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The Claw

The Claw

Posted March 18th, 2017 by FIFAKB

by Sofia
in Ontario

March 18th, 2017

I pulled the arcade card out of my mouth and glanced at the game. Twenty-one points. Not bad! I spun around to face the long rows of arcade games. I watched the kids in my daycare run through the large room in their matching yellow t-shirts. One of them ran past me, holding a round red ball made of a bouncy material with little round bumps all around it.
"Hey, where'd you get that from?" I asked excitedly.
The girl grinned. "There's a claw machine just around that corner!" she replied, pointing to the end of the long row of games.
I ran down the rows, and turned at the end of it. There was a small yellow claw machine. Inside it were different coloured balls just like the girl's. But there was one rainbow football, sitting on top of all the other balls.There were two girls standing in front of it. One of them was in line, and one was controlling the claw. She stepped away from the machine. "Awwwww..." She walked away.
"Oooh!" The second girl stepped forward, and swiped her card. She grabbed the handles, and moved the claw to hover above the rainbow football. She slammed down the "CLAW" button, and watched anxiously as it lowered down. It opened up, and missed the football by a centimetre. It ascended with nothing in it. The girl looked disappointed. She moved over so I could go, but she stayed to watch.
I swiped my card and slammed it on the flat surface of the machine. I grabbed the handles, my heart pounding in my chest. Backwards, right, left... The claw was now directly above the goal-- the rainbow football. I pushed the button, and watched as the claw desended. It's medal parts hooked around the football, as it slowly went up.
"SHE GOT IT!!" the girl beside me screamed. People from all over the room came running over. The claw had started to move to where it would drop my prize. I felt like it was going to drop. The kids around me pressed their hands on the glass. The claw opened up, and I watched the football fly down into the slot.
I dropped to my knees, and pushed open the little flap to where the balls fell. I ran my hands along the surface, and felt the rainbow ball. I yanked it out. People around me were cheering.
I pulled it to my chest.
My treasure.

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