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Below the Feywild

Below the Feywild

Posted December 21st, 2019 by DreamDragon13

by Katherine
in Nevada

December 21st, 2019

Aura was a strange girl. On her fifteenth birthday, she woke up and screamed. She stumbled over to the mirror and watched as her shoulder length, curly golden hair lengthened and turned into wavy, sea green hair that fell to her waist. Her skin was turning slightly bluer, and deep blue triangle marks appeared under her eyes. She felt something rip through the back of her shirt, but wasn't looking at the mirror anymore, only at her shrinking hands. Her whole body shrunk until she was only a foot tall. She looked back in the mirror and saw two five inch iridescent dragonfly wings sprouting from her back. She was now a blue skinned sprite, wearing a small dress that looked like it was made from a leaf. It was sleeveless and fell to her knees, and was a combination of brown and green. She was wearing knees high boots that looked like they were composed from brown leaves.

She shrieked, and heard her mother running upstairs. She knew that her mother would freak, so she made a split second descion and jumped out of the window and flew to the woods outside of town. She then floated to the ground in front of a tree and noticed there was a large hole at the bottom of the trunk. She stepped closer to the hole to inspect it, and fell down the hole, tossing and turning, gettign cuts and bruises.

She fell into a deep cavern, and saw something grey walke towards her. Then she blacked out.


A boy was standing over her. He was slightly taller than her, and grey skinned without wings. He assured Aura that he would cause no harm to her, and that he was the prince below the Feywild. She looked confused, but shrieked when a red skinned, orange winged male pixie shoved the boy away. He said that he was a Fey guard and would bring her home. She was still confused.

For the rest of her life, she lived in that forest, in the clearings and the tunnels right next to the surface. She became advisor to the queen of the Fey. The people below the Feywild were infamous, but when the Great Fey War came about, Aura lost the major battle. All because she couldn't kill the king.

The grey wingless boy who had saved her life.

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