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Chinese Inventions | The Horse Harness | For School, A Research Paper

Chinese Inventions | The Horse Harness | For School, A Research Paper

Posted January 16th, 2012 by SeptemberLove

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by Amy
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January 16th, 2012
1.      Name one factor that might account for the long time lag between most of the Chinese inventions shown in the chartand their adoptoin in the West. China and the Western world were disconnected. Because of the Himalayas and other mountains surrounding the Chinese, it was hard to come in contact with other cultures at the same time.
2.     Which of the inventoins show in the chart do you think did the most to increase the population of China? To help China establish trade in distant lands? To preserve history of China? I think the iron plow increased China’s population the most, because it helped with farming, which would bring in food. More food could hold more of a population. The stirrup and horse harness were both inventions that probably established Chinese trade in distant lands, because they made for faster, easier travel. Paper probably preserved China’s rich history the best, because it could hold records.


The horse bridle started with the Chinese, who were the beginning of using the horse for other things. Some cultures even ate horses before realizing their real value! Ancient people definitely needed the horse harness and bridle for transportation. In Rome throat-and-girth harnesses were used on horses which wrapped around their necks and choked them. The Chinese made improvements it, to put the force of the load on the horse’s chest bones in 300 and 400 BC. This gave the horses the ability to carry loads six times greater than that in Rome.  The Chinese were also the first serious inventors of the piece of the bridle horses bite onto, the bit.  Xenophon was the first to publish any writings on horsemanship in 350 BC, and showed compassion towards his horses in trying to treat them right. “You must refrain from pulling on the bit,” said Xenophon. He eventually designed a bit system that included two bits to be used at once for the horse’s and rider’s ease.


The Ultimate Book of Horse Bitsby Emily Esterson

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