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Arnav Poems - War

Arnav Poems - War

Posted December 7th, 2018 by arnavpatnaik27

by Arnav
in Surrey

December 7th, 2018





Lumps of leaves slept quiet and still,

Damp from the embrace of recent rain,

Deep in slumber; unstirred until

Trodden by the feet of the Heroes again,

Ruptured and paralysed. The leaves now weeped,

And forever in this state they would remain,


Garnished with a sprinkle of scarlet snow

And streaked with side of viscous, black soot,

An abrupt blast set them aglow,

Now incinerated; it no longer withstood

The grasp of the wind which carried it away,

It ventured on immortal, where no man could,


The Heroes scurried off, and silence swooped in,

Rebuilt its delicate walls; consoled the scarred trees

That protruded out the charred ground; bony and thin,

Through tangled branches, the wind struggled and wheezed,

Trees once teeming with youthful, glistening fruits

Now stood solemn and alone in a crimson sea,


Praise and cheer; those gallant Heroes

Who brought their opponents to their doom,

And left behind, a nation of widows,

And father-less generations whilst in their mother’s womb,

Expanses of land devastated for eternity,

War brings nothing, but haunting memories and gloom.


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