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Arnav Poems - Time

Arnav Poems - Time

Posted January 9th, 2018 by arnavpatnaik27

by Arnav
in Surrey

January 9th, 2018

————— Time —————


I looked at you from behind

No thoughts in my mind

Blindly i followed you

To see what i would find


It went by too fast

Because i was in last

My decisions came late

Individuality had passed


I followed your line

Your choices became mine

All my passions and thoughts

Made invalid by time


I do not want to go this way

But i do not want to go astray

I could not decide fast enough

And now i have to pay


I guess i was too keen

To fulfil my old dream

One day it became clear that

My dream would remain a dream


I will not live forever

But i know that i will never

Be forgotten by those who love me

And that makes me happier than ever…




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