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Baby's Day Out 2: Lost in China By: Steven Connelly

Baby's Day Out 2: Lost in China By: Steven Connelly

Posted July 12th, 2010 by heavenlykid

by Steven
in Florida

July 12th, 2010

After Baby Binc's amazing adventure in the big city he gets ready to get his picture taken from old Willy. But before they do nanny reads Binc his new favorite book "Baby's trip to China". Meanwhille, Baby Binc's parents have a little talk in the dinning room. I'm sick and tired of all the hustle and bustle we go through everyday! said mother. I agree we are always in a rush getting to work, paying bills, and all of the other plans we have to do to kepp this place up and running it's just too much pressure we have to go through. I have an idea! said mother what if we went on a vacation? Okay but where should we go? asked father. I heard that China was a relaxing place why don't we go there? asked mother. Okay! said father. After Binc's picture taken they told nanny. Then nanny told Baby Binc. Boo- Boo! said Binc in a cherrful and exciting way. I think it's a great idea to! said nanny. After a few weeks, and after Binc's parents asked there bosses for time off they were all packed and headed to the airport. Exept the bultler who stayed home to keep in eye on the house. five weeks later, they were finally in China. What should we do first? asked nanny. The first thing were going to do is find a hotel then will go explore! said father. When they checked in a hotel they decided to go on the nature trails. But while walking on the trail out of nowhere a mist shower was sprinkling and Baby Binc saw a figure in the mist a figure of a baby in warrior clothing. Boo-boo! said and pointed Binc. What is it darling? asked mother. When she looked at what Binc was pointing at the mist figure was gone. I think the baby is getting tired! said mother. I think your right besides it's getting late and getting dark let's get back to the hotel! said father. When they left Binc saw the mist figure again and waved it good- bye and it waved back. The next morning, while Baby Binc ate breakfest with everyone he looked out the window to find the mist figure again. He said meet me in an alley later and will talk okay! said the warrior baby. Boo- Boo! said Binc as an okay. Come on Binc were going to go explore in town! said nanny and off they went in town. They were having a great time getting souviniers, eating great foods in the restauraunt's, and going to the chiennse theather's. Baby Binc even got a cricket for luck. I'm having a great time! said mother. So am I! said father. I'm surprised they had a stroller for a great price! said nanny and it's just the right size for Binc. Let's go to one more stand and go home! said father. So that's what they did. They found a stand and looked and looked and Baby Binc waited paitently. But then, a gust of wind came and the stroller began to move slower then faster then the next thing you knew Binc took off like a speed train. Baby Binc! shouted mother as she tried to catch it but it was going too fast. Wee! said Binc because he thought it was a ride. Look out for the cheetah boy! shouted the people who spoke chinesse and tried to get out of the way. Then crash! the stroller crash into a fire higrein. The wheels were destroyed and the stroller hood came off but Binc didn't care he just crawled out of the stroller and went to find an alley. Pist! hey kid in this alley! whispered someone. Binc didn't know who it was but he went in the alley anyway and when he did he found the warrior baby sprit. But this time he wasn't in a mist figure he was in human form. Hello said the warrior baby. Boo-boo! said binc in a hello. My name is Taii Wann and I'm here because I'm in need of your help! said Taii Wann then he explain what was going on. You see long ago my mother and father were king and queen of the chinesse spirit world. We were always together and my father trained me to be a warrior. But one night, we were attacked by enemy warriors called The Demon Brothers. The soliders tried to stop them but you see The demon Brothers were the strongest warriors in all of the sprit world. I even tried to stop them but because it was 3 againist 1 my strenth was not strong enough. Then they barge into my parents room and tied them up and took them to there dungeon. Eversince then, The Demon Brothers had been taking over our sprit world. That's why I came down on earth to find someone so I can train them to be a warrior so that way we can stop the Demon Brother's so we can save the sprit world. So will you help me? asked Taii Wann. Boo-boo! said Binc in a okay. Good! said Taii Wann Then he touched Binc and sprinkle some moist. Then Binc was walking and talking perfectly. Hey I can walk and talk! said Binc That's right I gave you the power to walk and talk but when you see your parents my power will warn off. Now let's begin the training. Meanwhile, Binc's parents round up a search party of police. This is all my fault! said nanny. I should have hold on to the stroller! Well you didn't know that gust was that strong! said mother. It dosn't matter who's fault it is we just have to find Binc before it's too late. said father. Later that evening, Now you first must have inerpeace! said Taii Wann because the more innerpeace you'll have the better of a warrior you'll become. But then they heard a growling sound and it got closer then two deadly dog came and attacked. Taii Wann fought one dog and Binc fought the other and while Taii Wann was beating the snott off his dog he saw Binc kicking the other's butt to Timbucktu. Well done! said Taii Wann. I must of got more inerpeace than I thought! said Binc. You had! said Taii Wann. Your ready tomorrow we'll defeat the Demon Brothers and recue my parents. The next morning they got in warrior suits and headed to the sprit world. Meanwhile, The Demon Brothers were making all the people slaves. Is it great being king of all the sprit world? asked the head leader of the deamon brothers. Yes! said the other's. Don't get to comfortable boys! shouted Taii Wann. Well, well, well if it isn't Taii Wann the lousy warrior! said one demon brother. Have you come to defeat us again I see? asked the other. Yes but I brought a friend you worthless snakes! said Taii Wann. Then let the fight begin and so it did. There was punching, and kicking galore and Taii Wann and Binc wan't looking so good. Then the head leader of the demon brother's gave Taii Wann a kick in the stomach and had the wind knock out of him. Face it Taii Wann it's all over and you lost! said the leader of the demon brothers. Hey you shut uppppppp! shouted Binc as he charged and kick there butts straight to hell. Later that day when the king and queen were release from the dungeon they threw a celebration party in honor of Binc. Thank you Binc if it wasn't for you are sprit world would have been miserable forever! said Taii Wann. No thank you Taii Wann if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have been able to kick dogs and men's butt's! said Binc. Well I better be getting home! said Binc. Okay then Taii Wann splashed water in Binc's eyes and when he open them up he was on the doorstep of his hotel room and he couldn't talk or walk anymore. The mother open the and saw him on the doorstep. Binc your alive sniff sniff P.U but you stink you need a bath! said mother. Boo Boo! said Binc as in Oh Man ! 


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Holy cow! :D How does this

Holy cow! :D How does this thing have over 53,000 reads and no comments??? I would recommend brushing up on grammar. You need to break it up into paragraphs and use quotation marks when people talk. Also, try not to use so many exclamation marks. 

Posted by Stephanie on Wed, 07/24/2013 - 16:40
Never give up faith in god

Never give up faith in god or yourself or others! Faith keeps us going!- me, Lauren



Posted by Lauren on Sun, 11/16/2014 - 19:14
Trust me, I won't!

Trust me, I won't!

Posted by Steven on Mon, 06/12/2017 - 16:07

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