuff to me! Treated me horribly!” I yelled. “And you have a problem with that, you know what!? You’re sounding like you’re siding with my brother. You don’t even KNOW him and you’re siding with him!? What the heck man!?” I was pretty mad.

“And you’re the one acting like your brother was the one who decided to do all of that! Heck, you said it yourself you haven’t seen him since you were babies! You don’t even know entirely who he’s like, how he’s changed, what he’s been through. You act like he’s the one responsible for you losing!” Locke exclaimed. “You said you can’t call him a brother because he supposedly decided to leave you to die. Well then by that logic then he shouldn’t call you a brother because he barely even knows you!”

“And you don’t know him! So you wouldn’t know!” I yelled. “Your arguments are invalid!”


“I certainly know more than you. You never met him.”

“And you’ve only known him for maybe a total of less then ten months. Nine of which you didn’t even know what sentience was because you two hadn’t been born. Congratulations.” Locke said as he slowly clapped, a look of spite on his face.

“Shut up, you. You talk like you know him. He’s my brother, not yours.”

“But you said he didn’t deserve to be called your brother.”

“But we share the same parents, we still are brothers. I just don’t think of him as the brothers… as brothers that I have seen. Those are gross though, anyway.”

“Man, it must be fun for you to live your life without understanding what you don’t have.” Locke spat, he looked both angry and a bit sad. “Not caring for your family or even completely knowing what it is. Thinking about yourself more than others. Assuming that just because someone wronged you in the slightest degree that they need to pay, even if they didn’t even intend to do it. You’re the last thing any human being should be, Broshi. You’re terrible. You’re selfish. You don’t understand family or friends or anything that even makes us human in the first place. And your definition of trust is nothing more than that if their strong then clearly they must be right.”

“Are you done?” I asked.

“Knowing you, I’m not sure I ever will be.” Locke said. “When I first met you I thought the E.F.A.I made you like this. But now, I’m not even sure they had the capability to corrupt a person as much as you. Sure, we may not be the nicest people. But I know from experience with the other subjects. That at least, we care about other people. Sure, you were used by someone, you murdered people. But that doesn’t seem to change a thing. Heck, that just makes you worse. Because you allowed them to do it. You talk all about your power, how you’re superior, yet when it came to that you couldn’t even say no. You disgust me.”

Locke then began to float into the air and away from me slowly. He glared me in the eyes the whole time.

“You know what? You’re not wrong. All of your descriptions of me were accurate. Except, you seem to forget. I’m not human. I’m a monster. Don’t tell me to act like humans do, with freaking family and friendship. I’m on my own. I’m a savage beast.” I just looked back at him. “It is what I am.”

“Fine, do that. Ignore and reject what you used to be, who you could’ve been. Doesn’t matter to me either way. I can tell that there's probably no one in this whole universe that can fix you.”

Locke then teleported off to somewhere. I couldn’t sense him.

“We don’t need him.” Dakrus said.

“I guess you’re right.” I said. “I gave him a chance to help me… But he doesn’t want to. Or does he? Where did he go?”

“He went back to the city.” Dakrus said. “You still want to see if he’ll join?”

“Yeah.” I said. I then deactivated everything and went to wherever Locke was. I looked around, and I saw him walking, looking like he was grumbling. “Hey! Locke!”

“Oh great you already found me.” Locke said as he then floated and stood on top of a lightpost.

“I want you to join me.” I said.

“……” Locke just looked at me, he looked angry, a bit dumbfounded but mostly angry.

“You’re… you’re not bad.” I said.

“The problem was never that I was bad.” Locke said.

“Yeah but… I am bad, sure. But even when I was bad… And I was a jerk to you at first…” This was hard to say. “You’re still like… you’re a friend. Even when I was mean, you were still nice. You didn’t give up on me. I… admire that about you.” I can’t believe I’m saying this right now.

“Hmmmm…” Locke looked at me skeptically.

“What are you saying Broshi? This is nonsense.” Dakrus said. “He’s not important. You should just kill him, right now.”

“Kill him? No. He’s my friend.” I said.

“He left you too. Pretty much.”

“He left because we were arguing. It’s normal for people to leave when they have an argument.”

“And you are not ‘people’. You’re Broshi. You’re a monster.”

“Even so, he was still nice.” I said.

“What do you mean? You’re not trying to be nice, are you?”

“I am just being myself.” I said. “Locke, I’m sorry about before.” I also can’t believe I just said that too.

“Are you really?” Locke asked. “I have a feeling the voice in your head does not approve of your behavior.”

“I don’t care about Dakrus. He just is going to give me power. He doesn’t control me. I control myself. And I’m being myself right now.” I said. “He doesn’t have to approve. He can’t do anything about it.”

“Hmmm… I’m not sure.” Locke said. “I feel like maybe I should spend some time away from you.”

“And leave me alone with Dakrus? I don’t know how that would end with me…”

“If he’s gonna run, he knows stuff, we gotta kill him.” Dakrus said.

“It’s hard to resist.” I said. “You’ve been helping me, but if you go, I don’t think I can hold back much more.”

“Hmmmm...” Locke thought. “Fine I’ll stay with you a bit more. But then I’m leaving.”

“Don’t leave if Dakrus is still here.” I said. “Otherwise, I’m not sure I can… not kill you.”

“Fine. But once he’s gone, we’re gonna discuss the whole leaving thing.” Locke said as he floated down to me, he still seemed skeptical. “But I’m mainly doing this so that way you don’t murder innocent people.”

So not because… this is exactly why friendship is stupid. It’s not real. He doesn’t want to help me. Just the innocent people that I was going to kill. I thought he showed what friendship really was.

I’m dumb. Why would I think that? He doesn’t care about me. No one does. That’s why I am the way I am. I care about myself, while no one else cares about me.

“Well your face has clearly shown something.” Locke smirked.

“What does it show?” I asked. I was still kinda mad at him.

“That you actually cared about what I said.” Locke said as he then stood in front of me. “Besides, I gotta make sure you change before I ever leave. Probably the only person who can change you since you have yet to kill me.”

“I’m not gonna kill you.” I said. There was part of me that couldn’t dare hurt him, even though I’m a monster.  

“See? That’s why I’m gonna change you. Cuz I’m the only person you’ve haven’t killed and have follow you around. Would kinda be terrible of me to just leave you in the middle of society without knowing how it works or how to not just murder people who peev you off.”

“I didn’t kill you because you weren’t trying to kill me. People that followed me around were usually trying to kill me.” I explained to him why I haven’t killed him.

“That’s usually cuz you killed someone they cared about. Or maybe they just didn’t like you killing people. That’s why I gotta make sure you don’t do that. I mean, that’s what lead to you losing to Folly and Draco right? You killed Folly’s parents?”

“It was… my mission, yes.” I nodded.

“And that’s why he wanted revenge. So we gotta make sure you stop being a revenge making machine by making you stop murdering people without a good reason.” Locke said.

“But revenge feels good.” I said.

“Smoking and drugs and ‘something’ do too. But that doesn’t make them good things for you to have all the time.” Locke said.

“Why are drugs… bad? They’re bad?” I asked. “They aren’t though, I was drugged and it took away my pain when I was still at the facility.”

“No not medical drugs like painkillers and medicine. I mean the drugs that heal absolutely nothing but feel good. Like meth and crack and heroin and stuff. Those are all bad. But people like how they make them feel. So they keep using them.”

“Neeeever heard of them.”

“Course you haven’t. You don’t even have a school education. But basically, we need you to stop killing people for no reason so people don’t seek revenge on you so that way if they beat you and somehow don’t kill you, you don’t seek revenge on them. Basically I wanna stop the whole revenge domino effect you have going on.” Locke said.

For some reason, Dakrus wasn’t talking anymore.

“Well…” I said. “All my life was just killing, kidnapping, and doing all sorts of bad stuff for the E.F.A.I.”

“I know. So we’re gonna try and make sure you don’t do that anymore. I mean, those acts won’t really go away but we’ll make sure you at least become a decent moraled member of society. I mean, what are you gonna do after you get revenge on your brother anyway? We gotta make sure you have somewhere to go, to live. To be.”

“Hm.” I thought to myself about it. “Well. After I beat him, I guess, I could ask him what he’s been doing. I could do the same.”

“Yeah that’s a good idea! Who knows, you two could maybe even train together and stuff. But let’s leave that for later.”

“Pfft. If he trains, I’ll train to be stronger. I am better than him.” I said.

“Well, at least you still have one thing from your siblingship.” Locke said. “You have sibling rivalry with him, even if it is on the almost murdery side.”

“Well. I still do want to… do something…” I have been thinking about this for awhile, but never got to do it.

“And what is that?” Locke asked.

“I want to go somewhere.” I said. “I want to see what family is.” I was interested.


“Because you said I don’t know what it is. So I want to learn.” I said. “To see what it means.”

“I did say that.” Locke said as he thought to himself. “I mean I haven’t had much experience with family either. Sides my brother at the E.F.A.I. Haven’t seen him for awhile though. And we can’t just walk up to people to ask what family is. Cuz that’s kinda rude, and creepy, and might get us arrested.”

“Well, I was kidnapped as a child.” I said. “But I know where my home is. I was thinking of going and seeing who my parents are. See what family is that way.”

“Well where is you home? What planet?” Locke asked.

“Aerth.” I replied. “It’s similar to… Ertin. Same climates.”

“Really? Well I guess it wouldn’t hurt to take a look.” Locke said. “So we’d just need to get someone to fly us there. Do you remember where on Aerth it is?”

“I think so. I can probably find them.” I said. “We just need a spaceship, yeah. We should go to the space station and find… someone to give us a ride.”

“But how will we pay them? We don’t have any money or anything to trade. Don’t tell me we’re gonna threaten them.” Locke said.

“I don’t know. We’ll have to see.” I shrugged. “There’s the… Bounty Canteen. Maybe we could make a deal with a bounty hunter, and they’d give us a ride.”

“Better then nothing I guess.” Locke shrugged before we began flying to the space station.

“Yeah, let’s go.”

Chapter 5}


It was loud inside. People were messing around or having fun, doing stuff. Well I could be more descriptive, but I’m just gonna say they were doing stuff. Because I don’t know what they’re doing. Looks like drinking to me. And stuff. Stuff is a nice word. It can describe anything. So can the word anything.

“Hellooooo there.” a voice then spoke to us. In front of us appeared a figure dressed in some sort of suits, and had a helmet with goggles on, covering their face.

“Uhhh… hi?” Locke said, a bit caught off guard that someone would just randomly greet us.

“What’s up?” the person said.

“Hello.” I greeted them. “Can we help you? Or can you help us?”

“Yep. I believe I’ve seen you before. But you seem different than what I remember.” the person said.

“Wait. You’ve seen my brother, Draco?” I asked. Obviously they have.

“Ah, it was your brother. Then probably. My sister thought your brother was good looking, and was attracted to him. But now she says her personality doesn’t match his.” the person said.

“Uhh… what.” I was confused. “Someone thinks my twin brother is attractive?”

The person took off their helmet and goggles, revealing a girl with light brown/blond hair. “My name is Uchiha.” She stuck her hand out, and I shook it to be respectful.

“Okay, Uchiha. I’m Broshi.” I said. “This is… my friend Locke.”

“Hi.” Locke said.

“Anyway, I don’t need any help from you. But I can assist you if you’d like!” Uchiha said. Her smile was nice.

