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The Case of the Missing Recipes by Miah C.

The Case of the Missing Recipes by Miah C.

Posted March 6th, 2019 by RileyG

by Miah
in Colorado

March 6th, 2019

The Case of the Missing Recipes

By Miah

Skyler decided to bring her family's recipe book to school one day. The book had been passed on by Skyler’s relatives from 1970. Her favorite recipe in the book was pumpkin pie from Great Grandma Donna. Skyler took the book to school to let Olivia borrow it for the weekend and forgot to give it to Olivia in the morning. So she left it on her desk until the next day.

The next day, Skyler looked on her desk and the book was missing! Skyler looked everywhere in the classroom and couldn’t find it. Then she turned around to find an adult and bumped into Emily. She told her what had happened, so Emily offered to help find it. Skyler thanked her and replied, “I’m worried that I won’t find it in time to give to Olivia for the weekend!”

Emily nodded and replied, “We’ll try to find it in time, but first let me ask you a few questions. When did you have it? Where did you have it last?

Emily asked Skyler if she had looked in her desk. Skyler replied, “No, because you know how clean I keep my desk; I would have seen it!”  

Emily suddenly noticed something different on Skyler’s desk. There was a smudge of black paint.  Everyone knew that Skyler didn’t like that color.

Emily asked, “Was that there yesterday?”

Skyler answered, “No, it was not there this morning when I got here and it was definitely not here when I left yesterday, but I do remember Myla was using black paint yesterday.”

As the girls were talking about yesterday, Zoe came up to Skyler to ask her about homework and overheard the girls talking, so she told them that Myla was the last one out the classroom yesterday.

Emily whispered to Skyler, “I wonder if Myla took the book?”

Skyler whispered back to Emily, “Maybe, but we aren’t a hundred percent sure.”

Skyler and Emily went to ask Myla if she had something to do with this. Myla said she was the last person out but did not have the book.

After Myla left, Skyler and Emily remembered how Myla used to lie, copy, and steal from other people, so they were still not convinced.

Emily and Skyler went to talk to Olivia. Olivia said, “Can I have the book by the end of the day?”

The girls looked at each other and exclaimed, “The book is missing!”

Olivia replied, “What! I need the book for the competition.”

Skyler asked, “By any chance did I give you the book yesterday?”

Olivia said, “No, you didn’t give it to me. I wonder who has it?”

Skyler whispered to Emily and said, “I wonder if Gabe has it because his desk is always a mess?”

After lunch the girls went to ask Gabe if he had anything to do with the book.

Gabe didn’t answer the girls. Instead he went to talk to his brother, Tristan.

Skyler and Emily asked Mr.Weber to dig in Gabe’s desk to look for the book. But Mr.Weber found nothing.

Gabe started laughing about the book being stolen to his friends.

The girls overheard Gabe laughing and telling his friends “Why is that dumb old book so important to Skyler?”

Skyler and Emily go up to Gabe and Skyler explained, “The book is so important to me because it’s a family recipe book.”

Gabe laughed and walked away like nothing ever happened.

Emily and Skyler found ripped pages from the recipe book on her desk and Skyler got so upset

Emily exclaimed, “We will find it and no matter what happens, it will be back in your hands.”

Maddie B. comes in to the classroom and tells them she saw Gabe take the recipe book off Skyler’s desk.

Maddie, Emily, and Skyler walked up to Mr. Weber and told him they know who has the book.

Mr. Weber asked, “Who?”

The girls shouted all at once, “Gabe has it!”

Mr. Weber went out to the hall, grabbed Gabe’s backpack and pulled out the recipe book. He handed the book to Skyler and she said, “Thank you all, for helping me find the book!”

Skyler handed the book to Olivia, who said, “I promise to not lose this important book.”

Mr. Weber turned to Gabe and Said, “I think we need to go to the principal’s office right now.”

After school, Skyler, Maddie, Emily, and Olivia go to Olivia’s house to make the famous pumpkin pie.

Skyler was so happy to get the book back!


The End


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Great story! I hope to see

Great story! I hope to see more from you!

Posted by echo (*Jill*) on Tue, 03/12/2019 - 06:40

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