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Bloody Shame

Bloody Shame

Posted November 22nd, 2018 by EllaBella10

by Ella
in Washington

March 9th, 2019

“The blood, the stress, the shame. The blood, the stress, the shame” I wake up to hear that every day turn to my doll and she has one of her fingers over her mouth. My moms friend is a doll collector which kinda freaks me out and from the start I new something well just wasn’t right. For my eleventh birthday I received four new jeans five new shirts and three new pairs of shoes and one bloody doll. That doll has always chanted something and I know that it may seem weird but I like it she tells me what will happen. “We are all in it together” that’s my doll said today but when I went to eat breakfast I saw her my doll standing in the door with a knife she threw it and hit my mom. “How could you do this to her I HATE YOU you stupid doll you’re a monster.


Lying in my bed I hear the sirens roaring downstairs I hear the police and I hear ambulance people rushing my mother into the ambulance it’s not night time yet but I’m gonna try to go to bed wake and hope this was all a terrible nightmare. “Mom” “Mom”
“MOOOOOOOOM” Ahhhhhhhh that was me screaming because my dreams have been harassing me. Ever since my doll stabed my mom I have had this dream and in this dream my mom is falling, there a black hole in space and I need to save
her and my doll is there and when I think I have her (my mom) my doll kicks my hand my mom falls in then my doll says “just you and me will live happily ever after.” Still in my bed haven’t come out for three days starving and thirsty but I have my phone I’ve been calling the hospital every day since the incident and I haven. AHHHHHHHHH who is this doll what dose she want with me? She has a knife so im not going to ask questions! A doll has kidnaped me but she looks very similar to my doll like it’s from the same creature I mean creator. “Were is she. We’re is she” a group of about twelve dolls stamper out “Were is who?” I ask then they all gave me a note that said “our creator”. ABCDEFG bloody dolls are chasing me one is red one smells like poo one is tieing up my shoes ABCDEFG I hope I can live another week! “After what she has done to us it’s time for payback” said one doll. “The whole reason we tied you up is because you know the creator of us we need to kill her she’s bad like murders people bad.” “ARE YOU CRAZY I WILL NOT SACRIFICE SOMEONES LIFE BECAUSE YOU THINK SHE BAD!” I scream. “ she programmed Jazzie (my doll) to stab your mother she never wanted to” said one “we are actually humans she trapped us in dolls bodies. “We were once living people just like you Josie but one night a doll came killed all of us and took Miindys body and made it look like she was Miindy then put are dead souls into dolls.” “Ok so let me get this straight you are all humans.” Yes” they all said “she also cut us up that’s why we are bloody so could you please wipe the dry blood of please” Megan asked hopefully “Okay” I said. Ok so I wrote a list of the human dolls names just so you know there are 12 human dolls.

1. Megan
2. Miindy
3. Jazzie
4. Rose
5. Avery
6. Blare
7. Kelly
8. Bailey
9. Peggy
10. Maddie
11. Paris
12. Polly
“Let’s go” I say to them as I finish wiping the blood of now they are not bloody dolls! “Your helping us?” Paris asks I nod my head “she doesn’t live far I’ll distract her at her door well you sneak in then KILL her afermitive” they all nod. “Our souls will finally be free .” Said Polly. “We will be able to go to heaven.” Said Rose “but we will need a sacrifice” Said Jazzie. “Well won’t our creator be our sacrifice.” “I mean uhh!” Said Bailey “Wait what I thought you said we were killing her because she’s bad.” I said

We are at her house it is happening I am talking to her write now and in 1 minute they should come and kill her. I’m nervous it’s been five minutes and they are not here. The bad thing was she noticed me being nervous and invited me inside then I saw them the dolls Paris, Peggy, and even Maddie. They were not moving they were frozen. Then I saw Avery, Kelly, Jazzie, and Rose, well that’s a relief. But they looked different then before they look evil. Then they started running at me with knives and I said, “why did you program them to KILL ME?!” “Oh silly child you think they wanted to help YOU NO they wanted you dead just like your momma.” That’s what got me so mad I grab a gun that was on the table and I fired it. I-I shot someone and killed them behind her I saw twelve spirits that all whispered “thank you Josie” and then they left. But that’s not the best news the very nice hospital receptionist called me and said my mom is coming home in two days. Well I guess story’s can have happy endings. Until you realize that there is serial killer under your bed! Dun dun duuuuuuu

The End

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First story hope you like

First story hope you like it.

Posted by Ella on Thu, 11/22/2018 - 20:42
xxPheonixa12xx   Awesome



Awesome story!

I do feel like the trapped souls are based off of FNAF lore and there were a couple mistakes but nevertheless I found the story interesting 

You may be new to writing but your certainly good at it

J ust some advice :Look over your story and check for mistakes before posting it

other then that great story

Posted by Ava on Sat, 01/05/2019 - 14:10
What’s FNAF is that five

What’s FNAF is that five nights at Freddie’s?

Posted by Ella on Fri, 03/08/2019 - 10:30
Cool story! I'm a fan of

Cool story! I'm a fan of horror so this was nice to read. 

You're missing some punctuation though, for instance, the first dialogue should read;

"The blood, the stress, the shame. The blood, the stress, the shame," 

Also, it's better to spell out numbers like so; "For my eleventh birthday I recieved four new jeans..."

Hope you write more in the future!


"They say before you start a war/ you better know what you're fighting for" ~ Angel with a Shotgun; The Cab

Posted by Unclever Re on Fri, 11/23/2018 - 04:31
Me: KidPub needs more

Me: KidPub needs more members
Also Me: there's an Ella now

Hi Ella, welcome! Because it's December, I'm officially a 3 year member! I spend most of my time on the WB. Go on there, because it is SO MUCH FUN! I remember when I was a new member and I honestly never thought I would use the WB. Then I did.

Nice story!

Your bean from 2015,

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Posted by the lettuce sto... on Sat, 12/08/2018 - 19:57
What is WB.

What is WB.

Posted by Ella on Sat, 12/15/2018 - 14:32
It stands for Writers Block.

It stands for Writers Block. Basically there are lots of discussions about basically everything and also never ending stories you can join! It’s really fun! To find it, look at the top bar where you have the options “Home, Read Stories, Write Stories” and etc. press Talk About. Then press Writers Block Forum. And Voila, you’ve entered KP’s hidden world of... well... forums. Anyways, that’s how you access the WB!
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Posted by tis.the.season.alem on Sat, 03/09/2019 - 17:39

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