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The Cherry Blossom Prophecy-a story

The Cherry Blossom Prophecy-a story

Posted May 31st, 2022 by ElizieAngelina

by Agent 4
in Texas

January 23rd, 2023

(This is a story that I wrote entirely.)

“Osaka, are you bored?” Osaka’s classmate, Jin, asked. “No, not at all,” Osaka replied. “It’s just…it’s just last night.” Jin perked his head up. “What happened last night?” Osaka sighed. “It’s a bit complicated to explain…” Jin burst in, “That’s okay. You can tell me!” Osaka said softly, “Well, there’s this cherry blossom. As I was going back to my house, I saw an-and this might sound silly-orange cherry blossom.” Jin’s eyes widened. “Could it be?”

Osaka said, “Could it be what?”

Jin almost fully stood up. “The orange cherry blossom of hope that everybody’s talking about?” At this, another classmate, Nozomi, stood up. “No way that’s happening! That cherry blossom’s been around since the Ainu time!” Everyone began chattering. Ms. Seikatsu snapped, “Everyone, silence!” And everyone remained silent. “That cherry blossom has only been around in Ainu time.” She turned to Osaka. “I’m sorry, maybe the sunset made it look like that.”

Nozomi raged on, “That’s exactly what we mean! It brings hope, so that’s why it’s orange!” Ms. Seikatsu raised her hand. “Nozomi, enough. And Osaka, I’m sorry.” Osaka plumped down in her chair. She probably was thinking wrong.

It didn’t bring hope.



That evening, Osaka walked down the same path, trying to get the orange cherry blossom out of her mind. She sighed, blinking away small tears in her eyes. She kept walking, and out of the corner of her eye-could it be?


The small orange cherry blossom.

“Wait!” Osaka yelled. “Please come back!” It was no use. The cherry blossom faded on into the sunset. She had no proof that it existed, but she knew that it wasn’t just a memory. She smiled, hoping somehow that it would come back.

The next day, Osaka came to school gleefully. She knew that she wouldn’t be wrong. She told Jin again. “You did?” he asked. “You’re getting double luck!” Nozomi stood up again and barked. “It’s even rarer if you see it two times!” And the class chattered. Ms. Seikatsu said again, “Students! No! It might have been just a coincidence, but there’s still no way the cherry blossom has made its return! It’s still...still." Everyone sighed again. But Osaka kept faith.

That evening, Osaka brought her camera with her to see a small snap of the orange cherry blossom. She kept walking, and walking, but there was no blossom. Maybe it doesn’t like when I bring a camera around? Osaka thought.

But there it was!

As quickly as she could, Osaka took a picture of the cherry blossom in awe. And it appeared on the camera film. “Proof, here I come,” Osaka said. She went home that night happily, and with it, a new, true hope bloomed in her heart.


The next day, Osaka went to school with her camera. Jin sat next to her, as always. “So, you saw it again?” Jin asked. “Yes!” Osaka said. “I even got it on camera!” Nozomi said, “Everyone! Osaka got the blossom on her camera!” The class chattered and chattered. Ms. Seikatsu said one final time, “Guys! What’s got you worked up? There is no-“ but when she looked at the camera, she also looked at Osaka. “Come outside with me,” she said. Osaka walked out sadly.

“Osaka,” Ms. Seikatsu said, “as I said before, that flower has only been around in the Ainu period. It was said to bring hope back then. But now it’s not here. I don’t know what’s going on, but I doubt that what you see is the flower.” Osaka pointed up her camera. “Yes, yes, I saw,” her teacher went on, “but…it just is a coincidence.” But Osaka remained firm. She was going to catch that blossom.

That evening, Osaka carried a little box with the lid open. She would keep the flower as proof of its existence. She walked among the path, but still no flower. She began stomping, and yet again, there it was-the cherry blossom! Osaka grabbed the blossom and shoved it into the box kindly. After her struggling, she laughed. She had the flower and was going to take it back home and put it somewhere safe. When she got home, she took a picture of the blossom in its box. She smiled as the photo snapped, the sound of joy-and the sound of victory.


That day, Osaka brought her camera to school again. Ms. Seikatsu was not there, but rather, a substitute. Nozomi said, “She’s not lying! It is real!” Everyone cheered, hoping to find the blossom by themselves. And at lunch…

Nozomi sat with Osaka.

“Yes, Nozomi?” Osaka asked. “Well, tomorrow is Jin-sama’s birthday, and you could get something for him. How about it?” Osaka thought for a while. Yes, I will give him the blossom, she thought. “I’ll think about it,” Osaka lied.

She already had enough hope.


That night, when her parents were asleep, Osaka grabbed the little box and put it into her backpack. The hope had been given to her family, and since Jin had gone through many bad things past the week, it was time Osaka returned the favor. However, as Osaka carried the box to the backpack, she noticed that the blossom was wearing at the tips. It was almost the end of the year, which meant graduation. Osaka would never see Jin again, and she wanted to make things special.

She looked at the calendar.

May 31.

She really needed to get it to Jin.



That morning, Osaka sprinted to school. She saw Jin in the classroom, at a table, alone. She decided to wait when everyone came so they could see the blossom she was about to give him. Later, when everyone showed up, Ms. Seikatsu returned. Everyone lined up to give their presents to Jin. When it was Osaka’s turn, she said, “Uh, Jin, this is a present for you.” She pulled up the present, the small orange cherry blossom.

Everyone went wild.

“Oooh, let me see it!”

“So it’s real!”

“C’mon, Osa!”

“Show me it!”

Most of them were from Nozomi.

“Nozomi, settle down!” Ms. Seikatsu said. One student reached for the box. And that’s when it happened. The box sailed out of Osaka’s grasp, and fell on a table, before falling on the ground. The blossom emit a gas, obscuring everyone’s vision.

When it cleared up, the cherry blossom and box were broken.

Osaka slowly stepped to the blossom. All hope of giving Jin a present was lost, and she would quickly forget him in the future. Osaka kneeled over the blossom, crying. She had made a terrible error, and it would never erase. The flower emit one more gas, this time orange. Everyone’s vision was obscured again, and after that cleared up, someone that looked like an ancient god was over the flower. “Osaka, you have freed me,” the god-like man said.

“What?” Osaka asked. “You have freed me from the flower,” he said, echoing. “I was cursed into a flower within Ainu time, and for millions of years, I was trapped into it, and now I am free to spread my hope as I please. And you saved me.” The man floated over an awed Jin, who placed his hands on his shoulders. He then began to chant and chant and chant. And before soon, Jin didn’t look like a new person, but he felt new-and he rushed over to hug Osaka.

“So it’s true!” Nozomi snapped. “I’m outta here!” 

With a smile on her face, she ran out. Osaka didn’t mind. She only smiled at the moment. To this day, this man wonders over Japan, bringing hope only when you least expect it.


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