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Asian table

Asian table

Posted October 28th, 2021 by EmilyRocks_9

by BestBunnies101
in Wisconsin

October 28th, 2021

If you go to Asia, you may want to learn different table manners. In Japan  it is rude to point your chopsticks at other people. Oddly it is ok to slurp your noodles. Slurping noodles tells the host you are enjoying the meal. In China burping tells the cook he did a good job. If you eat everything on your plate, it means you are still hungry. Normally the oldest takes a bite before anyone else can eat. It is also custom to ask others to pour your drink. In Korea you use chopsticks to eat noodles and you use your fingers to eat sticky rice. For other food you eat by pushing food on your spoon with a fork and eating off the spoon. If you learn these customs, you will be a better guest at an Asian table.

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