“Yeah, we want to get to Aerth.” I said. I was also surprised that Dakrus hasn’t said anything. I wondered what he was doing.

“Aerth?” Uchiha said. “Sure thing, Bro. Let’s go then, my spaceship awaits outside!” We then walked outside with Uchiha, and she led us to a spaceship. “Come on in.”

We walked inside, and I took a seat as Uchiha took hers in the pilot seat. Locke took his seat as well. I watched Uchiha do stuff, and by do stuff I mean pressing buttons. Then the spaceship took off into space.

I sat back in my seat.

“So how long should it take us to get there?” Locke asked as he sat in his seat.

“I don’t know yet.” Uchiha shrugged.

“Okay. I just thought I’d ask.” Locke said.


I sat there waiting till we arrived. I wondered what my parents would say when they saw me… Or what they’ve been doing. I also wondered if Draco would be there. If he was… I’m not entirely sure what I would do. I would probably fight him so I show I’m better. Locke said stuff about him changing, but even so, he was a jerk to me. So I’m gonna beat him up for that.

Locke doesn’t know what happened to me there so he really can’t tell me not to get revenge. I will get revenge, I’m not just gonna forgive him for beating me up. He helped Folly, not me. How nice? Either way, I’m not a forgiving person. I’ll get revenge every time.

It was quiet as we kept going. I didn’t know what to expect, since I didn’t know what a family is.

“I wonder how long we’ve been flying for.” Locke said to himself.

No one answered him. It was quiet.

It continued to be pretty quiet until we arrived.

“I’m gonna go alone.” I said. “Uchiha, you should stay.”

“You wanna ride back, no?” she asked.

“Yeah, but not right now. I gotta check stuff.” Stuff is a nice word.

Uchiha sat back in her seat. She then just nodded.

“Okay.” I then left the spaceship. It looked like a farm field was out here, just flat plains and animals.

I recognized it. Not because I’ve been here… but because they showed me pictures. Maybe they wanted me to come back here at some point. Well, I do want to, and I’m already here.

I walked along the gravel road, waiting for when I see a house that I recognized. They also showed me a picture of that too. They didn’t hide much of my past, or, well, where I came from. Then I grew up with them and they made me who I am today.

Then I saw it. It was just as the picture showed it, a normal farm house. My parents were farmers? Lame.

I walked up to the front door of the house. I didn’t know what to expect. I could break in, that would be fun, but that’s besides the point. I knocked on the door instead.

It took awhile before someone came and opened the door. I looked up at them. I didn’t recognize who it was, but it was a man, and his face did look similar to mine, and my brother’s. This must be my father then.

My father looked down at me. I just looked back up at him, and didn’t say a word. There was a moment of silence that felt like a whole hour.

Then he spoke. “Well, it looks like you’re back.” He chuckled. “Hey there, Broshi, my son!”

“Hello.” I replied.

“Want to come on inside? Get something to drink? Man you look so much older, haven’t seen you in forever!”

This is not what I expected either.

“I was kidnapped as a baby.” I said. I walked inside the house cuz he let me in, I guess that’s family. They let you in houses.

“Yeah, we couldn’t get you.” my father led me to the kitchen table and sat down. “But it did make you strong.”

“Ha!” I laughed. “Of course. This body is powerful.” I smirked.

“Exactly.” My father smiled. To me he just seemed like any man, not my father. I thought about how I’ve seen a father and son before. They hugged each other. But this guy here, my father, did none of that. Not complaining though. Don’t like hugs. I deeply despise any form of ‘love’.

“So, father, where is mother?” I asked him.

“She’s with your older brother.”

Wait. “I have more siblings?!”

“Yes. All of them left however. Your older brother Alextro and your younger sister Draelin. Alex is a grown man now so he’s on his own. Your sister went with Draco.” He sat down.

I kind of winced when he mentioned him. “Where are they?”

“Not sure, I don’t keep track of them. They’re done and can be independent now. So my job is done.”

I see. “Well. It’s… nice to see you then.”

“Nice for you to visit too.”

“I’m gonna look for Draco.” I said.

“You don’t want anything to drink?”

“No, I’m fine. I should go find Draco.”

“What do you want from your brother?”

Uh… “Just, just talk to him.”


“Umm.” Not sure what he would think about my revenge plan.

I then heard a had frantic knock at the door.

“Hey Broshi, I’m kinda in handcuffs. And the person who handcuffed me said we were coming here next so…” I heard Locke say outside.

My father smirked up. “Code S.” He said.

I heard a sudden scream coming from Locke. What. What just happened? My father opened the door, and Locke was there. Behind him was a man dressed in a full body white suit and had a mask on.

“Perfect.” My father smiled. “Finally caught that one.”

“What…” I was confused.

“Take him away.” My father said to the man. The man nodded and escaped with Locke. My father turned to me. “I hope you don’t mind that we’ve taken your little friend.”

“…” I looked up at him. “Where is he being taken? And who are you?”

“Heh.” My father then laughed. “Did you really think you were kidnapped? We chose to give you to the E.F.A.I. I work with them.” I saw him take out handcuffs.

“You’re not gonna… try and capture me. Are you?” I clenched my fists. I’m not going to go back to that dirt hole again.

“What? You think these handcuffs are just to play a little game of cops and robbers?” My father laughed. “Of course we’re gonna capture you!”

He was about to handcuff me. But I resisted. I let out the dark vines from my back, grabbing the handcuffs and tossing them aside. My father was just… he made me into what I was. I never was kidnapped.

I was furious now. I released my power, surrounding myself with a dark aura, both my eyes lit aflame as I looked at my father.

“It’s useless to resist, Broshi.”

I felt something sting me in my back. I turned and saw a needle, someone had shot me from behind. Of course, I’m stupid. My father mentioned we when he talked. He said we were going to capture you. I didn’t sense anyone else though. They tricked me.

“See you in the morning, Broshi.” The last thing I saw was that smile on my father’s face before I passed out.


I rubbed my eyes. I got up, feeling exhausted. How long have I slept for? What happened? Where am I? I had a lot of questions. Looking around, I was in a cage. Great.

Wait. I recognized this place… I was in a laboratory. I was back in the facility. Back in the E.F.A.I.

I then overheard someone talking.

“Both of their trackers have been taken out. What could that mean?” It sounded like a woman’s voice.

“Obviously someone had taken it out.” I recognized the voice… my father. “Must be one of Dr. He’s acquaintances.”

“We’ll replace them then. Once it’s ready.” I heard the footsteps of that woman. She was walking away.

I looked around more. In front of me, there was reflective glass past the cage. We couldn’t see through it, but whoever was on the other side could. To my right was just a wall, one that if I tried to break, it will hurt me in ways normal didn’t think existed. To my left… I spotted Locke asleep in the other cage. It was more like a prison than a cage, the left side of the cage was shared with Locke’s right side.

I let out one dark vine from my back and stuck it into Locke’s cage, poking him with the side that wasn’t sharp.

“Hmmm? What?” Locke asked.

“Oh.” I said. “You’re awake.”

“Yeah.” Locke said.

I laid back. “How’re you… doing?”

“Well besides the fact that they chloroformed me and put me in a cell, I have no cuts or bruises.” Locke replied.

“Well that’s good then.” I sighed. “We’ll be stuck here forever then.”

“Seems like it. Guess looking for your family was a bad idea on our part.” Locke said, sounding guilty.

“But at least now I know what family is: just people that you’re related to.” I said. Part of me didn’t like that my father was the one that put me through the whole E.F.A.I. thing, but because it made me stronger, I was okay with it. I was not okay with being caged like an animal for the rest of my life, however.

“Well yeah. There's something more than that, but you're clearly not gonna get that from your dad.” Locke said gloomily.

“Yeah.” I said. “I don’t know.” I looked over at him.

“Now for all we know, we’re gonna be stuck here forever. Or maybe they’ll just off us.” Locke said.

“Off us?” I questioned.

“Means kill.” Locke replied.

“Oh.” I looked down at the ground. “They won’t kill us, unless we’re failed experiments. And we aren’t failed ones.”

“But are we successful because we escaped?” Locke asked.

“Maybe. All I know is that the failed ones didn’t get mutated correctly or something. If we’re alive after our DNA was modified, then we are successful. Ones that were failures had some problem and they kinda were killed while being altered with.” I explained.

“Well anyway, there's probably no way we’re gonna be able to escape.” Locke said.

“Correct. We’re stuck here.” I nodded.

“Don’t really have anything else to look forward to now.” Locke said as he laid down again.


It was then silent for a few minutes. I was hungry. And bored, there’s nothing to do in this prison but sit. At least Locke was there though. Isolation drives most of us crazy.

“Hey, Locke.” I then said.

“Yeah?” he asked.

“What… what was your father like?”

“Don’t remember him much. About as much as I remember my older brother.” Locke said.

“How do you know so much about family then?”

“Because what I do remember of them before they separated me and my brother, is that we were always together and happy.” Locke said.

“What makes you happy?”

“Being with people who make me comfortable. Feeling safe. Feeling like I should be where I am.”

“I don’t think you’re happy right now then.”

“Oh definitely not.” Locke said quickly.

My stomach then growled loudly.

“I’m hungry…” I then said.

Suddenly, someone entered the room. I looked up and it was my father. I could see on his name tag, it said ‘Dr. Saurashido’. He had a plate of food with him.

“You hungry, son?” he slipped the plate in under the cell. I took it and ate the food without responding. I ate it all, including the plate. “Oh it looks like you were hungry. Sorry, didn’t get the food to you sooner.”

I looked up at him. “What do you want?”

“You don’t like cages, so, I was gonna take you out.” he said. “As long as, you do as you’re told.”

“Gonna send me on missions again?” I asked.

“Pretty much.”

“Better than being in here.” I stood up. “What’s my mission?”

“The usual. Do whatever to bring in more subjects.” He said. “Your friend, he could help you.”

“I can what now?” Locke asked.

“Join Broshi and recruit. That or stay in that cell forever.”

“I’d rather not be stuck in a cell.” Locke said.

“Then you’ll go with Broshi and recruit.” My father turned around, his back facing us. Then the cell doors opened. I stepped out.

“So how exactly does one recruit people?” Locke asked.

“Broshi knows. Follow his lead.” my father turned to head out the door. He opened it, leaving it open for me. “He won’t fail us. He never has.” The last thing I saw of him was a smirk.

I headed outside into a large hallway. I looked back into the prison room at Locke. “You coming?”

“Yeah,” Locke said as he walked out of the cell. “Was just thinking about something for a second.”

“Which is…?” I asked.

“Nothing important. Just a random thought.” Locke said, shrugging it off.

“If you say so.” I walked out into the hallway. “Let’s go then. Recruitment time.” I could see the exit sign at the end of the hallway. It was glowing green and it said ‘exit’. So it was obviously an exit. “You wondered how we recruit, right?” Locke walked next to me as we headed for the exit. I walked with my hands in my pocket.

“Yeah, I was.” He nodded.

“So pretty much it works this way: Babies are the best, so if we can kidnap babies and bring them in, we get better rewards.” I explained. “Then children, teenagers, excetera. Adults are fully grown so modifying their genetics isn’t as… No clue what. They just prefer kids.” We then reached the exit and walked out, finding ourselves in a desert. Sand was present as far as the eye can see. “This was my life, and is my life again. Kidnapping, killing, hurting… it’s better than being stuck in a cage.”

