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Artemis And Athena-part 1

Artemis And Athena-part 1

Posted January 18th, 2023 by ElizieAngelina

by Agent 4
in Texas

January 18th, 2023

Artemis And Athena

"Athenaaa!" I hear a striking voice that feels far away. "Wakey wakey! It's the day!"
I open my blurred eyes, only to find Artemis there.
"Artemis," I say, "IT'S LIKE 4:00 AM."
Artemis shrugs. "Sorry."
My eyes drift around the room. Since I don't have two beds, Artemis and I had to sleep on a mattress in the living room. "So, remind me, like, what day it is again?"
Artemis' eyes widen. "Y-you forgot?"
I mumble, "Uhm...yeah."
Artemis goes quiet for a second and then says, "Dude! It's the day we're going to that hotel in the middle of the woods that takes like two hours to get to!" As soon as Artemis finishes her sentence, I shoot up. "Then that means we're going to have to get ready as quickly as we can! Artemis! Do you have your phone?" Looking on the floor, she scatters for her phone, opens it, and finds our trip page. "Uhm, it's...7:00 am!" she yells.
I go quiet. "Then we'll just have to sleep another hour."
Artemis lays back down. "Yeah. I wish our trip could be now, though."
Suddenly, my mom walks in. "Girls!" she says. "Wake up! It's the big day! Oh, my little Athena is growing up!"
"Ugh, mom," I raise my head, giggling. "Stop..."
My mom, still dazed, says, "Sorry. Anyways, you're going to have to get ready now!"
Artemis asks, "Why, Ms. Garcia? It's 4:56 am."
To this, my mom replies, "Well, you have to be at the school by at least 5:30."
Oh no.
"Artie!" I yell. "We've gotta go!" Artemis gets up. "All right, all right. Let's go! Best day ever!" After saying this, she runs off the mattress and runs to our room where we both left our suitcases. Rubbing my tired eyes, I stand up and walk down our hallway where my room light is already on. I reach for my luggage, grab it, and head into our bathroom.
After we're done changing, Artemis comes out of my room, donning a sleeveless collar polo, a yellow drape, and green shorts. "Hey!" she exclaims. "Do you like it?" I'm surprised. Artemis usually never dresses this way. "It's, uh, um..." I look to the side, trying not to be too anxious or too direct. If that's so, then I need to quit with this looking to the side-thing. Focusing my gaze back, I say, "It's really nice." Artemis smiles. "Aw, thank you, Athie! And...your outfit looks really awesome too! Look at all your colors!"
Artemis is right. I'm wearing a rainbow tank top, pastel shorts, and a black jacket that makes me look like a 7-year-old even though I'm an 8th grader. I readjust my glasses. "Thanks, Artie," I giggle. I look out the bathroom window-in the cracks of the night, I can barely see a glimmer of light. "So," I say, "It's just a crack after 5." Under her drape, Artemis shrugs. "Yeah."
From the living room, I hear my mom say, "Girls! Make sure you're ready!"
"Coming, mom!" I yell, my jacket swaying side-to-side.
Looking at us, my mom says, "Well, it's clear you're ready! We've just gotta wait now."
And so we do.
Finally, our clock rings 5:45 AM. "It's time!" my mom cheers. "You've got your luggages, right?" Looking down, our luggages are right next to us. "Mhm," I say. However, at that moment, lights flash on through our windows.
"Woah. What the..." my mom examines. She looks outside through a peek in the curtain and says, "Artemis! Your mom's here!" Next to me, Artemis gets up from the couch. "Okay!" she says. In no time, the doorbell rings, and she opens the door. Artemis' mom, Stella, says, "Honey! How was the sleepover? And are you ready for today?!" Giggling, Artemis says, "It was amazing! And yeah, I'm ready!" Artemis whirls back around and signals to me. "Let's go!" she yells excitedly. We all stand up, feeling content.
