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Ally Cat (1)

Ally Cat (1)

Posted January 11th, 2022 by dust

by Dust
in Florida

January 11th, 2022

I snickered as I sprinted away from the angry human. It was yelling at me because I had eaten it's food. I continued running until I found my ally and my box. I stretched outside my box for a moment, looking up at the fading night sky. It would be daylight soon, I could smell it. It would be the start of Summer, my favorite season. I troted inside my box, feeling sleepy. I took a long whiff of the final remains of spring and drifted of into a dreamless sleep. I was awakened by a paw shoving at me. "Whaaaaaaaat," I groaned. "Common, Zig! It's Summeh!" I opened my eyes to see my good pal Nick. I got up and stretched. Nick always seemed happier during summer. "Race ya to tha market?" He asked. "Your on!!" I said waving my tail and crouching. "Three, two," he sprinted off. "Hey!" I called, chasing after him. "No fair!!" "Never fair on tha streets!" We continued running, weaving between legs and trash, racing to the market. It was a close tie when we got there, we both had a plan to become strong in the summer and stock up food in the fall. We trotted past many people (mostly kids) while checking out all the food. Then an alarming sent came into my nose: a dog. I glanced behind me and surely saw a dog but one of my friends, Rocky. Nick was about to book it before I stomped on his tail and stopped him. "What!?-" he yelled at me to let him go but he finally quit his yappin' as Rocky approached. "Hey, Zig!" She greeted cheerfully. "Morning Rocky." I smiled. "Wha- I-I" Nick took a breath. "Hi." He finally said. "Nick, this is Rocky, a Doberman. Rocky, this is Nick, a Tabby." They greeted each other and I lifted my paw off Nick's tail, letting him lose. "Hey, uh, we were just bout to go grab some food. Wanna help?" Rocky thought for a moment, her pointy ears twitching. "Sure, but we gotta keep it low key. Animal Control is on high alert, after some dog nipped a baby." We both nodded, thinking about what happened to Robin. Rocky shook herself and looked around, her ears and nose twitching. She became very focused on something and I turned to look and saw something the made my day: a meat stand. Glorious meat. Smoked, raw, rare, chopped, fried, vegan (bleh), cooked, every. Single. Way. Imaginable. All our mouths watered, the sight and smell luring us in. I snapped out of it and said "We need a game plan," They looked at me, nodding. "Ok. Nick" I looked at him "Can you distract the humans while me and Rocky get the loot?" He grumbled "Sure, but how? All hissy or cute? Whatcha want me to do?" I thought for a moment " Cute and cuddlely keeps the crowd occupied. Give em what they want." "Mk." He agreed, looking tiredly at the few people round the stand. "Rocky," I looked at her. "After i sneakily grab some meat, grab all you can, cuase a commotion and escape?" "Yep!" Her nub of a tail waged. "Ok, let's do this. We'll split 50/50 after." They nodded. Nick looked around and got up, his tail high in the air, sauntering over the the small crowns around the stand. He mewed cutely and rolled around, purring when a few kids petted him. I looked at Rocky and nodded. Nick was real good, even the meat stand guy was in the growing circle around Nick. I silently hopped up onto the stand and swung sassage link around my neck and body, steaks in my teeth, pork chops on my head. I continued dressing myself up until I couldn't hold and more meat. I gave Rocky a look and quickly trotted to the exit. I heard barking and snarling behind me and picked up the pace, the meat wobbling. I saw Nick on Rockys back. They both got a steak, but Rocky ate hers on the run. We sprinted back to the ally before the humans caught us, and sat down, tired. We soon split the meat when Rocky spoke up "Hey that was real fun, and today's just the start of the season! Would it be alright if I stayed? At least for the summer..." she looked off. "Sure!" Me and Nick said in unison. Rocky smiled. "Thanks!" We talked and soon, the sun set and we all went to bed, the promise of adventure in the morning.

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