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Andrada Pearce (rsmt)

Andrada Pearce (rsmt)

Posted March 19th, 2017 by Gracithe1andonly

by *Snow* Revival
in wardly searching

March 19th, 2017


Te laudo quod Andrada vivit,

Illa mater pulchra lucis.  


A moonlit path before feather-light feet,

Little Andrada runs, stubborn and fleet.

The rising moon lights the little one's way,

Leading her farther away from the day. 


Like a deep-sea plant, away from the light,

She grew into womanhood within night.

We know only darkness darkness begets,

So whence came that light that tore the nets? 


Those nets that entangled her unraveled,

Long she wept, and long her feet traveled,

But the woman of tears, escaping night, 

Found herself being the mother of light.


Te laudo quod Andrada vivit,

Illa mater pulchra lucis. 


I have been told how she stood in the street, 

Black hair unkempt, wearing less than is meet,

But pale light shone upon her midnight skin, 

Coaxing out the beauty that lay within.  


I have been told how she bore her light-son, 

She was born into night, he with the sun. 

He lives in the daylight, remembers not

The bitter battle that his mother fought.


With valor, she who had known only dark 

In a world that forgot her, made her mark. 

There is one who knows her glorious tale,

He sings it in verse, walking his long trail. 


Te laudo quod Andrada vivit,

Illa mater pulchra lucis. 


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