"Wait," Stella cautions. "Artemis is going with me. I'm not letting my daugher grow up on me just yet!"
Artemis blushes. "Mom..."
Stella asks, "...What? I just want to be with my...PRECIOUS daughter before..."
Ah, this is cheesy.
"...before her trip!"
In no time, Artemis is smothered with kisses. "All right, that's enough," she laughs. "Okay, you won me over. I'll go with you." Looking back at me, Artemis yells, "See you at school, Athie!" My mom holds up her hand. "Wait! We're going with you!" she says.
"Yeah!" I continue.
"Okay!" Stella nods.
We walk outside onto our driveway. My mom opens the garage to our car, a Honda. I put my luggage into the garage and sit in the backseat. "So, mom," I say. "Is this what it feels like to be growing up-and for your little girl to be in high school?"
My mom rolls her eyes playfully. "Don't grow uuup!" she exclaims. "You're going to be my little baby always!!!"
I snort. "Yeah. I guess so."
But as I feel every engine in the Honda start up, I know I'm not going to be a little baby for so long.
From Stella's car, I can see Artemis in the backseat waving at me. Smiling, I wave back.
Today is going to be the best day ever.
Or field trip.
Who knows?
Only our class does.
As soon as we arrive to school, all but only a few lights are on, illuminating the slowly developing morning. "It's 6 am," I mumble. "Let's go inside." It's then I notice Artemis' car next to ours. "Hi!" I yell from inside the car. As we exit, I open the trunk and get my suitcase. It's annoying having to rumble it along the path, but I can't lift it. As I walk, Artemis drags her suitcase along. From our backs, I hear our parents yell, "Have fun, girls! Don't get carried away! Stay with everyone! Be careful! Love you!"
We both yell, "We know!" We begin walking up the front steps of our school, carrying our luggages along. In the front office, our small class of 12 have already gathered in seats. "Athena!" I hear. I look around. It's one of my classmates, Emma, whom Artemis and I talk to a lot. "Emma!" I exclaim, walking to her quickly. "Hey! Are you excited for this trip? I've been planning this whole week!"
"Why wouldn't I be?" Emma says.
Emma's best friend, Maya, says, "Yeah!"
I giggle. From behind, Artemis says, "I totally am, Emma and Maya!"
Suddenly, Maya goes quiet.
"Something wrong?" I ask.
"Oh, nothing," Maya says. "It's just...can we sit on the bus together? Emma and I will be across the aisle."
I think to myself. Well, I don't see why not.
"Okay," I say. "Is it okay, Artie?"
Artie thinks, and finally says, "Yeah! We can sit."
Emma cheers at hearing this.
Maya does too.
Then, our teacher, Mr. Sal, says, "Okay, students. The buses are here. Form a straight line and follow Ms. Jones and I." Mr. Sal begins walking down the steps, Ms. Jones trailing behind.
"It's time!" Artemis cheers. "Let's go!"
Emma and Maya stand up, and I do too, walking behind a skipping Artemis.
As we leave the building, the cold wind and sunrise beam on the building, creating an early picturesque view. "Wow," I mumble to myself. As I near the bus stop, it turns out the two buses we are taking are not the big, yellow buses extending past my head-they're small, shuttle buses that look like those special ones that sometimes go around an airport. And the first one looks kind of...weird. For starters, it...doesn't have a front. "Wow," I say. "These buses are tiny." Artemis puts her hands on her hips, her drape extending. "Yeah," she says. "Seriously, I thought these were going to be bigger."
Emma examines the bus. "That's claustrophobic."
Maya nods. "Yeah! Why's it gotta be so...TINY?!"
Our teacher, Mr. Sal, explains, "Your luggages, and some of the students, will go into the first bus. There are 12 luggages, so that means there will only be about 2 seats." Mr. Sal then calls out some names I don't know, and those students enter the first bus. The rest of our class-10 students, hurry into the second bus. We get the middle aisle, Artemis and I to the left, Emma and Maya to the right. Artemis let me have the window seat, though. "So, Athie," Artemis asks, "are you up and ready for this?!"