“Pretty sure most things are.” Locke said.

“Yeah. See, you understand.” I nodded. “We’re pretty much free to do whatever as long as we bring in subjects every once and awhile. At least one subject a day. If we get a bunch, they might give us a vacation.”

“One a day? That sounds like it could be hard to maintain after a while.” Locke said, thinking to himself.

“It’s a big galaxy. I used to get myself a base and capture as many as I could. So I’d have a bunch and I can relax, and I just have to turn one in each day.” I said.

“Well wouldn’t we need a mode of transportation in order to get them here everyday?” Locke asked.

“Yeah. Or we could contact them and have someone pick one up.” I said. “But I don’t do that since I don’t want them finding my base and my strategy, so I just get transportation every time.”

“Sounds simple enough. Isn’t a good deed but it's simple.” Locke said.

“That’s life. Simple but not good.” I said. “You might as well get used to it. Life won’t be all fun and happy. Bad stuff happens. And we have no control over it.”

“Well we of all people have even less control over our lives than normal people do.” Locke said.


“So where should we start anyway?” Locke asked.

“Planets that are inhabited, which is obvious. But we have to be careful not to get caught. And if we do… We have to say we did this by our own will, we can’t put blame at the E.F.A.I. Won’t work out.” I said.

“Why’s that?” Locke asked.

“It’s been tried before. By people like you, the goodie kiddos.” I replied. “They won’t believe you since you have no evidence, the E.F.A.I. will leave you on your own once you get caught.”

“Course they do.” Locke muttered.

“Yep.” I nodded. “Now, we gotta get off this planet. Maybe we should use the teleporter back inside.” I went back into the building because this desert was gonna be useless.

“Good idea.” Locke said, following me.

We walked to the teleporter room, where there was a teleporter inside. Duh. There was also a man who nodded at us, allowing us to use the teleporter. We stood on the platform and then were teleported.

We appeared on another platform, and the man there nodded at us, letting us go. We walked out of the room and into another hallway.

“Looks like we’re at the Space Facility.” I said.

“Where do we go from here?” Locke asked.

“To a planet.” I replied. “But first let me pick up something.” I walked to a random office and knocked on the door. A man opened it. “Yo, can I get a contact device?”

“Sure.” He handed me the device that I could use to call someone over to pick up subjects that we capture.

“Thanks.” I then kept walking down the hallway, with Locke following behind. “Okay, we’re good there.”

“Now we just pick a planet and head there via ship or teleport?” Locke asked as we walked along.

“Well we can’t drive so we have a different method of transportation. We take a ship, yeah, but it’s a small pod. It automatically heads to certain planets.” I said, as we took a left into another hallway where the pods were.

As we entered one of the pods, I noticed Locke was studying our surroundings. I took a seat as the pod closed.

“Alright, which planet?” I then asked.

“I dunno. They don’t really educate us on what planets are which outside of a few of the elemental ones.” Locke said.

“Yeah well, then, how about we go with random?” I suggested.

“Better then deciding between like five elemental planets. Three of which are pretty inhospitable for us.” Locke said.

I pressed the buttons to move around the choices and chose random.

“Okay,” I said, looking at the random planet we got, “looks like we’re going to Featherros.” The pod then started moving towards our destination.

“Featherros? What, do they like worship poultry?” Locke asked.

“What?” I asked. “What the heck is poultry?”

“Birds you eat, chickens, ducks, geese, etc.” Locke replied.

“Why would anyone worship food? Sounds dumb.”

“You think most things sound dumb.” Locke replied.

“Yeah, like how Locke sounds dumb.” I laughed a bit at my joke. Locke just glared at me. “What? I’m being honest. What kind of name is Locke?”

“I dunno, what kind of name is Broshi? You’re literally a T away from your name describing a sibling taking a dump.” Locke retorted.

“Oh dang, that was a good one.” I said, laughing.

“Anyway, does the pod tell you how long it's gonna take for us to get to Planet Plumage or something?” Locke asked.

“Just be patient, dude. Who cares how long it takes!” I said, laying back in my seat. “We’re moving at like, light speed, so it won’t matter.”

Locke simply rolled his eyes as he laid in his seat. Sooner or later, our pod landed onto the planet Featherros.

“We’re here.” The pod opened up and I walked out. The planet looked normal, there were trees with bright colored leaves. All the plants were either red, orange, or yellow. There was no green in sight. Even the grass was red, orange, and yellow.

“Huh. Must be Autumn here.” Locke said as he walked out. “Guess here, even the ferns and grass change colors.”

“Yeah. Looks like we’re in a forest.” I looked back at the pod. “We’ll leave the pod and come back once we’re done here.”

We started to walk through the forest until we saw a big castle.

“Looks like a good spot.” I said to Locke as we approached.

“What do you plan to try and live in there?” Locke asked skeptically.

“Nah.” I shook my head.

Once we made it to the gate, we were stopped by armed men, donned in impressive battle armor. They looked at us like we were aliens.

“Contact his majesty!” They then seemed to be calling for their king.

“Yo, you gonna let us in though?” I asked.

The gates opened and we spotted a royal looking man with a crown. Probably the King. Locke and I walked in and the gate closed behind us.

“What brings you to my castle, young men?” the king asked in a deep and commanding voice, yet it sounded friendly. He had purple hair and beard tinged with a mix of gray, he must've been in his early fifties, yet he still looked young and strong.

“We were looking for a place and this was the closest. Ya know?” I replied. I can’t just say we were gonna kidnap a bunch of babies and turn them in to the E.F.A.I. “You’ve got a nice castle here.”

“Are you now? We can probably accommodate you for a night.” The king said, thinking for a bit.

“Sounds good.” I said.

“So where exactly would we stay?” Locke asked, he sounded more polite then he did in the pod.

“We have guest rooms inside the castle.” The King said.

“Got any food?” I asked. “Cuz I’m hungry.”

“We’ve got some in the banquet hall.”

“Nice, okay, so, can I get some?” I asked, as my stomach growled.

“Course you can, just follow me.” The King said.

“King Teloiven you’re being oddly generous today.” One of the guards said.

“It’s good to be generous every once and a while.” the King replied.

We then followed the king, who’s name was Teloiven, into the castle. We walked through fancy hallways and large rooms before finally entering a giant dining hall with huge tables.

“Holy frick, those tables are huge.” I said in awe. “Can I get… a lot of food?” I wondered if Teloiven would feed us just like that.

“Well we do have some leftovers from lunch about half an hour ago.” King Teloiven said. “You could have that if you want.”

“Yes please.” I said.

“Very well.” King Teloiven said before he walked over to a button and pushed it, causing a bell to ring. “Please take your seats.”

As Locke and I sat down we saw dozens of butlers and maids bringing out platter of food and setting them down in front of us.

I then proceeded in eating all of the food, including the plates.

“Please don’t eat the plates.” The King said sternly.

“But they taste fine.” I said.

“They aren’t meant to be eaten in the first place. Keep eating them and you can’t stay here.”

“Okay.” I had to slow down since I couldn’t eat the plates. I proceeded in eating the food. Tasted pretty good to be honest.

“Hey Broshi, you think maybe I could have some food?” Locke asked as I noticed all of the empty plates were next to me and he hadn’t eaten anything.

“You’re slow, not my fault.” I said as I continued eating.

“How is it my fault that that you're taking all of the food before it reaches me? It’s not my fault you're a glutton with a black hole for a stomach and the ability to go faster than sound.” Locke grumbled.

I gave him a full plate slowly with one hand as I continued eating with the other.

“Thank you.” Locke said before he began eating.

Then I had finished all the food as Locke had just started eating. I looked over at him, and raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t make me throw you.” Locke threatened as he was surrounded by a faint purple aura.

“I was just gonna ask… you gonna finish that?” I pointed at his plate.

“Yes. I am.” Locke said.

“Well you’re slow at it.” I said, sitting back.

“Actually, he’s eating faster then a normal human eats. Granted compared to you I guess that would be slow.” King Teloiven said.

“Oh hey, King dude, do you got any more food?” I asked.

“What do you mean? You ate all of the leftovers.” King Teloiven said. “Leftovers which accounted for half of a huge party’s meal at that.”

“Dang you guys have tiny stomachs.” I commented. “Well. Thanks for the food. I’ll spare you since you fed me.”

“Did you seriously just half threaten him?” Locke asked as he finished his food.

“What does it look like, chump?” I retorted as I used a toothpick on my teeth.

“Don’t call me that.” Locke grumbled.

“Then what should I call you?” I asked. “Mr. Slow Eater?”

“I’m beginning to have second thoughts about agreeing to continue being around you.” Locke said with a sigh, ignoring my question.

“Either that or being stuck in a cell.” I replied.

“I’m beginning to weigh which of those would be worse.” Locke said.

“Hey when you came with me, you got food. They don’t feed you well when you’re in a cell.” I replied. “So obviously that one is worse.”

“But I’m wondering which would be worse, sitting in a cell in silence or dealing with your abrasive bullying.” Locke replied.

“Anyway, now that you two are done eating. What else do you plan to do today?” King Teloiven asked, he seemed a bit impatient with our argument.

“Well, we could walk around this place. Seems cool.” I said to the king.

“Hmmm…” King Teloiven thought.

“Sounds good to you? Alright, thanks!” I got up and headed to exit the castle to find some babies to kidnap.

As I walked outside the castle I could see more of the town. It was like a mix of a medieval town mixed with a futuristic city. Pretty cool. I wondered how nice it would look covered in flames…

I then made it into what seemed to be a market. I spotted a baby, I couldn’t tell if it was a girl or a boy. I walked over to it and picked it up. I looked around to see if anyone would stop me. Apparently no one did, so I sped through the town and jumped over the walls, arriving back at the pod. I set the baby inside the pod. Got one down.

I took out the device and called for someone to pick it up. A man appeared afterwards, summoned by the device.

“Yo, got a baby,” I said.

“Ah, good work.” The man saw the baby I had captured.

“In fact, I got this whole kingdom available for use.” I pointed at the castle. When the man turned around to see it, I knew this was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. I stabbed the man in the back, piercing his heart, with a dark vine, killing him. “That’s revenge for capturing me again.” I disintegrated the body with plasma, looking back at the castle afterwards. Why don’t I have some fun with this castle…


Chapter 6}


It took awhile but sooner or later, the people of this castle town began to realize that their babies were missing. Ha! They didn’t know that I kidnapped them since I was too fast for them to even see. The pod was filled with babies, riding back would be a total pain with a bunch of babies crying.

I wondered where Locke was. He wasn’t really helping out, but it didn’t matter. I could do it all by myself. These town folks are stupid, they don’t know what’s hitting them.

I noticed, as I walked through the town, that the remaining babies were being guarded by armed guards. Pfft. Like that could stop me. I tracked them down, and spotted the babies inside a house with guards. I walked on in, and before any of the guards could say anything, I killed them with dark vines. I left their dead bodies there as I took the babies back to the pod.

That was all of them. The pod was packed tight. I squeezed in, and set the coordinates to head back to the Space Facility. Then I jumped out and let it escape. Well, now I was stuck on this planet. But at least now I get a break for kidnapping every single baby in this castle town.

I returned to the castle where I spotted Locke chatting with King Teloiven. I did all the work while he chatted. I did the fun part, while Locke did the distracting part.

“Hey hey, wassup Locke, Teloiven.” I said, walking up to them with my hands in my pockets.

