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The Attic (mini story)

The Attic (mini story)

Posted September 7th, 2020 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

September 7th, 2020

Taiyo always wondered why her parents never let her near the attic. They said "she didn't want to see it." But Taiyo begged to see it, day and

night. Her parents acted strange after she asked. Depending on the parent she asked, when she told "I love you" to either one of them, they

would respond with a "You better" ignoring the "I love you too." One day, when Taiyo's parents went shopping, or so Taiyo thought, she 

decided to sneak into the attic. When she stepped in the attic, she thought "There is nothing wrong here. Why do my parents complain about

it? I just came to look." Taiyo decided to leave, but the door was locked. "Huh? How is the door locked?" Taiyo yelled. "I thought I didn't close

it!" All of a sudden, Taiyo was thrown to the back of the attic. She saw a shadowy figure walk towards her. "Who are you?" Taiyo screamed.

"If you're here for battle, then bring it on!" The shadowy figure turned into her mother, and Taiyo's eyes widened. "Mother? I thought you went

shopping!" Taiyo's mother replied, in the deepest voice, "I am not your mother, Taiyo. I am Mayonaka, and I was planted by the supernatural.

Your grandmother was never pregnant." Then, in a voice that screamed "My mother is showing a new side of herself," Mayonaka whispered,

"This is why you should never mess with the attic!" All of a sudden, Mayonaka turned into the shadowy figure and flung Taiyo out the window.

"No! Ahh!" All Taiyo saw before landing was the trampoline in her backyard. 

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