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Posted March 26th, 2020 by Wolfpup_Angel

by Wolfpup_Angel
in Florida

March 26th, 2020




There's red; the color bleeding through the satin

sheets as the crimson color takes over.  


There's orange; just taste that sweet, juicy

color and watch as it takes over

ones mouth, sending down sweet sensations of joy.


There's yellow; the color of joy, happiness, and

nice just spreading around the world every-single



There's green; watch as new plant life is born

and spread around the planet..But let one ignite

and watch life crumble ito unforgiving, smoldering flames


There's blue; watch as the deep, rich color takes ahold of our world

and spread across a canvas of sorrow


There's purple; this velvet royal color is of prestigous fancy

and is never looked down upon


There's pink; the color of love!, one might say. For this color is fragile, 

and can unleash the true meaning of destruction


There's white; so powerful like a beautiful angel, but

yet so powerless and weak with a touch of delicacy


Lastly, the most darkest of all ; black. Sorrowful, merciless, name

it all you want, but it will always have it's way of an negative perspective.

The color of ones soul when it has endured through enough pain and can finally say:

I'm used to it....




                                                                                          By: Wolfpup_ Angel


                      *I'll be discontinuing the bitten chronicles and come up

                   with a better story series. For here are some words of gratitude,

                                       AVE ATQUE VALE.........*



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Pretty  Is this suppost to


Is this suppost to be a poem???

Posted by Fire Dragon 74 on Thu, 03/26/2020 - 16:42

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