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The Amusement Park Co. --- I wrote this four years ago ---

The Amusement Park Co. --- I wrote this four years ago ---

Posted December 24th, 2020 by Olivinat

by Ryoko
in the Middle of Nowhere (Wisconsin)

December 24th, 2020

                 This story I wrote four years ago. I had a lot of editing on it. It doesn't have a ending. 


The Amusement Park Co.

          It was Monday, March 5th, 2016. I was on the computer, Roen and Jack were playing Minecraft, and Emily was playing Among Us. I was 19, Jack was 16, Roen was 11, and Emily was seven. (I did change the ages to fit my story)I was checking my email. Since I was 19, in a few months I would be starting my starter job. Because of that, I was getting emails from some starter jobs. I finished answering some starter jobs with “No” and then I saw one email I liked. It said, “We (The Amusement Park Co) have picked two people, (One of which is you) to build an amusement park. We give you 2000 acers of land and $2001.36 and you make an amusement park! But we get 50% of the money, so we take half the profit. If you do well we will we will hire you for The Amusement Park Co. If you do not do well we will give your land to someone else. Your land is in Florida.” I quickly called my family over and read them the email.

          Dad exclaimed, “Well I think it is a great idea. We will do it! If you want to!”

          Emily quickly began to beg, “Oh, Please Olivia!”

          I smiled, “I think it is a great idea!”

          We started to pack up our stuff. It was a long way away. After we packed I emailed them saying, “We will do it!”

Then we heard a beep. A limo was waiting outside. It was from the Amusement Park Co. Emily didn’t think it was fair that I got my own room while everyone else had to share a room. There were two robots. I was a cook and one was a driver. The next day we were still on the road. I began to look over my floor plan. We bumped  up at the hotel. A guy was waiting for us.

          “Hi,” he said. Then he waved at us.


That is all I have. 

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