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Cave full of secrets chap 9.

Cave full of secrets chap 9.

Posted April 7th, 2021 by Maggs101

by Lana
in Texas

April 11th, 2021

Matt frowned.  Brittany glared at him then said," What? I know how to pick a lock Matt....I've seen mom do it."   Matt shrugged in reply.  Brittany got into her bed signaling she needed rest for the mission.  Matt followed and climed up the ladder into his own bunk.  Before no time, Brittany's silent vibrating watch woke her up.  She got up and and smacked Matt with a pillow.  "Wake up!" she hissed.  Matt gave a thumbs up in reply and climed down the ladder.  Brittany put a finger up to her lips signaling to be quiet.  Matt nodded.  She opened the door, and creeped down the stairs as quiet as a mouse.  Matt followed holding his breath so even the littlest sound wouldn't come out.  They made it to the bottom of the steps. They did a little dance in victory from making it.  Which, probably wasn't the best idea to do when they wanted to be quiet.   Brittany lead the way towards the locked door, and put the bobby pin in.  A minute passed, and at last the locked door unlocked.   Brittany smiled even though she knew matt wouldn't see it.  She opened the door softly, and signaled Matt to follow her.   Matt tiptoed infront of her right into the dark room.  Briitany closed the door behind them softly, then switched her flashlight on.  "it's empty," she said frowning.  She turned to head out of the room. Matt grabbed her sleeve, and pointed to a dark spot in the corner of the room.  She squinted and smiled "A Button... it must lead to somewhere," Then, before he could stop her, she pushed the button.      

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