"Uh-huh!" I exclaim.
"YES!" Maya screams happily.
Emma just nods. Really fast.
At that moment, the bus starts up and the air starts blasting. Even though I have my jacket, the air is still icy, brushing against my knees and leafing through my hair.
"Want to get in my drape?" Artemis asks.
"Y-yeah," I say.
Happily, Artemis hugs me with her drape.
From across, Emma says, "Hey! What do you think of our outfits?"
Emma wears a short black dress with a varsity jacket over it, and pink sneakers. "Really...color-contrasting, huh?" she asks. I nod. "Yeah. Nice color choice!" Artemis thinks. "Yeah! It looks really good!" Next to Emma, Maya has a long, almost sweater-dress-like coat on, extending past her arms. She has black boots and long socks that look like those ones from manga. "I just wanted to wear this," she laughs lightly. I say, "That's really cute!"
Artemis says, "Yeah! That's adorable!"
Emma and Maya, side-by-side, say, "Thank you!"
We've been so caught up in our talk that we've forgotten our trip.
Looking out the window, I mumble, "Goodbye, Sanctuary Middle."
Artemis cheers, "Hello, Tree Course!"
"Ugh," I mumble.
Have I been sleeping?
"Hey," Artemis says, a smile on her face.
Rubbing my eyes again, I say, "Where are we? Why does the bus feel just a decible hotter?" Artemis looks around. "We're halfway through." I slowly rise my head. "What...?"
And to my horror, I realize we're in the middle of nowhere.
"AH!" I scream. "A-Artie! Where are we?!" Artemis puts a comforting hand on my shoulder. "It's o-okay, Athie!" she says. "I was confused too." I position myself onto my seat and try to make the best of our situation. If this route will lead to the forest, so be it.
I crane my neck to find Emma and Maya talking. Somehow, Emma looks worried.
"What's wrong, Emma?" I ask.
Shaking her phone, Emma says, "There's no wifi."
My face sinks. Artemis' does, too.
"So...who's going to tell her?" she whispers.
"I will," I say.
With a deep breath, I continue, "Uhm, Emma?"
Frantically nodding, Emma asks, "Yeah?"
Matter-of-factly, I say, "Look outside."
Emma cranes her neck to the window, and jolts a bit at the realization. "Oh."
"Yeah," I say. "Now, see why the phone isn't working?"
Emma sighs. "Sorry."
Artemis giggles, "Nah, no need to be."
Maya says, "Yeah, Em."
Emma nods, smiling.
Even with the AC blasting, somehow, something feels hot inside the bus. I begin fanning at my face, taking my black jacket off slowly. "A-Athie?" Artemis stutters. As soon as she says that, I feel...tired. Very tired. "Artie..." I mumble. "Athie!" Artemis yells. My eyes flutter closed and open. What's going on? Why do I feel so utterly tired?
Luckily, I gain conciousness quickly.
"I-I'm okay now," I say.
Hands on my chest, Artemis says, "Thank God. I don't want to lose you."
Eyes wide open, Emma says, "Athena. Your glasses." Sure enough, my glasses lay on my side. One move and they'll either get crushed or fall off. "Okay, stay put," Artemis whispers, reaching for my glasses and putting them back on my face. "There, Athie," she giggles. I smile happily, knowing the worst is over. Soon, we begin getting out of the middle of nowhere and entering back into an area that looks very...mountain-ish. Also, there are more trees.
Suddenly, I snap back to my senses.
"Wait. What happened to the other bus?"
I rise up from my seat, only to find...
the other bus hooked by a bridge.
"W-what-" I mumble.
Maya says, "Yeah, I forgot to tell you-the shuttle bus is connected to the other one."
I sigh, my hand resting on my head. "Mmm-kay."