“Hello Broshi.” Locke said in a not very greeting way.

“What have you guys been up to?” I asked.

“Majesty! All the babies have disappeared!” A guard suddenly appeared, pleading to King Teloiven.

“I don’t understand how they’ve all disappeared in only two days.” King Teloiven said as he looked at the two of us, a look of slight suspicion and concern on his face.

“Yeah, it’s weird isn’t it? We must be bad luck.” I replied.

“Broshi, you don’t seem to be taking this very seriously.” Locke said.

“Not the first time it happened to me. So I’m used to it.” I shrugged. “What, this is the first time this happened to you guys here in Featherros?” I asked the King.

“Yes, usually we don’t have all of our newborns stolen in forty eight hours.” The King said, he looked upset at my calmness.

“Well, you want help finding where they are?” I asked. “Cuz I mean… I could track them down.”

“And how would you be able to do that?” King Teloiven asked, he looked suspicious of me.

“You have noooo idea, old man.” I replied. “I’m capable of doing a lot of things other than just eat fast. I know where the babies are, but we can’t get to them. They’re way off in space now.”

“……” The king half glared at me.

“What?” I asked. “I told you where they are. And that by now, it’s probably too late to get them back, since we don’t have transportation and since they’re test subjects now.”

“You…” the king said, he was seemingly furious.

“Not me. The scientists that took them, bro.” I said.

Locke was simply watching, he seemed unsure of if he should say something or not. If he exposed us, then that would cause problems and I’d have to something about it. But Locke is better than that.

“Hey, it’s not like they’re dead.” I then added. “I was kidnapped by the scientists when I was a baby too. And here I am, stronger than ever.”

“That doesn’t make it any better. They still took their kids. That’s unredeemable.” the king said.

“We really can’t do much about that, majesty.” I replied. “Can’t they just get more kids?” Since the pod was gone, and I already got like two hundred or so babies, I’m good for 200 days. So any new babies are safe. For now, at least.

“ ‘Can’t they just get more kids?’ Who do you think you are? Parents can’t just have another kid after having one get kidnapped. They can’t just forget it happened.” the king said.

“Well before I was asleep, so I couldn’t stop them.” I yawned. “But now I’m awake so I could.” I had a plan to convince them. I grabbed the device in my pocket and pressed the button. A man dressed in white was summoned. “Oi! No more baby kidnapping!” I then leaped at him before he could do anything and killed him with my dark vines. Or at least I would’ve. If Locke hadn’t grabbed me with his mind and chucked me out the window.

Startled by his sudden movement, I grabbed the edge of the window with my dark vines and threw myself back in. I looked at Locke. “What was that for!?”

“Because you almost ruined everything!” He yelled.

“How is this ruining!? This guy is the one kidnapping all the babies!” I pointed at the E.F.A.I. worker that I had summoned, who was watching carefully with a weapon in his hands.

“It’s ruining because you didn't use your dang head to realize that it's very obvious YOU summoned the transport guy.” I had noticed by now that Locke must’ve teleported the king away. “Do you really think that would’ve lowered any suspicion?”

“Yeah, cuz it wasn’t THAT obvious. The king isn’t an Ultimate.” I said.

“Oh boo hoo he doesn’t have a power rock. He still has eyes you idiot!” Locke yelled.

“Whatever, if he suspected us, I could've just killed him then.” I shrugged it off.

“Oh yes kill the king, that totally won’t get us captured slash killed.” Locke said, acting like my apparent ‘stupidity’ was frustrating him.

“Ha! The guards are no stronger than their babies!” I exclaimed. “They won’t be able to touch us even. You are even stronger than them. That’s the benefit of modified DNA!”

“Oh the guards here aren’t what I was referring to.” Locke said. “I’m referring to something even YOU with all your ego couldn't handle.”

“…the E.F.A.I. itself?” I questioned.

“Something similar to that. Have you ever heard of Dr. He? Well he has an interesting connection to that king, or rather the king’s brother.” Locke said.

“And how would you know that?” I asked.

“The heck do you think I’ve been doing the past two days?” Locke asked.

“Oooh, so while the king was distracted, you drew out information from him.” I said.

“Basically. And I learned that his brother, King Verdan. Knows Dr. He. Granted, you may not know what that entirely means for his brother so I’ll make it simple. Imagine a fully trained ultimate crystal using army with modified DNA like ours. Thats King Verdan’s army.” Locke said.

“Wait. So why doesn’t his brother have a good army then? Sounds selfish.” I said. “I would do the same though.”

“Because his good soldiers are off doing other things. He didn’t expect for something like you did so he wasn’t prepared.”

“Well, at least it was easy then. We’re free for 200 or so days to do whatever now, so, we could leave this place.” I said.

“In all honesty, staying here would be a terrible idea. As since the King’s brother has that army and said brother also knows about the E.F.A.I. We don’t want to get caught in the blast zone of what could possibly happen. Seriously, that army King Verdan has is one of many things the E.F.A.I is upset about since Dr. He left the organization. Not even they have the resources to deal with it, his army is just so well trained and powerful. So we really need to get to another planet quick. Because worse case scenario, this place is just gonna have a lot of DNA modified babies rather than normal ones.”

“Yeah. And best case scenario, if we don’t leave and have to face that army, the Dakrus dude could help out. Right Dakrus?” I said aloud. But he didn’t reply, huh. I wonder why.

“That’s not what the best case scenario would be. What it would be is that the army would expose the E.F.A.I for the kidnapping of a whole kingdom’s newborns which they’d be able to prove by just having the government and said army search their locations.” Locke said.

“It wouldn’t be a problem for the E.F.A.I. They know how to deal with things.” I said.

“Yeah, they know how to deal with small things, like maybe only a dozen people being kidnapped, they can hide that easy. But from all I’ve learned from looking through information with my mind is that they’ve never had to deal with the amount of people you just sent. Sure, you’ve bought us 200 days of vacation. But you’ve also brought them 200 babies worth of they’re screwed.” Locke said.

“If anything were to go wrong with this kingdom…” The E.F.A.I. worker I had summoned spoke up. I forgot he was there. “We could have them all executed and our problems will be solved.”

“Oh right because of course you heartless monsters wouldn’t care if 200 babies get murdered. Just like how you don’t care for human life at all.” Locke scowled.

“We’re not killing the babies. They’re experiments, that’s all.” The E.F.A.I. worker said.

“Somehow, I doubt that. The fact that you would experiment on babies at all clearly shows you have no care of human privacy or ethics.” Locke said.

“Just doing my job, kid. You’d have to tell that to the boss, even though he wouldn’t care.” The E.F.A.I. worker said.

“Course he wouldn’t. I’d be surprised if he actually cared if all of us experiments dropped dead and he showed more concern than just ‘Welp, now we need to kidnap more babies and orphans.’ I’d wonder what kind’ve of goal your organization even has, but for all I know, your boss is just doing this for nothing but the fun of it.”

“Originally it was Dr. He that started this organization.” The E.F.A.I. worker said. “It’s goal was to see how other animal and creature DNA in humans would do to the human. Subjects were originally volunteers. But when the boss, who was Dr. He’s assistant, saw what power the DNA had, he wanted to create an army. The army at the moment is even bigger than this King Verdan’s army. So it won’t be a problem for us.”

“Holy shiz.” I said. “So Dr. He left cuz he didn’t like what the assistant was doing?”

“Yes. That’s what happened. Or what we were told.” The E.F.A.I. worker said.

I then noticed that Locke was leaving the castle and was about to close the door behind him.

“Hey Locke, where are you going?” I asked him.

“For all you and the E.F.A.I. care I’m going to the middle of a forest to grab my own head with my psychic powers and tear it off cuz I’m tired of living with what my life is and dealing with your uncaring nature. That and the fact that for some reason I was dumb enough to think that going with you after leaving you behind would ever be a good idea.” Locke said coldly as he closed the door behind him.

“Huh.” I looked back at the E.F.A.I. worker. “What’s his deal?”

“He already told you. He’s like a lot of people, they don’t like what’s being done to them and others. They can’t do anything about it, and neither can I.” The E.F.A.I. worker said.

I didn’t like what was done to me either, because I don’t like being in a cage. That’s why I killed the last worker I summoned, for revenge. But now I see they were all innocent too. They didn’t like what they’re doing but are forced to by whoever their boss is. Man, this is really complicated.

“Why does this… happen?” I questioned. Not really to anyone, but just in general. “Why do we just… I don’t know. Why do I listen and do as I’m told?”

“So you don’t get tortured or be put in a cell until you die.” The E.F.A.I. worker answered. “Sometimes doing what is bad is better than getting bad things done to you.” He sighed. “Doesn’t mean it’s not wrong still. You killed my co-worker by the way.”

“Oh fricc. Right. Sorry about that.”

“It’s fine. He was going to die since he didn’t do something right. You ended him with less pain than he would feel in the hands of the boss.” The E.F.A.I. worker turned around. “I should head back now. I’m in charge of watching you and Locke now. Take care.” He then disappeared.

Man. Life was messed up.

“Pathetic mortals.” Dakrus was back.

“Oh. Hey Dakrus. Where have you been?” I asked.

“I’ve been feeding off of your energy to recharge. Thanks for that, by the way. I’m almost fully recharged.”

“Cool.” I really wasn’t in the mood for this anymore.

“I’m in the mood for killing. What do ya say?”

“Not in the mood.”

“Maybe next time then.”

“Yeah. Maybe.” Then I had an idea. “Say, Dakrus. What do you know about the E.F.A.I.?”

“As much as you know. They wanted my DNA to create hybrids of humans and the dark creature I am. Told them it would kill them. You can’t mix immortal DNA with mortal DNA.”

“Oh.” I said. “Well. You’re strong, right? Can you help me take down the organization?”

“Stupid goal. Dream on, kid. Dream on.”

“You’re strong, you could take it down with me.”

“Hear me out.” Dakrus said. “People that do evil, I will leave alone. The E.F.A.I. is doing a lot of evil. I like them.”

Welp. So much for that plan.

“But seriously, I’m in the killing mood. Let's go kill some innocents.”

“No. No more killing today.” I said. “I’ve had enough.”

“Okay then, I’ll return to charging up.”

I then walked outside the castle to find Locke.


“Locke?” I called out into the dark forest. I was tired. Maybe because Dakrus was feeding off of my energy. But I was too tired to find Locke with my powers. So I had to find him normally. “Locke where are you?”

No response. He wasn’t anywhere around here. There was no sign of him. What should I do now then? I could just leave, but I didn’t have a pod since that was used to transport the babies.

I took out the summoning device and summoned the worker from before.

“Hey Broshi.” it was the same guy.

“Can you take me back to the facility?” I asked. “I’m done with this planet.”

“Okay.” He grabbed my shoulder and disappeared, dragging me along. We were now in an office, probably his office. “You look tired. You should get some rest.”

I nodded as I exited the office. As I walked through the hallway, I bumped into someone. I looked up, it was a tall man.

“Watch where you’re going, lad. It’s not good to bump into people. Especially me.” the tall man said. He had gray hair, looked pretty old yet he seemed full with energy.

“No. You watch where you’re going, chump.” I growled.

“You have any idea who I am?” he looked down at me, he looked scary.

“No, who are you?”

“Dr. Mousha. You’ve probably heard of me. I’m the boss here.”

“Boss?” I looked up at him. “It’s a pleasure to meet you then.”

