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another fight scene

another fight scene

Posted September 5th, 2023 by BohemianRhapsod...

by The Time Lord Victorious (Connor)
in sane

September 5th, 2023

A tall, slender woman in a flowing icy-blue robe came quietly walking up to the mansion. She recognized it well. She had been sent to kill Joey McPherson - not sent, at least. It was more like her own doing, but whatever. If she got her way, he would be dead by tomorrow. 

She knocked on the door. 

"Joey, Joey, I know you're in there."


"Let me in."

Eerie silence. 

She was about to jab the door with her trusty spear, but then screamed when she heard a squaking sound, one that could only be from a Toucagon. She jumped backwards and saw her target. Her pale blue eyes almost shining in the dusk, and her white hair blowing softly in the breeze, she stared at him. Tall, deathly thin, deathly pale, with one green eye, and an eyepatch over another. But not a cross and bones, no no. Just a patch. He looked about in his late twenties to his early thirties. She stared. How could he be the one who killed him, twenty years ago?

"There's always more than meets the eye, whoever you are."

"I'm Zyro," she replied, and then followed with, "I want to fight you. You killed my boss."

"I don't feel like fighting today."

She glared. 

"Too bad," she said, hoisting her spear in a fighting stance. "I do."

"Well then," Joey said, walking up to her. "Fine."

He got into a fighting stance with his fists, not anything else, but fists. 

"How are your fists going to triumph over me?! I have a spear, and you're just using your fists? You're asking to get killed!"

"No, you don't want to fight me armed."

She jabbed at him with her spear, and Joey swiftly dodged. She jabbed again, which was dodged. She soon let loose a flurry of jabs, left, right, up down, but Joey just moved out of the way. Zyro, mildly annoyed, jumped at Joey, spearhead down. He moved out of the way and counterattacked with an uppercut straight. To. The. Face. As if it were on fire, she felt a burn where skin had collided with skin, and she rolled back when she hit the ground. She got up again, and repeated the attack, not to meet another uppercut, but instead, a kick from a new pair of high-top Converse. She decided not to do her jump, and instead started running at him, spear outstreched. Joey dodged this, and eventually lured her to the side of his house. Just when the metal of the spear was going to meet the scarred skin of Joey's body, he grabbed the spear and, using it as a handle, slammed Zyro into the wall. Zyro tugged on her spear, but Joey punched it into two pieces. He grabbed the duller end, and gave the side with the head to Zyro. 

"But, this was some of the toughest wood in existence!"

"Yeah, that's nice, I've punched through STRAIGHT STEEL."

Joey brought his half down on her head. She blocked it with her half, but could barely do a thing when Joey used his as a lever to interlock the two, using their arms, and slam Zyro into a hard surface once again, letting her taste dirt. 

"Looks like you got the short end of the stick, fighting me," he said with a completely straight face.

Zyro glared. "You aren't funny."

She threw her part of the spear aside, and ice surrounded her hands. Joey's eyes went wide, but he quickly went to fire. She shot a blast of frozen water at him, and he dodged and retaliated with a blast of burn. Her whole body seemed frozen in an ice block, and it started snowing, even though the two were in California. 

Joey jumped backwards, and turned his body into what seemed to be a fireball, and burnt straight through her icy defense. She got knocked back, and Joey smacked her upside the head with his part of the spear, immediately knocking her out. He left her unconcious form there, and walked back to his house. 

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