Suddenly, the bus strikes something. We all bounce up in our seats, and the bus in the back does too. Somehow, the latch remains untouched.
My hair frazzled and my glasses slightly off, I ask, "What happened?!" Artemis looks confused. "I don't know, but we probably hit a rock," she says. From across, Emma says, "Yeah. We bumped up really high."
I say, "Okay, then. Anyone want to talk?"
Artemis says, "Yeah!"
Emma replies, "I'm kind of bored, so yeah."
Maya says, "Sure!"
"So, uhm," I say. "Does anyone remember that...Lizzie McGuire show?" Maya lets out a groan. "Ohh, yeah," she says, "I watched that show when I was 5. Did any of you see the movie?"
Emma thinks, "Yeah. I did. It was corny, but that's the power of Lizzie for you."
Artemis inquires, "I've heard of her. I'm up for anything corny. As soon as I get back, I'm going to watch it with Athena."
I nod. "Yeah, I'd like to see it. What's it about?" Maya thinks, "Oh...um, it's where Lizzie has her middle school graduation and goes on a trip..."
"Ah! Just like us!" Artemis cheers. "So, where does she go on a trip to? Wet 'N Wild? Somewhere we're going?"
Maya keeps thinking. "She goes on a trip to Rome."
Her face flustered, Artemis says, "Lucky!"
I nod. "Yeah! You're lucky if you're going to Rome for graduation!"
Maya asks, "I know, right?!"
Emma says, "Well, I mean, it would be amazing if she was going to somewhere like...Sydney or Tokyo. That's expensive." As soon as Emma stops, for some reason, I begin calculating ticket prices in my mind. A trip to Tokyo would cost around...a thousand dollars. No, more. As soon as the thought fully crosses my mind, I say, "Yeah. Tokyo's expensive."
We go quiet.
"Hey, I think my phone's going to get reception when we enter the area," Emma says. "Does anyone want to watch the movie when I get connection? I have HBO Max."
"Yeah, sure," I say.
"Of course!" Artemis yells.
"Okay!" Maya follows.
It goes quiet yet again. I look out the window and finally discover we're up in a plains area as mountains and hills await us. Next to our bus is a trailer that I see for a split second. It must be lonely having to live all the way out here, with no one around, I think.
It probably is.
I drift into a short sleep, that feels like it lasts a long time, but it's not.
Shortly, I'm waken up by a jolt. All around, I see cords, meaning we're finally in the area.
"Artemis! Athena! Maya!" Emma yells. "I have connection!"
We all cheer.
"Okay, I've just gotta get the movie loaded," Emma says, her fingernails swiping at the phone.
"When was this movie made, anyway?" Artemis asks.
I think. "Hey, Emma. Do you have Siri?"
Emma checks her phone quickly, and says, "Yeah! Ask it anything." I yell into the phone, "When was the Lizzie McGuire movie made?" For a few seconds, the phone thinks, before finally saying, "May 2, 2003."
Wow. This movie is definately a classic.
"This movie's 20 years old?!" Maya asks. She's right. It's June 2023, and this movie's 20 years old by a month...and a few days. "Yeah," Artemis says, her eyes wide just like Emma's were. "So," I say. "Wanna watch now?" Emma snaps back to the movie. "Oh! I forgot. Sorry."
We begin watching the movie.
...Only to give up just a few miles before we get to the hotel.
"I don't think it's amazing," I say.
"Yeah," Artemis says. "Kinda boring."
Maya shrugs, "Yeah. I mean, it has charm. I just don't think it's..."
Maya stops.
"It's...never mind."
Suddenly, the bus stops.
"Okay, kids!" the woman up front says. Get your things and have a good vacation!"
I look around, only to find we're in the front of a hotel. Our hotel.
"We're here!" I yell.
"This is our hotel?!" Artemis yells. "It's awesome!"
Emma gazes around. "Well, it's bigger than I thought!"
Maya squeals, "Yeah! We're going to have a lot of fun!"
We're right.
We're going to have fun.
Aren't we?

--Continued In Part Two--

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