A smile appeared on Dr. Mousha’s face. “I saw you kidnapped over 200 babies and brought them. It’s not possible to do that and go unnoticed in the Elemental System. You’ve given me an idea.”

“What, to go to other systems?” I asked.

“We need more labs around the galaxy. We’ve got one being sent to Featherros. You’ve done well, Broshi.” Dr. Mousha walked away down the hall. “You get a year of vacation. We don’t need you.”

I nodded. “Thank you sir.” I was free for a year.

“However, bring that child back. I think his name was Locke.” Dr. Mousha turned around for a second. “I heard he had problems with my way of doing things. He shall have the same fate as the others.”

I gulped. Dr. Mousha smirked and then walked away. I wasn’t going to bring Locke only for him to get… whatever it was he was going to face. But if I didn’t follow orders from the boss of the E.F.A.I. itself, then I would be in trouble.

If an E.F.A.I. laboratory was being installed on Featherros, they would find him. Not going to happen. I’ll just have to find him first, and then hide him before they could do anything bad to him.

I smacked my head. What happened to me? I was so different before. When Locke came into my life, I changed. I didn’t feel the same at all. Or maybe because Dakrus is inside me? He was just giving me more power. But really, just feeding off of me so he could get his power back.

I walked through the hallways and then spotted an open door. My curiosity of what was inside led me to enter the room. It was a prison room, and there was a cell. Inside the cell was this white haired kid dressed in the same ragged clothes that I was dressed in. He looked up at me, and I saw his eyes were blue.

“Oh frick.” I also realized it was Folly, the guy who my brother Draco had teamed up with to kill me.

Folly suddenly coughed out blood. I saw he was injured. I didn’t know if I should say anything, since the dude hated me.

“Folly?” I decided to say his name.

He looked up at me, hate filled in his eyes. “You’re alive.”

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“Frick!” Folly punched the wall, but did no damage to it. They were durable, they had to be to keep us stuck inside. Folly was breathing heavily. He looked up at me. “They put me in here. I let one of their greatest weapons escape.”

“You did?” I asked.

“Apparently. I was helping out some old friends, letting them escape and be free. I had to be a distraction for them to escape, however. I got caught.” Folly looked down, and I saw there was a chain around his neck as the chain was attached to the wall. “I’m now left here to die.”

Part of me ached. What… where did that come from? Why did I care about… Folly? He tried to kill me. I smacked my head again. What was going on with me?

“Are… are you okay?” Folly asked.

“No.” I slapped myself, leaving a bruise on my left cheek. “Okay. I’m good now.” I had to come back to my senses. I shouldn’t care for Folly. I shouldn’t care for anyone.

“Dang it. It would be good if you just killed yourself.” Folly said. See, my point exactly.

“It would be good if I just left you here to die, too.” I retorted.

“How did you survive? I’m pretty sure I had you dead then.” Folly said.

“Genetics, DNA, stuff.” I summed it up for him. “Apparently after I’m dead, or close to dying, my body starts to regenerate.”

“Frick.” Folly got up onto his legs but the chain on his neck pulled him back. “I’ll kill you again once I get out of this cell!”

“Good luck with that.” I said. I turned around to walk away.

“DON’T JUST WALK AWAY FROM ME!” Folly shouted from behind me.

“I have better things to do. Better and stronger people to fight.” I turned my head and looked at him, he was furious. “See ya when you’re out of the cell, if you ever will be.” Then I walked away with a smirk as Folly was screaming gibberish.

I had to find Locke before the E.F.A.I. did.

And then I had to hide him.

Chapter 7}


Since I was free, I could just take another pod. And that’s exactly what I did. It will take the E.F.A.I. time to get to Featherros and set up a laboratory, so I can get there and find Locke before they find him.

Oh, and I got some sleep on the way there. So I was well rested, I could track down Locke with my powers. My pod hadn’t reached Featherros yet. I should also mention, I took a pod with a television inside. So I watched some TV.

I was somewhat surprised when I saw my brother, Draco, on TV. He was doing some tournament on the Rock Planet. Cool, I guess. I didn’t care anymore. Revenge or not, I could do that after I found Locke and saved him.

I just had to sit and wait until I arrived at Featherros. Soon, I could see the planet through my window as my pod came closer to it. Eventually, my pod entered the atmosphere and landed somewhere on the planet. I got out of the pod. I didn’t sense the E.F.A.I. so they weren’t here yet.

I had to find Locke. I activated my techniques, my Dragon Eye level one as my right eye set aflame. I searched through the planet, running around as fast as I could. I thought about where Locke would hide. Maybe a cave, perhaps.

So I started to enter every single cave I saw. Eventually, I found him. He was laying there in the cave when I walked in, my Dragon Eye giving off some light.

“Locke.” I called out his name.

He simply sat up and stared at me.

“Finally found you.” I said. “Come on, we gotta go.”

“And why’s that? Cuz the E.F.A.I. are gonna come and capture me? Well then I’ll just off myself before they get here.” Locke said coldly.

“No, we’re going to escape before they get here.” I said. “Come on. Let’s go.”

“And why should I go with you?” Locke asked.

“Because I’m helping you!” I replied. “And because you helped me. We can still escape from them. I’m free to do whatever for a year. You’re going to be captured by them and they’ll do stuff to you. So it’s better to come with me, and hide.” I stuck out my hand to him, to help him up. “C’mon. We can be free.”

“You seem to have forgotten something.” Locke said, ignoring my hand.

“What?” I asked.

Locke then reached out to the ground next to him and held in his hand some sort of chip with a small blinking red light on it. There was also a bit of dried blood on it, meaning he must’ve removed it from under his skin.

“Oh.” I said. “They put new trackers? Where was it? Do I have one?”

“Course you do. Do you really think that they would let two previously escaped test subjects go about their business without some sort of tracker?”

“It used to be our blood, but now it’s a chip. Maybe they couldn’t replace our blood this time.” I said. “Or maybe they did, and we’re gonna have to get new blood again.”

“No, it’s only the chip.” Locke said as he stood up.

“Okay, good.” I said. “So, where did you find the chip?”

Locke pointed at the back of his neck. “Yours would be there too.”

“Gotta get it out then.” I then concentrated my dark vines, and sensed around the back of my neck for a tracker. Then I stabbed through, causing myself to bleed a little. It hurt a lot, but it was worth it. I got a chip out. “Okay, got it.” I felt dizzy though. “We should leave the trackers here and go.”

“Sure, why not.” Locke said as then the chip in my hand floated into his hand along with his chip before he then chucked them all the way down the cave. I couldn’t even see the little red light anymore it was so deep in.

“We’re good to go. I came back with a pod, that will be our transportation.” I said, heading out of the cave. “The E.F.A.I. is gonna make a lab here on Featherros, by the way. So the kingdom is pretty much screwed.” The two of us walked out of the cave and into the forest. “Maybe we could warn them before we leave.”

“May as well. I mean you gotta make up for stealing all of their new generation somehow.” Locke said.

“Alright. I’ll do that.” I looked down at him. “The pod was that way.” I pointed. “I’ll meet you there after I warn them.”

“Right.” Locke said as he then teleported away.

Now I had to go and warn King Teloiven. I let dark wings appear from my back and took flight, heading towards the castle. It was night, so they could barely see me as I was flying.

Then I reached the castle, and I spotted the king standing outside his palace thing. I flew down and landed in front of him.

“Hey.” I said.

He looked at me skeptically, unsure of what I was here for.

“You know the E.F.A.I. right?” I asked him.

“Yes, I do. Why does it matter?” King Teloiven asked.

“They’re coming to this planet and setting up a lab here.” I informed him. “So I thought I should warn you about them. Since you’re outside of the more populated systems, your disappearances wouldn’t be that noticeable. They probably plan to use you and your whole kingdom as subjects.”

“Do they now?” the King asked.

“Your brother, he has a mutated army, right?” I asked, as I was now standing next to him, with my hands in my pockets.

“Yes, he does.” King Teloiven replied.

“So they had signed documents to get their DNA modified to give them more abilities. Well, you could have them protect you. I don’t expect the E.F.A.I. to bring their own army.” I said. “Guess we’ll see. Hope you survive.”

“So do I.” The king said before I flew off towards the pod.

When I arrived at the pod, I spotted Locke sitting inside. The door closed as I entered and took my seat.

“Where shall we hide?” I asked. “I was thinking maybe we make… as much as I hate this, but, make new friends. That way we can blend in better.”

“To be fair, it’d be nice to have more people to talk to.” Locke commented.

“Yeah. I know where my brother is. On the Rock Planet.” I said. I selected the Rock Planet on the pod and it took off towards it.

“So are we going there for your revenge or for the whole blending in thing?” Locke asked.

“Both.” I said.


I sat back in my seat, resting as the pod moved throughout space.


The pod finally landed on the Rock Planet. I got up and stretched, ready to leave the pod and find a place to hide. Locke had fallen asleep, so I picked him up and left the pod.

We needed disguises. So I flew to the city and silently and swiftly stole some clothes. I got Locke a hoodie so he could hide and put it on him since he was asleep. I didn’t need a disguise. I wasn’t being hunted down, I was free.

I didn’t know where Draco was exactly though, only that he was in some tournament. His exact location, I did not know. My Dragon Eye didn’t seem to be locating him. He must not be using his yet.

I was now flying around with my wings, carrying Locke. It felt good to know that the E.F.A.I. wasn’t watching us and that we were off their radar.

I glanced around to find a place to set Locke down. I would wait until Draco uses his Dragon Eye so that I could find him. I sat there waiting for a bit, when I felt Draco faintly use his Dragon Eye. Then a few moments later it amplified.

I knew where he was now… I could feel him. It was like he was a part of me, as if we were the same person even though we were two totally different people!

Then I took off, releasing my wings and flying towards where Draco was. It took awhile. But I could feel his presence being closer and closer as I flew. Of course, I brought Locke along with me. He was still asleep though.

But then I found him. I could see Draco, he was running up to enter a spaceship. Oh ho ho, nope. He’s not going to escape just when I found him. I quickly tossed Locke into the air. I then shot a blast of plasma at the mountain, and a big boulder broke off of it. I grabbed it and tossed it at the spaceship.

The spaceship fell. I had stopped it. I then grabbed Locke again before he hit the ground, and then landed on the ground next to the spaceship. Shortly after, a guy with dark green clothes and brown hair appeared outside of the spaceship. He then took out some device and was using it as he leaned against the boulder that was blocking the spaceship door.

And then Draco appeared. None of them have noticed me though.

“Why aren’t you doing anything, Mehrunes?” Draco asked the guy playing with the device.

Mehrunes? Where have I heard that? It reminded me of Mehrunes’ Munchies… In fact, it looked like the same person who gave me free food. Oh so that’s who it was.

“Why should I?” Mehrunes asked Draco.

“Because we need Tech to fix the ship so we can go home.” Draco responded. I just stood there, holding Locke, as I waited on them to notice me.

“Yeah you guys need to fix the ship to go home, I can do it myself.” Mehrunes looked around. “Looks like a boulder.”

“Yes. This boulder that we sent YOU out here to get rid of,” Draco said.

“Yeah but we also have to deal with the source of the problem and I imagine it’s that guy, so we should do that first.” Mehrunes then looked over and pointed at me. “HEY! YOU! DR-Draco…? What…?”

About time they noticed me.

“What do you mean I’m right here,” Draco said, confused.

“Ahem ahem,” I then cleared my throat.

Mehrunes then grabbed Draco and turned him around. “No you’re over there!”

It’s about time… Draco was in front of me, and I could get my revenge right now. This was the moment I was waiting for, right? After a long time of searching and training, I was ready to get my revenge.

Mehrunes then took out a clipboard. “Hold on.” Mehrunes then started flipping through pages on his clipboard. I was still standing there, holding Locke.

“Meh.” Draco then said.

“Yeah?” Mehrunes responded.

“The frick are you doing?” Draco questioned.

“Found it.” Mehrunes said. “I recognised those two guys! He got free food at my stand on the Rock Planet. Like… Broshi and Locke. Is that right?”

“Locke and what now?” Draco asked.

“Broshi. His name is right here, see?” Mehrunes said, showing Draco the paper on the clipboard.

I knew that I saw Mehrunes somewhere before. So he was friends with my twin brother… I continued to stand there, as I watched Mehrunes and Draco look at the clipboard.

Eventually, Draco looked over at me. I just glared at him.

“So what’s happening here someone explain,” Mehrunes then said.

“He’s my twin brother who was kidnapped at birth and was used to kill people and stuff by bad guys. Don’t know the kid though,” Draco said.

“My name is Broshi. And if you want to live, I suggest you shut up for once.” I growled at them. They were paying barely any attention to me and it was ticking me off.

“Well good to know your personality hasn’t changed,” Draco said.

“Says the one who left me to die. I have come back to show you what it felt like back then,” I said to him.

“Wait so you’re getting revenge on me for something Folly did? Also I left because I thought you were dead. Not like I wanted to kill you in the first place!” Draco replied.

“Even if I was dead, you could have taken my body.”

“Folly would’ve then killed me,” he replied. “Also what exactly was I gonna do anyway? Where would I even take your body?”

“Who knows? Anywhere really, I don’t care. But you did leave me,” I retorted.

“Whatever. So you're here for revenge for something that I didn’t even wanna be a part of,” he said, he seemed more focused than before.

Just before Draco and I could even start to fight, a girl appeared. I looked over at her. She looked impatient.

“You guys are taking so long,” She said to Draco. Then she looked over at me. “Whyyyyyyy is there two of you?”

“Twin brother,” Draco said. “Wants to kill me.”

I looked over at the girl. “Who are you?”

“I’m Fucia. Who are you?” She asked back.

“I’m Broshi,” I replied. “You look like someone I’ve met.” This girl looked a lot like King Teloiven.

“Well I certainly don’t recognize you from before I met Draco,” she said.

“Hm. Well. Does the name King Teloiven mean anything to you?” I asked.

Fucia then looked shocked. “Why do you know my dad’s name?”

“Ohhhh, haha!” I laughed. “Well. He’s in trouble.”

“What trouble?! Since when!?” Fucia exclaimed.

“Since a while ago. I was on the planet Featherros a while ago, I left to come here,” I explained. “Aaaand the E.F.A.I. is going there to use your dad and his people as subjects for their experiment. Of course, without permission.”

Fucia didn’t look too happy about what I just explained, and then she teleported into the spaceship that I had made crash.

“Well,” I then said, to Draco since he was the only one there. “You can kinda sorta blame me for it, except I’m just a pawn on the chess board that the E.F.A.I. plays.”

“What did you do?” Draco asked cautiously.

“The E.F.A.I. controls me, pretty much. If I don’t follow orders, bad stuff happens. I was in a situation where I had to just kidnap people and bring them in to be used as subjects. They like babies the most, since they’re young they can fiddle with their DNA easily,” I explained to him.

“How many people did you capture?” Draco asked sternly.

“For every person I capture and turn in, I get a break. A vacation. I’m good for a year now,” I said. If I explained to other people out in the real world living normally what was happening to me… It could possibly benefit me in the future. Cuz there is a lot of things I hate. The E.F.A.I. is one of them. “I don’t know exactly how many I captured. It was a lot. Maybe about 200 or so babies from Fucia’s Dad’s Kingdom.”

“200 babies?!” Draco exclaimed. He looked kind of mad as well as shocked. “The heck’s wrong with you?!”

“A lot of things are wrong with me.” I looked down at Locke. I was still carrying him. “Locke has already proved it countless times.”

“Yeah the reminds me. Who is he anyway?” Draco asked, looking down at Locke.

“His name is Locke. He is another subject of the E.F.A.I.,” I said.

“And why exactly are you carrying him around?” Draco asked.

“He’s asleep. And I’m not going to leave him alone. He didn’t follow the E.F.A.I.’s orders, so he will be punished once they find him,” I explained, “I can’t let that happen.” That was the reality of the situation I was in.

“At least you’ve made a positive connection with someone,” Draco said. He began to move away from the spaceship, probably for safety or something.

“Yeah. Also, did you know that our Dad works with the E.F.A.I.? And that he gave me away to be mutated on purpose?” I then said. I bet he didn’t know that. It was something I found out a while ago too.

“Well. Guess that’s another thing I can despise him for,” Draco said bluntly. “Anyway, I know you want to get revenge and all. But I kinda have some friends who need to get home. So I’d prefer if we did this later.”

“Yeah. Alright. As long as you take us with you,” I said. “We need to be hidden from the E.F.A.I. For safety reasons.”

“Deal.” Draco agreed, and then went over to fix the spaceship or something.

I looked down at Locke. I was glad he was hanging in there. Now we would have a safer place to be.

“Okay, Broshi, you’re on your own now. You’ve bored me. I’m going to leave you.” Dakrus then said in my head.

“Really? Okay. Sure. Go ahead.”

“You found the one you want revenge on! You should be spilling his BLOOD right now!” Dakrus screeched inside my head.

“Aren’t you supposed to be leaving?” I asked bluntly. “I don’t need you around. If I’m going to beat Draco, it will be with my own power. Not yours.”

“Fine then. Farewell then, Broshi.” I then felt as something exited from my body and disappeared into the shadow of the mountain.

Glad that’s over with. Now I could go somewhere and stay safe for a bit. I wondered when Locke would wake up. He has gone through a lot and was sleeping for quite awhile.

“Okay Broshi, you can come!” Draco then called out.

I went back to focusing on reality, and saw Draco at the door of a spaceship filled with people. Oh boy… I didn’t like being around people

I slowly walked into the spaceship. THERE WERE SO MANY PEOPLE INSIDE I COULDN’T EVEN RELAX! Way too many people in here… I didn’t like it. I was just standing there awkwardly in front of everyone, with Locke in my arms.

“Chill.” Mehrunes then noticed my discomfort. “Speaking of, why are we taking him?”

“It’s either that or I kill you,” I growled.

“In unrelated questions, how long do you reckon you can breathe in space?” Mehrunes threatened me.

“Long enough so that I could snap your neck into a million pieces,” I retorted.

“I’d like to see you try,” Mehrunes growled.

“I’d love to attempt it,” I replied with a smirk. Mehrunes was a tiny guy. What could he do? I towered over him, plus with my mutant abilities, I could easily kill him if I wanted to. But I didn’t want them to kick me out now. I would be outnumbered… Plus Locke and I needed a safe place to stay.

Mehrunes stared at me. “Then bring it.”

“No! No fighting in the spaceship! Do it in the training room when we’re back!” The pilot of the spaceship suddenly shouted. They had a training room? I looked back at the pilot and he was… well, there wasn’t much to him. He was a skinny boy with blond hair.

“SHUT IT TELEYON!” Mehrunes then yelled. So the pilot was named Teleyon.

“EXCUSE ME, YOU’RE ON MY SPACESHIP! I MAKE THE RULES HERE!” Teleyon yelled back right at Mehrunes. I couldn’t even sense that that guy had an Ultimate Crystal. No power whatsoever was coming off of him.



A lot of yelling was going on… I wondered if this happened often with the group Draco was around. I also noticed that the spaceship had gone back up in space. We were flying.

I CAN YELL LOUDER, AND IT WON’T BE MY HEAD COMING OFF IN A SECOND!” Mehrunes yelled louder than before. It didn’t bother my ears, since I was used to hearing loud sounds. Well, I had an attack where I could destroy my opponent's ear drums by screaming so loud. It didn’t bother my monster ears.

“Guys, chill, we’re already in space, we don’t want to be in an accident,” a red haired girl then said.

“I’M NOT GOING TO CHILL!” Mehrunes yelled.

“Yeah, you are. Or else,” red haired girl replied.

“OR ELSE WHAT GOODY TWO SHOES?!” Mehrunes yelled.

The red haired girl then got up and hit Mehrunes on the head with something, and he became unconscious. “Or else that.” she then growled.

Dang what kind of group did I get Locke and I into. First thing happens is Mehrunes and Teleyon yell at each other, then the red haired girl knocks Mehrunes out… What next?

“If you didn’t do something, I would’ve,” A brown haired guy commented. “Cuz this was getting way too out of hand. Good call, Listy.” There was also this pink haired girl hiding behind him, like the screaming was scaring her or something.

“Thank you,” red haired girl said. I guess her name is Listy then. Also, what was with the different hair colors? One girl has red hair, and another has pink… the heck…

“Now let’s get home peacefully,” the brown haired guy said.

Chapter 8}


After a quite lengthy and quiet ride, I had made it to where Draco lived among his friends. I didn’t know what to expect. I wondered where did Draco even live? And to be honest, I did not know what to expect either. I thought maybe just a house or something.

Instead I saw… these buildings all inside a wall. I was informed by the pilot that it was their training facility, and that the big building in the right corner was the training room. I asked about the building next to the training room, and he said that was the Dragon’s Den. That Draco had a pet dragon named Zephyr and that was where it was kept.

It was a nice place overall. If I wasn’t trying to blend in and hide at the moment, I would probably destroy it all. But I won’t. For Locke’s sake, and my own. Speaking of Locke, I was still carrying him. He must have gotten barely any sleep before and was now taking his rest.

Everyone had disappeared once we had landed, but I’m not complaining. Too many people around bothered me. I didn’t like being around too many people. But I had matters to deal with… My twin brother Draco. He said that it was all Folly back then… He really did look like he had no clue what was going on. Maybe I shouldn’t try and get revenge.

The past is the past right? I don’t need to get revenge on anyone. I should focus on the main enemy, which is the E.F.A.I. With Locke in my arms, I followed Draco.

“So this is where you live…” I told him as I looked around.

“Indeed it is.” Draco led me up some stairs and into a specific room. I thought I saw Draco’s name written at the door too.

“This is your private house?” I asked, looking at Draco. I noticed that King Teloiven’s daughter was with us too. I remembered, Fucia was her name.

“Yeah.” Draco answered my question with a nod. He sat down in a chair, and Fucia sat right across from him. Looking around, I spotted what looked like a couch. I walked over to it and set Locke down. It was probably more comfortable than my arms.

I wondered, since everyone seemed to have a room, I could get one myself. So I asked. “Is there an extra room or something?”

“There’s a spare room with a queen size bed down the hall. You and Locke can use that,” Draco said. “To be fair, I’m not sure why I was given three bedrooms.”

I looked down the hallway and did see a bunch of doors that led to rooms. I nodded. It would work out fine.

“I see. Well, we’ll stay here for now. In case Locke wakes up. He would need an explanation,” I then said.

“That’s fine.” Draco then got himself and Fucia glasses filled with water from the kitchen sink.

I had questions for Draco. Because he really didn’t seem to be as bad as I remembered. He didn’t have that cocky attitude of his. He seemed more rather calm. And if I was gonna get revenge, it had to be good revenge. Revenge worth getting.

“Tell me, Draco.” I then looked over at him. “Tell me about yourself.”

“Well… what exactly would you like to know specifically?” Draco asked.

“Your life. Places you’ve lived. People you’ve met,” I said. “I want to know everything. We were separated at birth so I didn’t even know about you until later on. I want to know how you lived your life.” I was going to learn more about him. Then I would tell him about me. Perhaps things can go differently than Dakrus had wanted.

Draco looked back at me. “Oh.” He breathed in, preparing to tell me a whole life story or something. “Well, up until a few years ago I was living on Aerth. But, I was forced out of our family because Dad saw me as too weak, probably because he knew about how he gave you to the E.F.A.I. Then, after spending a week or two out in the elements I met this guy named Lime who offered to take me to another planet in the galaxy. There I met my first friends Ichoo and Saturo who I just kinda hanged around meeting people like Asolo and his friends who told us about Ultimate Crystals and Arrow and Shot who helped us escape from a group of bad guys including Folly who wanted to kill us for varying reasons. Folly’s was because he thought I was you.”


“Hold up: You knew Folly way back then?” I asked.

“He had been a pain in my side for two years ever since I met him and he tried to kill me. The last time I saw him was when I had to work with him to beat you. But if he did do anything helpful besides that at least he made me break my limits and activate my first transformation,” Draco replied.

“Folly should have been working to kidnap and kill people for the E.F.A.I. as well. What was he doing messing around?” I wondered.

“Well from what I could tell he was working via a contract with the people who wanted to kill Ich and Satu so who knows, maybe that was his excuse in the organizations eyes. He did say he offered to help them if he got to kill me,” Draco answered. I didn’t know who Ich and Satu were exactly. To me they were a part of Draco’s story.

I decided to continue listening to what happened. “Okay… so what happened next?”

“Well around the time of my first REAL clash with Folly that didn’t end in one attack. I had met Meh and another on of our friends named Lagi as well as a girl I had met in another dimension named Uchiho and throughout that year we also ran into Listy and Lagi’s future girlfriend Ivory as well as Lavender and her family.” Draco continued. When he mentioned that girl named Uchiho, it reminded me of that one girl named Uchiha that had given me a ride to Aerth. “Then I had the fight with you and Folly. After that, Uchiho passed away from an attack due to a member of Darth’s army as the War was still going on at the time. Shortly after, Lagi and Ivory needed us to help them rescue their offspring from an enemy clan who wanted their species to go extinct. That was where I learned how to ascend to the second level of our little flaming eye trick. By that point Satu had met his current Master Elec as we had moved away from Glare around that point. And Ich began training with his father, Winodren. And after the tournament that apparently Lagi’s dad made, long story, we moved to this complex. For the next few months it was calm until we went to a waterpark which was attack by a galactic terrorist organization based on Planet Korrovez… Which we traveled to in order to try and stop them. But then we ran into this guy who apparently Teleyon freed who was a superpowered legendary transforming beast. But then we met Hematite who captured it via just knocking it out with a headbutt. After that, it just came down to our group going on missions at separate times. By this point we had also met this girl named Sokanon and her little group of friends. At this current day most of them are dead, however.”

Okay there was a lot that had happened to him. As he talked, I just listened to what he had to say. Most of the stuff he said. I didn’t really understand. But I just nodded to move the conversation along.

Draco took a sip of water. The other girl, Fucia, was just sitting there quietly.

“That’s quite a lot,” I then said. “Of things that happened.”

“There’s still a bit more,” Draco said. “If you want I can tell you or we could wait to tell it later. There was still some details I didn’t tell you yet anyway. Like how we met Hematite’s cousin Jasper a year before meeting Hematite himself.”

“Seems too long of a story to tell in just a few sentences,” I said. “If anything, it would need a couple hundred pages or so to tell.”

“Well to document all of the interactions and little fights along the way and stuff yeah,” Draco said.

“Yeah.” I nodded. After all I’ve heard, Draco doesn’t seem to be at fault. If I got revenge on him, it would be inaccurate revenge. It wouldn’t even be revenge. It was useless. “Well. It doesn’t seem like it was your fault. The whole me dying thing.”

“Yeah. If anything I’m glad you’re still alive,” Draco said.

I looked up at him, shocked at what he said. He was glad that I was alive? Is this… is this what Locke had said? How family was supposed to be?

I looked down. “I grew up at the facility of the E.F.A.I.… I was raised there. As a subject. They didn’t treat me bad, they did acknowledge me as a person and called me by my name and all… Except I didn’t really mean anything. I was just one of their subjects, among millions.” Broshi was looking down. “They used me. With my mutated body and powers, I was sent out to kill people for them and kidnap for them. Usually in many different ways. I was five years old when I started doing that.”

“That sounds like it’d be rough to do at first,” Draco said. Fucia nodded, agreeing with what Draco said.

“They did train me for it,” I mentioned. “But yeah. I struggled with someone once and then I got this.” I then activated my Dragon Eye, pointing to it to show him.

“Well that would make sense. From what I can tell these things only first appear when we’re under intense stress or our lives are at risk. That’s how my two showed up over the years,” Draco replied. He then activated his Dragon Eye too. Except he activated them on both eyes, and they weren’t red like mine. They were cyan. He also looked relatively calm, like there wasn’t much strain.

“We both seem to have these Dragon Eyes,” I said. “That’s what I called them, what do you call them?” I wondered what he would call them. If we both had called them Dragon Eyes, then that would be… how would that even happen?

“Well, after the one on my left first showed up my friends just called them Draco Eye’s at first and the name just sort’ve stuck. Granted since you have them too I could probably just change it to Dragon as well,” Draco replied.

I laughed. “You named it after yourself?” Did he really just call them ‘Draco Eyes’? That’s kind of pathetic, except those actually made us stronger. It’s not wise to call us pathetic, unless you have a death wish.

“Well, my friends Ich and Satu came up with the name. Back then I didn’t have any ideas of what to call it, let alone better names, so eventually we all started calling it that,” Draco replied, scratching the back of his head before he drank some more water. “And we call the two eyes together double Draco/Dragon eyes. But for a period of time we called it Draco Eye Level 2 instead. That didn’t stick for long and we went back to double.”

“Well, that sounds good actually. Double Draco Eye,” I said. “Yours is a different color though. Maybe because your plasma is normally cyan, cuz mine is red.” I looked at him. “You can keep calling it Draco Eye. I’ll call mine Broshi Eye.”

“Fair enough,” Draco then said. “Oh that reminds me. Recently I’ve been trying to see if there’s a level above Double. Got close one time. It lasted for about five seconds before I fell unconscious. That and it felt incomplete.”

“Wait what? There is a level above Double? What, is it growing out another eye?” I questioned. I would not like it… If I suddenly just grew out another eye like… on my chest and lit it up with Broshi Eye. That would be weeeiiirdd.

“PFFFT!” Draco said, almost spitting out his water as he was trying not to laugh. After he swallowed it, he replied. “No it's not that. From what the others told me actually it seems to cause your hair to spike up, well, more then our’s already is. And causes it to turn a different color.”

“Oh sweet. I know what I need to work on then,” I said.

“It’s harder than it looks honestly. Granted I haven’t had much training with a teacher recently, but regardless the incomplete form I managed to tap into, while it did boost my energy and power by like, ten times. It still only lasted for five seconds. And even then I couldn’t move,” Draco said.

“Either way, it’s what we’ll work on then,” I said.

I then realized that… Yeah, Draco wasn’t as bad as I thought. He would certainly be a much much better training partner than Locke. Locke was also younger. Draco was my twin.

“Also, sorry about earlier.” I then said. I couldn’t believe I was saying this, again but to Draco instead of Locke but… I did so it was too late. “I don’t… apologise, but you deserve an apology.”

“Well, thank you. Is there anything else you’d like to know about? Or would you rather go get accommodated with your room?” Draco asked. “Speaking of beds, your friend Locke is still asleep. How long has he been like that?”

“He’s been like that since an hour before I found you,” I said, looking over at Locke. He was just laying there on the couch napping.

“Huh. He must be tired. What’s your story with him anyway? May as well share since I told you about my past,” Draco said.

“I didn’t want him around at first. He annoyed me, just having him around annoyed me. Couldn’t kill him though. Not that I couldn’t kill him, he did restrain me once. But I didn’t use my Broshi Eye then, so I was holding back,” I explained. “But yeah. He stuck around. Even when I didn’t want him around. Like for a long time, I think a year or so. So when he tried to leave, I stopped him. Cuz I was too used to him being around.”

“Huh. Where’s he from?” Fucia asked.

“I… I’m not sure. I found him in a cave on Ertin,” I said, “said he fell from the space facility of the E.F.A.I. Something about him not being handled correctly and escaped on accident.”

“So he was experimented on too? What powers does he have?” Draco asked.

“Psychic powers,” I answered.

“Hmmm…” Draco thought to himself. “That sounds similar to how we met Saturn and his sister Phoenix. They found him on a space station like thing. And they were experimented on as well. Saturn even has Psychic powers too… I wonder…”

Before he could finish whatever he was gonna say he was interrupted by a ringing sound from his pocket..

I watched as Draco pulled out some sort of device from his pocket.

He then quickly pressed some buttons on the screen before setting it down. It seemed as if this call was important.

“Hey Saturn. Did something happen?” he asked to the device. “Is something wrong?” The person speaking from the device was named Saturn, I assumed.

“Yes,” a boy’s voice, the boy whose name was probably Saturn, said through the device, “I’m hiding right now. There are too many of them. We need help.”

“Help? What’s going on?” Draco asked. “Are you both okay?”

“It turned out that Summer-” But before Saturn was able to answer, there was a loud sound and it went off.

Draco looked worried as he put his phone away and looked towards me.

“We need to go, now.” He said sternly.

“Why? What’s going on?” I asked.

“That’s what we need to find out. Now come on,” Draco said as he stood up and walked out the door.

After a few moments I decided to roll with it and followed behind him.

As we exited the house I could see him floating in the air, seemingly trying to locate something. He was looking around in all directions for a few moments.  Then he pointed in a direction.

“They’re that way. About ten miles or so, I can sense their energy.” He said before he was surrounded in a blue glow, with sparks of electricity trailing across him. “Can you keep up?”

I then released my wings and flew up next to him. “Yes, I can.”

“Then let’s get going. At our speed we’ll make it there in less than a minute,” Draco said before he then flew off in the direction he pointed.

I flew off behind him. Flying fast, we arrived soon. In less than a minute, just like Draco had said.

He scanned the area. Looking for something. Suddenly we saw an explosion erupt.

“There!” Draco exclaimed.

As we flew towards it, I noticed there was a girl on fire tied with some rope being loaded into a spaceship.

“Uh, Draco, what’s going on there?” I asked.

“Clearly not something good,” Draco said as we floated there in midair. He seemed to be preparing to crash himself into the spaceship that was beginning to lift off. Draco was surrounded in a thick aura of plasma.

“Okay you take the spaceship dudes! I’ll take the guys on the roof!” I said.

“GOT IT!” Draco yelled before he activated his Double Draco Eye.

Meanwhile, I landed onto the roof. There was a boy with glowing green hair, the one called Saturn, standing there struggling against these big dudes with guns. There was someone going to attack him, but I leaped into action before that.

I blocked the attack with my dark vines. The big guys all looked at me, shocked. I smirked at them.

“So which one of you wants to die first?” I asked.

In response, they shot their guns at me. I blocked all their bullets with my dark vines.

“It’s rude to not answer. I’ll take that as you all want to die at the same time,” I rasped at them.

Then my dark vines went into action, piercing every single one of them at once. They fell to the floor. I spotted more of them appear, and they charged at me. I blasted them with plasma, and leaped towards another one, kicking his stomach and knocking him off the building.

“You’re strong!” Saturn commented.

“I know,” I replied. “I’m powerful. Now, you’re not doing much.”


“Stop being afraid. They’re fragile. They’re not even Ultimates. You could beat them if you tried!” I yelled at him.

“Y-yes!” Saturn exclaimed.

Bullets shot towards us, and I caught them with my dark vines. Green energy shot from Saturn and hit the dude.

“Good!” I told Saturn. “Now let’s move on.”

As we descended down the building, there were more people coming to attack us. We took them all out easily. When we made it down, there were more bad guys there with guns.

“Take them,” I told Saturn.

He nodded and burst his power out as he went forth and fought them. Smirking, I turned towards where the spaceship was. There was a hole in it, and it was crashed onto the ground.

I walked towards it, when I saw Draco walking backwards out of the spaceship.

“Is everything good here?” I asked, walking next to Draco. “Can I go in there and kill people?”

Draco looked over and noticed me. “Gimme a sec I’m gonna do something.”

I nodded. Draco pointed his hands at the sky and shot out blasts of plasma. They came down like raindrops at the spaceship, causing some damage. I also sensed more bad guys coming into the area.

Draco seemed to have everything handled here, so I was going to go fight the new guys that just appeared. “Okay, I sense more of them coming for backup, so I'll go beat them up instead,” I said to Draco. I extended my wings and looked back and saw that Saturn had more bad guys to fight.

“Before you do that,” Draco pulled me back, “Lemme do something first.”

“What?” I asked him. What did he want to do?

Draco raised his hands towards the sky with a grin. “SPARKING SPIRIT TIMES TEN!”

Then I noticed plasma shoot down towards me, but it didn’t hurt me. It was absorbed by me, and I felt more energetic. Powerful. Re-energized.

“Have fun.” Draco grinned.

I grinned back. I could go beat up some more bad guys now. I turned around and flapped my wings, giving me a boost. Saturn was in the middle of fighting when I zipped past him, and knocked the dude into a wall.

“Good job, Saturn,” I said, as I blasted another dude who was trying to shoot me with plasma. “But why the heck are they attacking you in the first place?”

“Long story,” Saturn responded, shooting blasts of energy at the guys, “save it for after we’re done.”

“Good idea.” I then stabbed one of my dark vines through a guys chest and tossed him at another guy. I noticed that I’ve killed some people though. That would be bad if they’re found on Ertin. It would become a case. So I went to the bodies and disintegrated them with my plasma, one by one.

“There’s more!” Saturn then shouted.

I went back down into the dark alley and smacked the newcomers into the wall again. I then turned and looked at the rest of the newcomers.

There were only three of them left. I then pointed both my hands out, and with a smirk, I took them all out with a big blast of plasma. K.O. That was all of them.

“That’s all of them,” I said to Saturn. “Let’s reunite with the others.”

We turned and walked towards the spaceship. I saw a girl in a pink dress standing there, looking kinda scared.

“Phoenix!” Saturn ran up to her. “C’mon! We gotta finish this.”

Phoenix joined Saturn and I as we walked into the spaceship. Inside, I spotted… Locke! Locke must have caught on to what was happening since he was helping out. Though, I didn’t sense that he woke up, since I was busy killing bad guys. Locke had this guy trapped in a bubble, who seemed to be the leader of this bad guy gang. Draco was also standing there next to Locke.

“Everyone’s down,” I said as we walked in. “Just this guy seems to be left.” I looked at the trapped leader. He looked very angry yet helpless.

“Curse you all!” The leader shouted. “I was going to become rich! If you had just let me turn Phoenix in to the E.F.A.I.-”

“THE WHAT!?” I yelled. If you forgot, I despised the E.F.A.I. Because they made me grow up in a bad way, made me a bad person. Otherwise they gave me power so I don’t complain much. But they still did bad stuff. I hated them. I hated my Dad who worked with them.

The leader looked right in my eyes. “You heard me! The E.F.A.I. contacted my gang and told us about Saturn and Phoenix! They can’t come and grab them back themselves because that would give them away, so they pay criminals like us to do it for them!”

Hearing him recite those words ticked me off. I walked towards him, activating Double Broshi Eye and glaring at him furiously. He looked kinda scared. I could see him sweating. Yeah, be scared. Because I’m gonna kill you. Viciously.

Without looking back at Locke, I said, “Locke, get rid of the bubble, I’m going to kill him.” I was serious about killing him. I was going to grab the leader’s skull and crush it.

“But then we’d just be committing murder. Let’s at least turn him in first,” Locke suggested.

“I accidently murdered some of his men out there, and I just vaporized them. We can do the same to his body,” I said. I kept my eyes locked with the leader’s. He looked terrified and was trying to escape. But he got nowhere, he was stuck in Locke’s bubble. For all I knew the psychic energy he could make was unbreakable for anyone that wasn’t hundreds of times his caliber.

“Let’s get a vote. Saturn, Phoenix. Opinions,” Draco then said.

“I think killing him may be too far…” Phoenix muttered.

“Saturn?” Draco asked.

“I agree with my sis,” Saturn said.

“Welp. That’s three out of five. Outvoted,” Locke said.

Ugh. “Okay fine. We turn him in.” I agreed. I wanted to take my rage out on something though. “But what about the spaceship? Can I destroy it?”

“Sure why not.” Locke didn’t say no. Draco, Locke, Saturn, and Phoenix left the spaceship, taking the leader with them. I took a deep breathe. Then I let out my rage, yelling as my dark vines took apart the spaceship piece by piece.

I heated my plasma as I surrounded myself in a red aura. I shot plasma all over, breaking a bunch of sheet metal. Then, using the energy Draco had given me, I made an explosion around me. After that, the spaceship was officially destroyed.

“Alright let’s get to a police department,” Locke then said. I looked back at them, and deactivated Double Broshi Eye.

We all then walked down the street. I was still kind of mad at the leader for doing what he tried to do. The E.F.A.I., to stay hidden, were paying criminals to capture test subjects that escaped.

I also noticed we were in a weird area of the city. There was no one around. We made it past a broken gate then, and spotted… oh. A cop car was parked right outside of this area.

“Hey officer! We captured this guy who kidnapped one of us as well as threatened to murder another,” Draco called to the cop.

We stood outside the cop car. Eventually the cop came out, and he had brown bushy hair and a mustache.

“This is a wanted man!” The cop exclaimed. He took out handcuffs from his belt. They were the ones used on people with powers.

Locke made his bubble disappear, and the leader fell to the ground. The cop leaned down and handcuffed him, before he shoved him into his cop car. Serves that guy right. I’d say he deserves more than just prison. I should have killed him.

The cop then looked over at us and smiled.

“Good job, kids. I hope you didn’t do this in public,” the cop said.

“It was in a private area up that way. There was no one there that wasn’t affiliated with this guy,” Draco informed the cop.

“Okay. Good.” The officer smiled. “Take care, kids. And get some new clothes, kid!” He was talking about me. Oh come on! My dark vines were the reason why my clothes always got ripped. Because they came out my back and were pretty sharp.

“I do just fine in these clothes…” I muttered quietly to myself.

We watched as the cop drove off, taking a new prisoner with him. To be honest, even though this was a bad situation, I had fun. I got to let out my rage too.

“I mean… your clothes are pretty torn up,” Draco then said to me. “I could always contact Glare and see if we can get you some clothes that can withstand your power without being destroyed.”

Who was Glare? I don’t know who that was, but Draco made him sound like some store owner that made clothes or something. But I was fine with the clothes that I had. I didn’t want any other clothes. Also because of the dark vine thing.

“Uh okay, sure.” I decided to tell Draco. “But my dark vines will rip them anyway, and there’d be holes in it again.”

“I probably can just ask him to see if he can work around that,” Draco said.

I just nodded quietly. We were walking back now. As we walked though, Draco took out a device from his pocket. He pressed the screen a few times. Then a sound came from it.

“Yes, Draco?” It sounded like that brown haired kid that that pink haired girl was hiding behind back when Locke and I first got picked up.

Draco then explained to the dude what had gone down just now.

“Ah. Good job!” The dude then replied. “But that means there is more that will come. We have to be careful.”

Ha! Yeah like careful will do. When you’re messing with the E.F.A.I., you can’t just be careful and be safe. They will win in the end. Because they are the ones who have more power. Way wayyyy more power.

Locke took the device from Draco. “I’m afraid just being careful isn’t gonna be good enough, sir.”

Yeah, you say it Locke. He knew what I knew. That the E.F.A.I., messing with them, would be bad bad news.

“Who am I speaking to again?” The voice from the device asked.

“I’m Locke, the kid who was with Broshi. But anyway, this is important. These two, Saturn and Phoenix. They have trackers in them,” Locke said. “And not like chips. It’s their very blood. As long as they have said blood, the E.F.A.I. is always gonna know where they are.”

The look on Saturn and Phoenix’s faces were priceless, but I used to be in their situation. I wouldn’t make fun of them. They’re like me, they’re like peers. Even though they’re weak, and don’t know how to use their mutated selves correctly.

“…that will be a problem…” The voice from the device said. No duh, sherlock.

“Indeed,” Locke then added more information that was useful. “And I’m afraid really only one person knows how, and will be willing, to help remove it. Problem is me and Broshi don’t know where they went after they replaced our tracker blood.”

“Dr. He,” I added. “Dr. He is the only one that knows.”

“Yeah.” Locke nodded.

“Well, we need to contact Dr. He somehow,” the voice on the device said.

“Gonna be hard. He’s in hiding. Cause the E.F.A.I. is trying to find him after he left them a while ago,” Locke said.

“We need to think this through. Come back home and meet in Teleyon’s office,” the voice on the device said. “And stay near Saturn and Phoenix. They aren’t strong enough to get out of bad situations, especially when it’s the worst.”

“Indeed. If Broshi and his brother hadn’t shown up, they’d have no chance,” Locke said. That was so true, Saturn was getting his butt kicked until I told him to actually fight.

“Okay, once you get back, we’ll all talk,” the voice on the device said.

Then it disappeared, and Draco put the device away. We made it out of the city too, and just had to go down the highway to get back.

We all then used our powers and abilities to get back faster. I decided to fly with my wings.

But now this was gonna be a problem. This whole situation. I wondered how many people were from the E.F.A.I. and were subjects. Because it turned out that Saturn and Phoenix were. I had a feeling things were going to get real nasty…

But Draco’s group of friends weren’t that bad. Locke and I could stay with them for awhile. The E.F.A.I. is the big main problem that we had to solve now.

And Draco’s friends were going to help us solve it. I doubt they would, but I had some hope that we were going to overcome it.

Hope was good, right?

Yeah. It was. Good to be hopeful.

Since that is the case, I was going to be hopeful.

We’ll overcome the E.F.A.I.

We have to.

It’s my only goal.


To Be Continued In The 3rd Ultimates Series (Starting On Book 6 is advised to continue Broshi’s story)…


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